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I've been looking at the job paper and I'm fast losing the will to live. Lots of sales stuff, completely above board I'm sure. Do I want a career that will start me off at £200 per week? Yes, of course I do. Do I believe that by delivering catalogues I'll be able to do it? Especially since I don't have a car? There are those of you who will say I'm being very fussy, after all, there is no shame plucking and gutting turkeys on the run-up for Christmas, and it pays well. I know people who did it for a short space of time and people who do it for a living. I'm not that screwed up thanks. Looking at turkey's guts is not my idea of a good time. I know it needs to be done (though many vegetarians will disagree, don't shoot me, remember your argument about all life is sacred), but I'm glad it doesn't need to be me.

Out of curiosity, I've been looking at the Soulmates ads in the Grauniad. I can't help it. I find them fascinating. M…

Slow Blog Day

Not much happening at the moment except I finished my stint at the alternative health care clinic. As always it was quite entertaining. My boss thinks that he and I have the same relationship as Inspector Cluseau and Kato, he's very keen on martial arts and is trying to get my to join his club. I'll be wandering around trying to do stuff and he'll pounce from behind a door. Or I'll be talking to his wife and he'll walk in with his clipboard, and try take me down.

It's quite funny, I've worked for some seriously grumpy bosses in my time, drunken publicans throwing crockery and glasses around, but it's the first time I've been encouraged to retaliate. He was dead chuffed when I lumped him one with my dead cardboard roll. When it gets desperate I fend him off with a plastic bin. I will miss working there, they're good people to work for and the clients are a hoot.

Tomorrow is Thursday. It's job day in the local press. So wish me luck.

The Return of the 'C' Word

I was forced to threaten a client at work this afternoon. She said the 'C' word! Right in the middle of a busy waiting room. Honestly. She apologiesed immediately when she appreciated the extent of my disapproval. There really is no call for that kind of language in a public place. Especially with vulnerable members of the community waiting to be seen by the acupuncturist. Unfortunately, she did confirm rumours of certain festival cards in Next, and tonight I heard it on the TV. I just don't approve of that kind of language when it's not even bloody Autumn.

I did come across a hilarious article in the on-line Grauniad today. Apparently, career women make lousy wives. Career women are more likely to be grumpy, unfaithful and divorce their husbands than housewives. Apparently.

Baby Blogger

I woke up this morning, washed my hair and realised that the maternal hormones have chilled out again. Whew! I can't be doing with that at the moment. Life is interesting enough without me making it 10 x worse by wanting to reproduce on top of it. Thank goodness the rational side of my brain finally kicked in.

Anyway, over the weekend I've been having a look at other blogs and the eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed I've added some other blogs in my links section. I think they're pretty fab. Girl with a One Track Mind, you've heard me talk about previously. There's now JonnyB in Norfolk, who is really witty, I love his droll humour. Petite Anglaise is another blogger who got 'dooced' (outed and fired for those who don't know), and her life in Paris. And for those who are fascinated with all things medical, Random Acts of Reality, the joys of being an ambulance crew in East London. Mike Carter and his mid-life crisis blog are a bit sporadic and t…


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Clear as mud?

Look Out - Maternal Hormones!

I was okay. I kept it together. I was fine. Until....

Boy and I glammed up for this afternoon's Baby Naming. We got there in time, a bit of an amazement considering we are perpetually late for everything, kissed and hugged everyone in sight. Did I mention we are a tactile bunch of people? The Baby Naming ceremony was brilliant. Baby didn't protest too much at all, smiled loads and was incredibly sweet. We had sparkling wine, fruit cake to die for, more kisses. And then I held him.


He didn't mind me at all. He just chewed on my shoulder, pulled my hair and dribbled a lot (I've had worse dates like that). There is just something about the smell of baby, the soft fuzz on their heads, the wide-eyed wonder when they look at you. I look at my boy now, entering teenager-hood and I think back when he was that age. I no longer see the baby in him. Yes, I still get cuddles, but I think he's going to be an affectionate young man. I remember holding him in my arms and loo…

Good Luck Charms

I have a friend down in the Big Smoke who needs 14 minutes to get ready. That's 14 minutes between opening eyes and leaving front door, and also includes coffee and ablutions. I am insanely jealous. It takes me 14 minutes to work up the courage to open my eyes.

Given that I had an interview this morning, I pulled out all the stops. Now my racial heritage is such that I am, shall we say, hirsute. And that is without the help that age brings. Now I always knew that men when they hit middle age develop nostril and ear hair which is quite foul. I've had to sit in meetings next to men whose glistening nostril hair were rather off putting. Or worse, hair sprouting on the outside of said nose. All I can say is their wives must really hate them, to let them leave the house looking like that. Eewww!

So, anyway, I defoliate myself which is a major undertaking at the best of times. Once that was done and I was washed and dressed I thought about nail polish. I 'oopsed' yesterday wi…


I'm giving myself a good pat on the back. I'm feeling very pleased with myself. I did another shift in the NEAD shop this morning, I treated boy to deep fried cholesterol and we went shopping for some bits and pieces. On the way home I saw a notice in a jeweller's window and picked up an application form. When I got home I was busy-busy.

I rang the charity about boy's uniform and school trip and I was told that our application was successful! Yeah! I then rang up about a couple of jobs and I've got an interview at a local pub tomorrow. The hours aren't likely to be sociable, but, they are looking for top up staff for functions and emergencies and as Christmas grows closer there will be office parties galore. So, if I can get a job at the local shop and use the pub job as top up, it should work out quite well.

It looks like my ex-husband will lose his job, which is completely dire for our already dodgy circumstances. If I think about it for too long my hands go …

Financial Planning

Got today's paper, there are a couple of jobs in there which I'm going to go for, including bar work and an office type job. I've been enterprising and enquired at the local shop, the manager gave me an application form. I've also got to send off my CV to the lead I picked up yesterday.

So I've got lots to be getting on with. Hopefully, I'll find out tomorrow whether my application to the local charity has been successful, they should be helping me meet the cost of boy's school uniform which goes to hundreds of pounds plus a school trip. My fingers are still very crossed. And I'm still very stressed about it all.

Job Hunting

Tomorrow I start job hunting seriously. I am getting seriously freaked about not having some regular paid employment. I think it's the thought of not being able to finish my degree that's doing it. I'm back working at St Stephen's Practice for a few days, which is great, but it is only a casual thing and there are no hours going in September. I got a lead on another job, but it's only 8 hours a week, which on minimum wage is no good to man nor beast.

Thursdays is jobs day in the paper and there are some vacancies up at UEA to go for, plus there are the agencies to start badgering. I'm just hoping I can find something interesting enough, that pays enough with flexible hours. I suspect I'm asking way too much. So I'm willing to ammend the interesting.

In between clients, I've been spending sometime chewing over the concept of relationships. After I split up with my Significant Other I had an interesting chat with someone. In the same conversation she sa…

Clubbing in Liverpool

I thought I'd return to the Liverpool clubbing scene as it provided me with endless entertainment. Don't ask me the names of the clubs we went to, I was just following the person in front of me. Which was fine as I didn't get lost, but it did mean that when he went into the loo, I got a funny look.

The first bar we went into was a trendy aluminium and silver affair with industrial flooring and a draught like a hurricane. No seats, no cloak room, no tables. I propped myself up on the bar and made eyes at the barman who was just old enough to serve me. Bless him. He agreed to put my coat round the back and kept me in doctored fruit cocktails. I'm amazed, got drunk with Hottie and didn't offend any bar staff. It was really nice being able to chat to all of Hottie's work colleagues, who are very sweet and genuinely nice individulals who love Hottie to bits. How she's going to leave them I have no idea.

Then we were off. The next place was less trendy and pretent…

Quick Catch-up

This posting is going to be a bit abrupt. I'm pretty knackered and it's late and I can hear my bed calling me. I've done something silly with my shoulder and feeling hormonal on top of things is more than enough to be getting on with.

The journey to Liverpool was great. The train trip was direct and fascinating. I observed loads of different people and landscapes. I ended up making lists of everything that caught my eye. I wish I had a digital camera, I could have taken stills and motion film, so please note: my digital camera fund is now open, don't worry about Yule presents this year, all cheques, notes and coins gratefully accepted.

Met up with Hottie and trekked across Liverpool to the Tate gallery there. Saw Henry Moore and Bruce Nauman. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. We had to walk around with our hands in our pockets, the Henry Moore sculpture was so tactile. The Nauman was just amazing, because we'd got there late, they let us in for free and that was long eno…

Quick Catch-up

This posting is going to be a bit abrupt. I'm pretty knackered and it's late and I can hear my bed calling me. I've done something silly with my shoulder and feeling hormonal on top of things is more than enough to be getting on with.

The journey to Liverpool was great. The train trip was direct and fascinating. I observed loads of different people and landscapes. I ended up making lists of everything that caught my eye. I wish I had a digital camera, I could have taken stills and motion film, so please note: my digital camera fund is now open, don't worry about Yule presents this year, all cheques, notes and coins gratefully accepted.

Met up with Hottie and trekked across Liverpool to the Tate gallery there. Saw Henry Moore and Bruce Nauman. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. We had to walk around with our hands in our pockets, the Henry Moore sculpture was so tactile. The Nauman was just amazing, because we'd got there late, they let us in for free and that was long eno…

Muppet Moments

Today, has been an interesting mix of success and ranting, and a muppet moment I've got to share. I got my CV sorted and wrote my introductory letter, I've asked Alix if she wouldn't mind giving both a once over as she works in retail and I could do with the feedback before I start putting myself out there. Got an e-mail through about a writer's bursary that I knew G would be interested in. I intended just to drop it through the door, instead 3 hours of catching up later I head off to the library.

When I got back, she came around and looked over some writing I submitted last term. I desperately needed nitpick feedback. I was so frustrated. Last term, I wrote and wrote and worked really hard and I only ended up with a 2:1 for my efforts. Considering I had 2 tutorials and I was attending all of the class, and I was keeping my journal, I was pissed off. It didn't help much that the tutor's comments got lost in the post. So having G look over my work was just what …


So I haven't quite done everything I intended, but I've pretty much done the important bits.

I wrote one begging letter to the bus company. I prostrated myself asking for sponsorship for this project and my CP says he will also write to them on my behalf. It would mean so much to be able to have a travel pass. My cash flow can't cope with any other expenses at the moment. So, fingers crossed. I'm hoping to get the letters in the post tomorrow. Watch this space. If it doesn't succeed I'm going to be rattling my tin cup at you.

I also wrote a project proposal. Well, actually, it is more of a project outline. It currently lacks a budget and a risk assessment, but as I'm doing it for my own edification, I'm not fussed. Doing the proposal was a brilliant exercise in focussing. I am now starting to build a framework from which the dissertation and project will be hung. Actually that's not right. I'm getting together a list to take to the hardware store…

Incoherent with Excitement

Before I go any further, can I just say 'I love my tutors'! My Dissertation Supervisor and my Creative Practice tutor, like totally rock. Totally!

I had a few minutes with my Super and he was interested about my idea to research the power behind Journeying. He gave me a couple of references and basically said go away and read. He wasn't at all concerned that my original idea bore no resemblance whatsoever to this idea, he said it sounds plausible, especially if I tie it in with an interesting context like the Motorcycle Diaries. So as far as that is concerned, I have to get off my butt and start reading like mad. Tomorrow is Library Day!

After that positive meeting, I then trouped down to see my CP and then he completely blew me away. He was enthusiastic about the ideas I've been playing with. I've come away from the tutorial with a mass of references, photocopies, a video and a promise to help me try to secure funding for my travel costs for the next year. He said t…

Lifting of the Fog

Somewhere between last night and this morning, the fog and darkness that has surrounded me for a month has lifted. It has given way to inspiration and energy, and oh boy does it feel good to be able to breathe freely again.

Tomorrow, I go to see my Creative Practice tutor and (I hope) my dissertation supervisor. I'm going to have to swap things around a bit. Journeying is taking such a cerebral route that I don't think I could find a way to convey it physically; it therefore makes sense to do a proper exploration as a dissertation. Which leaves me short of a Creative Practice project. I was writing an e-mail to my mate SW in Sri Lanka and my mind must have wandered because suddenly I had a Eureka moment. Somewhere in the depths of my subconsciouness little thoughts and ideas suddenly bumped into each other and there it was. Bang!

In my second term of Year 2, my prose submission was a monologue based on Gustav Klimt's Judith. Given that I really enjoyed the performance module…

Junk Food and the Meaning of Life

Today I can honestly say, I haven't had anything resembling a normal meal. Mother Hubbard's cupboards are packed compared to mine. In the end I just gathered together foods I liked and hoped for the best. Yes, I did cut the mould off the tomato first. And anyway, everything was stir fried in olive oil, so obviously that process killed all things dodgy.

Last night I watched The Ice House. A faithfully TV serialisation of the Minnette Walters novel of the same name. It was great. Really enjoyed it. The adaptation kept to the atmosphere and wit of the novel. Today I watched The Sculptress. A less enjoyable experience. The screenwriter cut out a major character and the pacing was awful. It dragged it's concrete boots from scene to scene, the really interesting parts got left out and they shuffled events, so the impact was watered down. Minnette Walter's subtlety got completely stomped on, so the twist in the tale became a chinese burn.

Found this really thought provoking art…

Art of Blogging

It's a grim Saturday in August. It's windy and wet. It's the 4th time I've been rained on in 12 hours. I refuse to go out anymore. I now have tickets to Liverpool, I'm off to paint that city purple-with-pink-polka dots with Hottie next weekend. I now also have my vital supplies of Coffeemate, ran out yesterday, complete disaster especially given the milk is 5 days over and I could cut it with a knife.

Apart from that, I have hoovered. Tomorrow, the dishes. Unfortunately, that will entail me actually walking into the kitchen for more than 5 mins. But once the dishes are done, I might be tempted to stay a bit longer in there. Those of you more domestically minded than I will no doubt be shuddering with horror. Maybe I should just have more visitors, that way I'm forced to tidy up regularly. I'm just not big on spending time on dusting thing. Hey, the only people I share my space with are a 12 year old boy and a cat. Both are only bothered that they get fed reg…

Friday Nite's Alright for Theatre

I was desperate to blog last night, and the site was down for 'essential maintenance. Typical. On the recommendation of my sub-editor I watched The Motorcycle Diaries, the story of Che Guevara and his buddy who would go on to found Cuba's medical school. It was brilliant. Fitted right in with what I'm working on. What starts out as a couple of lads on the back of a clapped out bike riding round Southern America, turns into a thoughtful exploration of the inequalities that existed at the time. The inequalites that turned a young medical student into a revolutionary. I think I've now got my dissertation sussed. Next week I meet with my CP tutor and I intend to pick his brains so I can get this project off the bloody ground. It's beginning to drive me nuts.

Tonight, I was out with the girlies. We went to see Return to the Forbidden Planet which was just fabulous. If I say it is a musical Sci-Fi version of The Tempest, you'll start scratching your heads and question…

Hi Hoooo!

It's official. I'm fed-up with being flat broke. Though it's truer to say I'm panicking because I'm so brassic. I found myself unable and unwilling to pester innocent family members, so have come to the conclusion it's off to work I go.

The problem is doing what? Giving up my course is not an option, so it'll have to be part-time stuff which isn't known for paying well. I have been looking for work similar to that which I did before, but because I no longer have a proper job, no one wants to give me proper job anymore. Fortunately, Norwich is blessed with many a shop, so I'm busy adjusting my CV accordingly and am about to do a huge mailout. Statistically speaking, someone will be desperate to have me eventually (FYI I'm talking about employment here).

Meanwhile, boy is off with his dad doing exciting man-like things for the week. I get him back next Monday. I'm not sure how normal 2 parent families cope with having their kids around all the t…


This is what a Lammas Supper looks like...more to come later (content, not pictures).

Lammas Blessings

Today we count our blessings, it is the festival of Lammas, the first harvest festival. Today, we give thanks for the fruits of our labours. This evening was filled with wine, pagans and song! I'm hoping the chant photographer will provide incriminating evidence shortly. But I have to say, it was a lovely evening. I made chilli and West Indian peas and rice, which met with general approval; even though it didn't make anyone cry.

Tonight, as I go to bed, slightly tiddly, a tummy full of good food, filled with the joys given by good company, my prayers go to those who aren't so lucky. Those whose nights are filled with fear, and days with despair. I pray the peacemakers are blessed with short memories, a deep love of children and hope for the future.

So mote it be.

Lazy Days and Tuesdays

This has been a very, very sore day. When I woke up this morning, I couldn't laugh it hurt so much. So tomorrow, I'm going back to the easier Nell McAndrew workouts, definitely. My goal tomorrow is a whole push up. Wish me luck.

My boy and I have been watching some serious hero stuff. Yesterday, we watched The 13th Warrior, with Antonio Banderas. Today, it was Kingdom of Heaven. Of course, I was researching journeys. After all, the 13th Warrior is a re-telling of Beowulf, based on Michael Crighton's Eaters of the Dead. In this instance the film is way better than the book.

Hmmm...I think I'm going to have to watch both movies again, next time I'll have to try and apply some cultural theory to them.