The Big Four Ohhh...

*runs around getting the Palais ready*

Welcome my dears. As you can see, Boy and I have decorated the Palais into festive mode.

There is a good spread of munchies, please help yourself. I'll get you your first drink, after that, help yourself.

It's lovely to see you.

*pours herself a glass of Aspalls cider*



  1. You can't say it too often: many happy official returns.

    *Goes back to pondering which outfit to wear*

  2. dave ~ I've always wondered what that means...happy official that like wishing someone to have tax rebates?

    Wear the slinky one.

  3. I too early? maybe a little overdressed for this time of day? I thought the 'All saints' sculpted Edwardian bustled number, with leggings and biker boots would take me anywhere. Hey ho....I'll just go and start mixing the Mojito's (well it is officially Summerish AND a celebration...what?) while I wait for the others to arrive. happy birthday 'Ol gilr...Bottoms up...x

  4. sarah ~ darling it's lovely to see you and you look fabulous. Trust me, you aren't overdressed.

    Doesn't matter about being early. A mojito, ummm...good choice. Where's your floozy?

  5. It's your official birthday, so i sent offical returns.

    'Slinky outfit': hmmm, dressed in a metal coil, and expected to fall down the stairs?

    Clearly you haven't been to my blog yet.

  6. dave ~ I think I prefered the tax rebate.

    It's my birthday, you're supposed to be amusing me. Yes, the slinky one.

  7. If I fall down the stairs will you rub me better?

  8. dave ~ no. I'll just laugh a lot.

  9. OK. Slinky outfit now on show at my place.

  10. Happy Birthday Lovely!

    Have a wonderful day and make sure you treat yourself all day!

    P.S. - Lovely pic of you and the Boy, he's a handsome fella!


  11. Ah yes..the floozy follows later....poss Lawrence L-B because is is such a floozy and has a Double-Barrelled name, but I think i'm gonna go for bad boy/hard man Russell Crowe today, just cos I'm in that sort of mood.

  12. dave ~ I love the tux. Slinky be damned.

    beth ~ thank you my darling. My Boy is fantastic, I'm glad you agree.

    sarah ~ I'm not big on making choices or decisions, bring both. But if Russel and Dave get into a scrap, shout. I want to make sure I get a good view.

  13. Oh Hi Roses,

    Happy Birthday Dharling...
    Some of us called earlier but you were still sleeping...

    There's a case of Cider, Moet, and a couple of bottles of Vodka somewhere here that i left earlier...

    I love what you have done to the place, teacandles in old vodka bottles always adds that little extra atmosphere to a party. Boy has done a marvelous job on hanging them form the ceiling but do you think you should let him down off the ladder now?

  14. Happy Birthday Roses, my Boy's fantastic too and shares your Birthday. May the day be as 'special' as you both (so obviously) are...Cheers!

  15. Hi Roses! Happy Birthday - is that your little brother in the pic?

    I'm hanging around the kitchen over a 4 pint pitkin talking of tales of Church Walk with Dave.

  16. Church Walk is where our old school lived, in case you are wondering.

    Actually, Rog must have had a bit too much to drink, if he thinks he's talking to me, because I'm waiting here anxiously for a plumber to arrive to try to fix a major leak.

    I may turn up in a wetsuit now.

  17. Surely Dave needs a Gardener for a major leek problem?

  18. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Morning ... I'll have just a little drip of that medcine in my coffee, thank you, the pump, my Dear ... ah that's your tabacco here on the kitchen table, thank you I'll wander in the garden with cup and puff the magic dragon ... hehe ...

  19. well, sugar, we've been drinking since yesterday in y'alls honor! hell, i can't even remember who i came with! ;~D xoxoxox

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUGAR! (there's a card at my place)

  20. princess ~ yeah, sorry about that. Don't you worry I found the cases of booze and put the bottles in the bar.

    Glad you like the decorations. Don't mind Boy, he likes ladders. I suspect he trying to get the best view of the room, to get incriminating photos.

    What tipple are you drinking lovely?

    Daisy ~ lovely you could come and thank you for your kind wishes. Happy Birthday to your Boy too.

    rog ~ you old smoothie you. I'll leave you and Dave to your reminiscing.

    dave ~ a wetsuit eh?

    rog ~ boom boom! Good to see you lowering the tone already on not a lot of alcohol. Makes me think the rest of the day/evening will be interesting.

  21. mago ~ here, let me light that for you. I thought you'd given this stuff up? Not that I'm complaining, it's sharing a puff in the garden.

    savannah ~ you are just fantastic. Glad you've got into the swing of things already. Don't worry about your escort, I'm sure Princess will look after him.

    I love my card. I have the bestest of friends!

    I shall shake some cocktails and start baking a cake.
    Have an excellent day!

  23. Happy Birthday Roses! Wonderful pix of you and your tall hansom young man.

    Boxer recommended EFFEN vodka. Is there any EFFEN vodka? I'll be under the table.

  24. ms scarlet ~ thank you my darling. It's good to see you back.

    Shhh...don't mention the 'c' word. I live in fear of MJ bringing cake.

  25. xl ~ you snuck in there.

    Thank you for my birthday wishes.

    Umm...Boxer hasn't been around yet. Princess bought the vodka and to be honest I didn't take any note of the brand when I stocked up the bar.

    Want me to pass you a bowl of olives to you under there?

  26. Where are the floozies?

    Oh there he is. Hi Dave.

    Happy birthday, Miss Roses!

  27. I found the little floozy I bought along...
    He's here thought he might hide out for a while.

    I've dragged him back in here to give you your birthday gift...

  28. I've never been called a floozie before.

  29. Stumbled over from Savannah's to say happy birthday only to find myself in the middle of a fabulous party whilst still in my pajamas, do apologise. But happy birthday anyway, and now I'll take myself off for a wash and brush up.

  30. Happy birthsday love!

    Hope you are having a fabulous day.

    I'll be at the Champagne fountain if you need me.

  31. *knock knock*

    Cake delivery!

  32. Blimey is that the time...*crawls out from under the table, smooths down clothes, and tries to kick long leg back under the cloth*...ehehm..night sweetheart..thanks for a lovely day...hugs

  33. Happy Birthday Roses and remember - the best is yet to come. I promise;)

  34. mj ~ thank you my dear, you look fabulous. And welcome to the coach load of houseboys and Infomaniacs.

    princess ~ Don't mind me, I'm going to love opening my pressie.

    xl ~ great stuff, gives a lift to gold rum.

    dave ~ really? I'm genuinely surprised.

    eryl ~ hi, thanks for popping by. Here have a glass of bubbly while you brush up. Join us when you feel fabulous.

    cyberpete ~ hello darling. Princess only brought one case of champagne. Just so you know.

    mj ~ *covers eyes in horror*

    sarah ~ what were you doing under the table with Dave and XL? Better yet, don't tell me. Lightweight.

    pat ~ thanks for dropping in. See the fabulous Cyberpete by the fountain, he'll hand you a glass of bubbly. It'll be character building for him to hand over champagne. :-)

  35. a chocolate fountain and champagne tap - best party I've been to all night!

    Cheers - and here's to the fast side of the hill.

  36. ziggi ~ they say it's all downhill from here, thank goodness. Bit of a struggle to get to this point. I'm too lazy a woman for this hard work.

    Enjoy the champagne lovely. Don't be shy, otherwise Cyberpete and Princess will neck the lot.

  37. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Downhill from here? Its still an uphill battle ...
    You want to hear some music?

  38. mago ~ I'm hoping for an easier time of it.

    Would love some music. What did you have in mind?

  39. Anonymous8:52 pm

    What you prefer - fat man in skirt with guitar thunder
    - something a bit bluesey
    - cool jazz
    I hope youtube will deliver ...

  40. mago ~ hit me with some blues honey. The party's winding down, might be just the thing.

  41. Not to worry dear, my delivery hunks are coming by with two cases of Moet & Chandon Imperial Nectar Champagne.

    Did anyone bring any Godiva?

  42. cyberpete ~ thank goodness you thought to bring reinforcements.

    No, I haven't seen her. Was she with you?

  43. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Jazz - Ellington plays for Miro

    Bunny Berigan swings ...

    Shirley Bassey shows how its done ...

    Spike and the Impalers do Bowie - who's the chick in Red?

    Hope you like one.

  44. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Happy Birthday! Savannah sent me... did i miss the cake?

  45. mago ~ fantastic selection. The chick in red iz me. That's what I look like these days. Or when I'm 3 sheets to the wind, trying not to look as sloshed as I was.

    daisyfey ~ thanks for popping by. Mistress MJ always brings enough cake for everyone....unfortunately.

  46. That's a bit of a disappointment, but I suppose we can settle for the Merci pralines.

  47. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Pete, I'd like to drink a glass of your wounderful champagne.
    Nice red gown, Roses

  48. cyberpete ~ we'll suffer together honey, that's what friends are for.

    mago ~ *pours a glass* he's got his hands full at the moment.

    Glad you like it. I don't scrub up too badly.

  49. Anonymous10:04 pm


    Con rispetto, carissima!

  50. Whow.... I am soooo late to this fabulous party. You and your boy are adorably adorable and I'm wishing YOU a big happy happy 40. As I've said before..... I loved my 40's. Things got clear and calm for me and I wish the same for you.

    EFFEN vodka is wonderful, but on this day, we need to break out the good stuff.

  51. **picks up empty vodka bottles and wonders who drank it all?**


  52. Savvy sent me. I daren't argue with her ;-)
    Happy Birthday, Roses.

  53. Savannah sent me :-) HaPpY BiRtHdAy!

  54. Boxer, I think one of the dogs might haved peed in the EFFEN bottles.


  55. Here's to wishing you the beginning of so many more fabulous, fantastic, and fun years to come!



  56. Belated but many happy returns.

    Forty is a good year to be.

  57. *Up bright and early. Walks around with industrial-strength black bags collecting rubbish. Quietly gets washing-up done before Roses wakes.*

    A sparkling-clean post-party house is the best gift one can give, I always feel.

  58. mago ~ *hugs* just cause I can and because you're sweet.

    ms boxer ~ thank you for stopping by honey, lovely to see you here.

    XL made free with the case of vodka Princess brought round.

    istvanski ~ thanks for popping by. Savannah is lovely, isn't she? What a lady. Do drop in again if you're in the neighbourhood, there's usually coffee on the go.

    debra ~ hey honey. Good to see you. I hope you'll be by sometime soon.

    xl ~ of course it was one of the dogs. We believe you.

    eroswings ~ thanks honey. We definitely needed more bubbly, Cyberpete's been through a bath full, in fact I'm pretty sure I saw him asleep in the bath.

    austere ~ thanks sweetie. Don't worry, I'll go put coffee on and you can push some of the plates on to the floor and have a seat.

    dave ~ you're a star!


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