On Meeting an Infomaniac Bitch

I clocked that fellow Infomaniac Bitch, IDV was also to be found in this fine City. We would nod to each other occasionally, but for the most part, that was that. Then I found myself stalking him round his blog too.

We e-mailed each other a couple of times and then decided we really ought to clap eyes on each other.

Of course, I spent ages obsessing: what I should wear? what if he thought I was really boring? what if we couldn't find anything to talk about?

We agreed to meet at Frank's Bar yesterday afternoon. Surprisingly, I was on time (don't tell Dave, he'll get upset, I'm always late. It drives him nuts). I walked in and thought 'oh God, I've only seen a few pictures of him, what if I can't recognise him'. This gorgeous, tall guy came towards me, gave me a questioning look; and then, we smiled at each other.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you, he's hot. And tall. And any man who presents me with chocolates from here called 'boozy combo', is going to be great company.

I had a lovely couple of hours. We just talked and talked. Considering we'd never met before, we didn't seem to run out of conversation, there were no uncomfortable moments. He didn't roll his eyes when I'd start a conversation off at Point A and somehow, half an hour later, end up at Point T. I suspect he's just very polite.

At the end of our time together, we both agreed that, if/when we could convince Cyberpete to come visit, we'd have to up our game somewhat in the 'fabulous stakes'. It's IDV's turn next time to get the coffees in. I'm going to hold him to it.


  1. From both accounts, it sounds like it was a special meeting ... and chocolate, too!

  2. xl ~ it certainly was. I know, chocolates for me. How lucky am I?

  3. Very polite? No, you just weren't boring. Quite the opposite, in fact.
    Besides, your eyes didn't roll out of their sockets, across the table and onto the floor when I droned on, so there!

  4. Good evening Roses,

    How very neat, I envy him the opportunity.

  5. how cool are you two, sugar? i may have made a delicious chocolate cake, but damn, you met IDV! xoxoxo

    (where are the pictures on fb?)

  6. Did you have a special assistant food taster there, Miss Roses, to make sure he wasn't trying to poison you with one of his potions?

    Which one of his four personalities showed up at the bar?

  7. Good conversation AND "boozy combo" chocolates? Sounds like a fine meet-up indeed :)

  8. Yay! I love that you two met up. I've met several bloggers and it was something I hope to do more of.

    Cute picture of you both on MJ's.

  9. Did Mr IVD show you his freakishly bendable thumbs ?????
    Did he pull that face ????
    Did he show you the whitest legs in East Angular ?????

  10. Yay! I was rooting for you kids to meet up!

  11. IDV ~ you're just so sweet. You didn't drone on. You warned me...and I kept waiting for you to, but you never did. Next time darling.

    karl ~ it was very cool. One day, we'll have to organise the North American Blogging conference.

    mago ~ indeed.

    savannah ~ your chocolate cake looked delish. Bet there's no more of it to take pictures of.

    MJ ~ as the food was prepared by a 3rd party, I felt safe. Do you know, I forgot to ask. D'oh.

    eggy ~ it was great.

    ms boxer ~ the thing with meeting bloggers, you're friends that just haven't met yet.

    beast ~ no. no and no. Nor did he show me his warty wand. Thank goodness. Frank's bar would have thrown us out for sure.

    cyberpete ~ it was fab. You gotta come this way hon.

  12. When Avitars Collide!

    Well done to both of you.

    It must be fun to meet someone for real... I am a tad jealous...

  13. Oh yes, Beast…

    That face that IVD pulls with his lolling tongue.

    And his freakishly bendy thumbs.

    Not to mention the whitest legs in East Angular!

    I would link to his warty wand but this is a family blog.

  14. Once I've paid off my next MasterCard bill I will start saving.

    How do you get to Norfolk anyway? I've never been outside zone 4 of the London tube

  15. @ CyberPete: Train operator National Express runs trains to Norwich from London’s Liverpool Street Station, every 30 minutes during the day. The journey time is approximately 1 hour 50 minutes.

    Just use your zone pass to get to the Liverpool street station and buy the ticket.

  16. That's a great story!

    I'm sure nobody blogs in the place where I live, so I never meet nobody or nothin'.

  17. Thank you Karl!

    I thought it was further away. Like 4-6 hours by train or something. That's doable for sure. Now there's little excuse not to swing by for cocktails.

  18. princess ~ IDV is the 7th (lucky number?) blogger I've met. It really is like meeting a friend you don't know. You need to find Damien.

    mj ~ thanks for the links. I appreciate you not linking the warty wand, I still have nightmares about that picture. I start to itch in reaction every time I see it. Ugh.

    cyberpete ~ promises, promises.

    karl ~ so now that you know how to get here, when are you and Mrs Karl, coming a-callin'?

    roxy ~ I suspect blogging is like swinging, no one ever owns up to it, but they're doing it behind the net curtains.

    cyberpete ~ or, you could see what flights come to Norwich... We're about 2 hours train ride from London.

  19. You have an airport?

    Somehow I doubt there's a direct line Billund - Norwich although that would be lovely.

  20. cyberpete ~ yes, we have an airport. I think we do have some flights from Denmark, but don't know which cities/towns.

  21. Fly Infomaniac Airlines!

  22. mj ~ cheap flights? good shopping? champagne reception?

  23. KLM does it via Amsterdam

  24. mago ~ so you checking out the flights too honey? Are you going to come visit? What can I tempt you with?

  25. How exciting! Always fun to meet real people blogger thingies. Especially if they bring chocolates. the bar has been set high now. Should we ever meet, I shall feel strangely inadequate.

  26. Be careful what you wish you may get it. We were planning to be over there this fall. But my schedule got messed up and I had to start popping down to New Orleans instead. The trip will likely now have to wait until next fall.

    @CvberPete: Sorry, I thought you were in London. Billund, Hmm are you with Lego?

  27. Karl, sorry I am not with Lego. I work financing cars, less sexy for sure.

    I refuse spending 16 hrs going to Norwich and almost the same amount for a one way ticket to Vegas, so I will probably go the chav Ryan Air route and try to catch a train from Stansted.

  28. mme dF ~ yes, IDV is one classy dude. Don't worry, I don't expect the same from everyone. Besides sharing frothy coffee and cake with him was thrill enough. You'll note I didn't bring him a pressie.

    karl ~ that's okay, I can wait. I'm a patient person. It would be great to see you.

    cyberpete ~ Stansted is a good option. I'd pick you up from Norwich Station. We'd have a cocktail on Riverside immediately, to help you over the trauma of flying Ryan Scare.

  29. Whilst Dave's away, Roses can play!!

  30. Pete - seriously: Billund Amsterdam, Amsterdam Norwich; takes five hours or so.
    Sorry Roses, I will not board a plane anymore, no way. If I go travelling it's car, train or ship or a combination. Possibly motorbike.

  31. ms scarlet ~ I play while Dave's about. Don't be giving him ideas.

    mago ~ Come via Eurotunnel, no flying necessary.

  32. I don't do Amsterdam but thanks. Mostly because I don't want some creepy customs agent with his arm up my arse because he decides I look like a guy with cocaine stuck up my butt.

    Sounds fabulous Roses. I'll surely need a colourful umbrella drink after flying chavvy air.

  33. You've actually sent my brain into working overtime now. I started planning a sort of birthday extravaganza for myself. A few days in a nice hotel in Norwich so I can meet you and witchface. Then go down (I have no clue if Norwich is up or down or to either side) to London and celebrate my birthday there. How does it sound if I said, do swing by my room at the Ritz, Sanderson or the Waldorff for my birthday?

    Maybe Tim would honour me/us with a visit

  34. cyberpete ~ sounds like an awesome idea. Let me have loads of notice, so I can book some time off. What we could do, is try and organise an Infomaniac gathering in London. Get Beast, Ms Scarlet et al to brave the Big Smoke. What do you think?

  35. You want to meet Beastie? Wow!

    It does sound like a hoot and a half though. I will have to look into my vacation planning. My birthday is late September.

    It would be fun to see Tim and IDV in the same room.

  36. cyberpete ~ It would be a brilliant thing to do. We could take over a sleezy hotel for the night, prop up the bar, attempt to drink it dry. You'd never have a birthday quite like that again.

  37. You had me until sleazy hotel..

    I thought you knew me hahaha

  38. cyberpete ~ I'm just thinking about people's budgets. Don't you dare throw a hissy fit and say if you can't stay in a posh hotel, you ain't coming.

    That'd be pathetic.

  39. I know.. I wouldn't say that.

    It's just that I've done sleazy and scummy hotels and it wasn't nice. How about we say minimum 3-4 stars?

    I have been checking rates for the past 4-5 hours and you can find decent hotels at decent rates online.

    The Sanderson is out of the question anyway because they don't have bathtubs. Hahaha

  40. Remember that CyberPete is the reigning High Maintenance Queen, Miss Roses.

  41. p.s. IVD sent me some champagne truffles so I am no longer envious of your "boozy combo."

  42. cyberpete ~ good. I'm thinking we've got to start planning.

    mj ~ who's the reigning High Maintenance Queen again? Who's been throwing a hissy fit about not having chocolates?

    (Bet they were great though, he's got fabulous taste)

  43. Loved the picture Roses..
    chocolates too..lol
    Big thumbs up. xxx

  44. Absolutely darling! I may blog about it really soon.

  45. b*e*g ~ it was great and so were the chocolates. Om nom nom.

    cyberpete ~ you're going to blog soon? Woo Hooo!

  46. I know, I am shocked myself!


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