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Delerium - Euphoria (Firefly)

I've been listening to this ad infinitum, so I thought I'd share. Enjoy!

Retail Therapy

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping! I may be a wreck, but damn I'm going to look good. My thanks must go to Primark for once again providing me with lovely clothes for not a lot of money, and to Boots, who have enabled me to purchase some fabulous sparkley stuff for bugger all.

Well, sale fever certainly has hit Norwich, women with carrier bags swinging, pushing buggies full of grumpy, nose encrusted children. I would like to join Ing in his move to have gender exclusive shopping. The M&S lingerie department was filled with men of all ages, looking bored and lascivious in equal measures, making sarky comments about the underwear in other women's baskets. At several points I had to bite my tongue when a group of young lads trailing around after their mum, felt up bras and knickers. But perhaps that's just more down to my frame of mind?

Tried to get ticket prices from a local travel agent. We've got two choices ~ hideously expensive or moderately expensiv…

Decisions Decisions

Yesterday, went reasonably well. I did lots of reading, watched the Motorcycle Diaries again, made notes and actually got as far as beginning my introduction. So it has been progress of a sort. I can't say I'm pleased with what I've done, because there isn't enough output, but it's a start.

You will have noticed the change in title. That stems from some news, which I was aware of just before Christmas but denial never works for too long. P, my step-father, is seriously ill. It is the dreaded 'C' word and today he is undergoing a biopsy to discover what flavour it is. My brother, Atlas, has asked that I fly back to Trinidad no later than the end of January. If it is the more aggressive form, then I will need to make travel arrangments in terms of days, rather than weeks. But at the moment, we are all acting on the assumption that Boy and I will be flying out later.

I have some decisions to make. Do I try to write my dissertation, get it out the way as soon as …

Diss Day 2 ~ word count 0

Before you start, it's not as bad as it looks. Really. After all my procrastination efforts yesterday, I did make a start and have now got my dissertation title, which I hadn't before. I've been doing some basic reading and note taking and from that, it was clear that I've been concentrating my efforts in the wrong place. In a sense, I'll have to start again. Which is a pain, but at least it means I'll do it right. Hopefully.

My self-pity gnome did not stay long. It popped by, had a cup of coffee and a biscuit and then went off again. I think I frightened it off with my pile of books and notes. Today, more laundry and more dissertation. I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and go outstide to see the bank and pay the butcher for the duck. It's been a few days since I've left the house and while I don't feel claustraphobic, I do feel the need for some bracing air and a gentle stroll around the block. I've just crawled out of bed and am …

Diss Day 1 ~ word count 0

Today I start my diss. So in my usual fashion I have spent my time drinking coffee, looking at archives and now I blog. In part, I'm procrastinating, in part I'm preparing myself for the big spurt of work. I'm also doing laundry at the same time and waiting for my Boy and the ex-H to pop in to pick up some money.

Boy and ex-H have now been and gone and I'm sat here listening to my stomach rumble and Faithless. The realisation that they are probably the last human contact I'll have for the next 3 or 4 days is quite depressing.I didn't realise it until last night that it's been a long time since I have had someone hold me. Hello self-pity. Actually, I'm really good at keeping busy and in the past few months I've managed to put that need for a cuddle far, far out of mind.

At the end of the day, I know I'm going to be fine. The financial and other problems dogging my heels will be brought under control. Anyway, saftey nets are for wimps. This is not a…

Green is the Colour of My Hangover

Yesterday was relaxed and a bit boozy, to say the least. We cracked open a bottle of red velvet to have with the opening of our pressies and of course had to have another one with lunch. Unfortunately, I can't actually remember very much from carving the duck to Dr Who. I have vague recollections of sending incoherent texts to long suffering friends, but apart from that, nada. Hottie assures me the duck was fine. This was her first experience with roast duck and she tells me I surpassed her expectations. Which is just as well really. When I spoke to my rellies in Trinidad, they expressed surprise that I can actually cook...shows what they know. :-)

When I finally made it out of my pit for Dr Who, Hottie started on another bottle of wine, while I looked pale and interesting clutching my glass of water. We indulged in rubbish television and then Chocolat as promised, which was as fabulous as ever.

Hottie look fabulous this morning. She was chirpy, bright and bouncy ready to take on th…

Twas the Day before Christmas

I know everyone has pushed off to families and loved ones, and all is now quiet in Blog Land, but I'm such a sad individual, that I had to do a quick post today. To answer your next question, the laundry is still undone, Hottie is on her way and then the festivities will commence.

I picked up the duck, still haven't got a clue how we're going to cook it. I will make it up as we go along. I then took it into my head that I really needed to go into town and get some special Christmas pjs for tomorrow. Hottie and I will have a completely decadent, girlie time. With DVDs, lots of booze and good food. Given my dodgy financial situation at the moment, it was a bit silly, but I have been meaning to get a new dressing gown for ages. They're not exactly dead sexy, but they are very comfy.

I'm really looking forward to doing the cooking and lots of lounging tomorrow. It seems that the last 3 or 4 months have been frantic/fraught and the thought of some down time with some good…

And Finally the Winner is.....

Narcisso Rodriguez. I could bathe myself in it, it is so gorgeous. Clean and fresh fragrance, with good lasting power. It's classy and understated. Should anyone have an urge to buy me the EdP, it'll only set you back £46.00 for 50ml! Failing that the Prada tendre, comes in a close second at £40.00 for 50 ml. There is a tie for third place between JPG Classique and Boss Femme, I can't remember the prices, so never you mind.

I've really enjoyed working at the department store, and apparently they've liked having me because they've asked me to come back to do some data entry work for them in the New Year. So it's all good.

My favourite customer comments have been:

1. You will take the price tag off before you wrap that, won't you? No, showing how cheap you are, is all part of the service.
2. I can't remember what the fragrance is called, it came in a twisted, mid-green bottle with a red crown. Really?
3. I'm in a real hurry, will you be done wrapping m…

Winter Solstice Greetings

Many blessings of light, love and laughter to you on this Winter's Solstice. This Yuletide festival marks the longest night and celebrates the return of the sun. Last night the members of the Norwich Chant Collective gathered to eat, drink and be very merry; and we did a spot of fabulous carol singing. Many thanks to Gee for her fabulous piano playing, the mulled wine and mucho mince pies. Hottie spent the night with me and will head home this afternoon, but she will be back Christmas Eve to stay for a couple of days. So be prepared for incomprehensible posts during this time.
I'm afraid the cold has settled into my sinuses and seems to quite like its new abode, despite my best efforts to evict it. I'm working late night tonight which should be quite interesting, by all accounts the pre-Christmas panic has well and truly set in. Roll on Saturday afternoon when I finish work for the moment. Then it's two days of drinking and eating and then onto the dissertation.

Roses the Red Nose Perfumer

It's not the best job in the world to get a stinking cold, it must be said. I did put some perfume on today, but as I can't smell a damned thing, there really is no point about me giving you a run down. Drugs are wonderful things, don't let anyone tell you different. When people adopt that righteous tone when they say 'I don't believe in painkillers', treat them with the disdain they deserve. Painkillers are wonderful, wonderful things. They are the only thing that kept me upright and functioning today.

Yesterday, I was visited by the Self-pity gnome and stayed in bed moaning, mopping my fevered brow and making like a fog horn every time I blew my nose. In case you might not have noticed....I'm not good at being ill. I have yet to master the stiff upper lip and carry on regardless.

All I wanted to do this morning was crawl back into bed, pull the duvet over my head and go back to sleep. I didn't dare do another sickie. For one I'm temporary staff and …

Prada ~ tendre EdP

This is a light, sophisticated perfume that I would personally love to bathe in. As I'm just starting out in the perfumery business I lack the proper vocabulary to describe it. I just love it, love it, love it. I give it 9.5. This is so going on my wish list.

Fragrance has 3 categories. Eau de Toilette, which is the weakest and cheapest form of the perfume; it does not tend to last as well and you can be liberal with application (depending on the scent). Eau de parfum is more concentrated and therefore you need less of it. It should, in theory last longer. Parfum is the most concentrated and most expensive scent. Apply sparingly.

My mum always used to say, a man should only be able to smell the perfume when he stands close enough to kiss you on the cheek. There are a lot of women and men upon whose forehead I would like to stamp that on. It really is not meant to be anaesthetic. Mind you, having said that, there are a lot of people who ought to get acquainted with the simple concept…

Jean-Paul Gaultier ~ Classique EdP

Lovely fragrance. Good staying power. Slightly powdery and feminine which I really, really love. Yummy. I'm giving it a 9.5. Another good day at work. I glammed up again. I could start getting used to this apart from my feet, which are killing me.

I rushed home, got changed and headed out to Gertie, for it is her birthday. We drank wine, ate munchies while we waited for her friends to come up from London. They are absolutely lovely. She has such good taste in friends. We all headed out to the Waterfront for the 80s night, which was just excellent. As a venue, it's just great. You can wear jeans and trainers, it's not a meat market, there's a good selection of music. I'm not sure why I left it 5 years to back there. Gertie got her birthday present courtesy of a couple of mates who fixed her up. I believe she's got a date Tuesday. Go Gertie. I danced like it was 1999. Smiled at a couple of guys who blanked me, smiled at a couple of guys whose girlfriends blanked …

Boss - Femme

That was today's perfume, or rather, Eau de Toilette. As I will be trying various perfumes on each day I work in Perfumery, I thought I would share the glorious details with you. It's a very light fragrance, which you would expect with an EDT, but it's staying power really did disappoint. I had to squirt it about a lot to get the desired effect. I love the little round bottle, it's very sweet, the perfume itself is pink. It is a touch florally, without being sickly. I think I'll give it a rating of 7.

My feet are aching, but not as badly as Monday. It took me awhile to settle in to the swing of things today; I was all fingers and thumbs. My gift wrapping is still painfully slow and I do keep cutting the paper too small and I have to start all over again, which is a complete bummer if there's a rush on and the customer is standing practically on top of the wrapping table, sighing and tutting. My sinsuses are playing up and I'm hoping that it's just the ef…

Procrastination Ponderings

I really liked this image from my 4th session, I'm getting into reflections. Unfortunately, with so many grey days and me in work from dark to dark, I haven't been able to do some journeys with camera. Bit of a bummer really. I will endevour to share more photos with you. Promise.

Saw my Super today. He liked my ideas, he nodded a lot. Ultimately, he wants to see something he can like a chapter or two of my dissertation. Yeah right. It just isn't happening. Yesterday and today, I crashed, did some food shopping so we wouldn't starve and did my nurse impression for the Poorly One. He's better today, and I'm going to send him off to school tomorrow as I've got to go to work and he's beginning to get tetchy with the XBox.

At the moment, I have a big list of all the things I ought to have done by now.

DissertationChristmas cardsChristmas shoppingChristmas tree & decorationsPoetryProseCreative PracticeLaundryThese are things that need to happen,…

Welcome to Retail World

It's fluffy, girlie, in other words completely frivolous. But sooo much fun. I'm in Norwich's only independent department store, in the Perfumery section. This was my first day and I have had such a lot of fun. I've been bathing myself in gorgeous scents all day and eyeing up others for subsequent days. The women I work with are gorgeous and glamerous and ever so sweet with it. Next time I work, I'm definitely going to have to put on more make-up. I only managed lipstick this morning in the panic to find my passport. I did find it and I was on time. Just. Standing 8 hours, broken up by climbing 4 flights of stairs to storerooms, restaurants and loos. Boy, do my feet hurt.

Boy is sniffing back the Red Sea, just in time for his Christmas Break. I'm wondering whether I'll have some company tomorrow while I do my dissertation. From a completely selfish view, I do hope he makes it to school because I'm meeting my Super on Wednesday and he will give me a good …

Comforting Cholesterol

I was sat in KFC earlier in the week, having my 2 pieces of heart attack and a drink of toothrot, not thinking about anything in particular when I started taking notice of the people around me. I then started looking at the other fast food joints dotted around, especially McDonalds and Pizza Hut not too far from me.

Norwich has been in the past quite an insular city, the diversity message still has trouble getting through to some members of society, so much so, that it was once known as the last white city in England. I used to diversity training with NEAD which was quite scary when you start experiencing peoples' prejudices. Anyway, I digress. I have my favourite coffee oases and the clientelle is predominantly white, middle-class, very rarely do I see people of BME persuasion eating or drinking there, despite the diversity of the menues on offer.

In McDonalds, the people eating there were predominantly young, white teenagers with a love for Burberry, white velour track suits and…

Green and Leafy Times

The last few days I dedicated to doing not a lot or sleeping in; which has been an abolute joy. I've started sleeping through the night again, which has left me feeling more tired for some odd reason, than the two months of broken sleep. Many thanks to Britwitch and to Ing who talked me out of self-pity mode with patience and good humour. I do still feel fragile and not fit for human company, but I've stopped banging my head against a brick wall.

I spent yesterday reading Anne McCaffrey after catching a glimpse of the trailer for Eragon. I was in the mood for dragons and trashy reads. It fortifies the soul, good trash does.

I've got a retail job for the next 10 days starting Monday. It'll tide me over Christmas and give me some time to get my dissertation sorted. Plus, I'll be working with Alix, who I've known forever and is really good fun. I get to pretend to be a girlie, get made up in the morning, do completely frivolous stuff. At the end of the day, I can j…

Admitting Defeat

I find it very difficult to do so, even when it's really obvious to those all around me that things just aren't working out. I hate giving up. I like to finish things. I want to be the person that can be depended upon in a crisis, the person who copes well, smiles and has time for everyone.

Yesterday, it became very clear to me that actually, I had some hard choices to make. It was my degree, or my job. My degree represents my future as a Creative/Writer, brokedom, more debt than several third world countries put together. Versus my job: represents money, self-esteem, professionalism. I love the people I work with, even the spikey ones. They are incredibly supportive and compassionate, i'm often spluttering coffee everywhere with their jokes and wry observations. Then, there are the callers who are Byronic: mad, bad and dangerous to know. I think if I wasn't doing my degree, the job would be fine, in fact, more than fine.

My underwear is firmly hidden by my tights. I am …

Meme Mia

I've had a shite day at work. So rather than spread doom and gloom, I thought I'd indulge in a meme. At least, I think it's called a meme, I googled it after spotting the term on Gertie's website and I must be thick as shite because I did not understand the definition. Slightly worrying since I'm supposed to be an academic at the moment.

Place an X by all the things you've done, or remove the X from the ones you have not. This is for your entire life!-

Smoked a cigarette X
Drank so much you threw up X
Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back X
Been arrested
Gone on a blind date X
Skipped school X
Seen someone die X
Been to Canada X
Been to Florida (been through Florida airport)
Been to Mexico
Been on a plane X
Been lost X
Been on the opposite side of the country X
Gone to Chicago
Swam in the ocean X
Felt like dying X
Cried yourself to sleep X
Played cops and robbers X
Recently colored with crayons
Sang karaoke X
Paid for a meal with only coins X
Done something you t…

And then there was One

I survived the sleepover. The boys were great. They kept the noise down and I only had to tell them twice to go to sleep at 2.30 am. I went to bed at 9.30 and left them in the capable hands of Shaun of the Dead. I think they had a good time. Whether their parents will let them come back is another matter. Both boys looked really tired and I believe they had coke and chocolate birthday cake for breakfast, so I'm not going to be very popular at all.

Apart from that work went well. It was a very busy weekend with silly call volumes not helped by the continuing BA Radiation alert. A lot of very grumpy people ringing back to enquire about their call-backs for their ingrown toenails.

By the way, if you ever have dental pain:
1. don't leave it to Saturday afternoon to get it sorted out, when it started Monday morning
2. don't say 'I don't believe in painkillers, I'm in agony' and expect to get any sympathy
3. please register with a dentist well before the event, becau…

Survival of the Fittest

Today, that was me! After the horrid, horrid day yesterday, I sat down and had a long think, which also has gone into today. It's clear to me I can't continue with these levels of stress and anxiety. It's really bad for me, and what's bad for me is bad for Boy. I have a clear choice, either I brush up on my coping strategies, stop taking the job so seriously, or I jack it in and find something else. Now as difficult as I sometimes find it, the job is interesting and it pays well. Doing reception in some dull office, or selling insurance is going to be 10 times worse. I may have to do that when this contract runs out, but until it does, I can continue to reap the rewards.

Part of the reason I've been finding it hard going is that I don't like doing 999 calls. I don't like unpleasant things happening ~ it just does not compute in my middle class world. Recognising this block has meant that I've been able to relax a huge amount. Today, I had 2 suicidals and…