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All Hail the Duvet!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I declare today, a Duvet Day.
It is the first duvet day I've taken in quite awhile. But, frankly, I think I've earned it. See last night was Supper Club; and this morning, I'm feeling a bit on the fragile side. I wasn't sure there was going to be a Supper Club this month, so when the e-mail came around with the menu, I jumped in. It really is great fun. If you like good food and great company, this really is the place to be. It's hosted not far from me, in a gorgeous home, by some fantastic people who cook. Oh my God do they cook! You bring your own wine/drink.

The joy is not really knowing who is going to turn up. There are the hard core regulars, of which I'm definitely becoming one, and then there are the people who flit in and out. Facebook has also been part of the getting-to-know-you thang. I rocked up there, kissed loads of cheeks and then I was introduced to two newbies as 'this is Roses, she's just done an NLP Practitioners…

Welcome to the Fun Zone

This lunchtime I finally finished The Secret of Being Happy by Richard Bandler. This I started reading as soon as I bought my Kindle, I've been taking it slow. Reading in my lunch hours and stolen moments at home. As reading to finish off my experience of the NLP Practitioner training, it couldn't have been better.

In the book, Bandler gives compelling evidence as to why being happy is necessary for good relationships, sucess in economic activities, and health and wellbeing. It's not only a read book, it's also a work book. There are exercises at the end of every chapter to enable the reader to become happier. Truthfully, these exercises I've already done through my training, but it's always good to see things in print.

I have been the person who had the Self-Pity Gnome, who obsessed, the woman who wallowed. Ladies and Gentlemen, I could have run workshops to teach hippos how to wallow in a muddy puddle, I could have made a fortune. I've spent years wallowing…

Procrastination as an Art Form

Yes, I know I promised I wouldn't go on and on (and on) about the NLP course: how fabulous it was, the wonderful people I met there and how positive and life changing it's been for me. However, I do have a good story to tell.

Now, long term readers of this blog and those who know me IRL, know that I procrastinate. Or I would, if only I would get round to it. I can put off studying for exams, writing essays, cleaning the house, filing my tax return, tidying up....and that's not an exhaustive list. My excuses see me on the sofa reading, watching a rubbish dvd or at the laptop wondering what do for the day...for the whole day. I kid you not. I really can do this and do this very, very well.

On the last teaching day, The Man Himself asks if there's anyone with a problem motivating themselves. Of course my hand goes up. He picks a guy not sitting far from me. Graham. Yes, this is his real name. I asked him. He said I could use and abuse him in the telling of this tale. (So, w…

Beginning of the End

The interweb has been buzzing all week with the news that it's the Rapture this weekend. Yes, tonight from 6 o'clock the Godly, the pious and the devout are going to ascend to Heaven. Apparently, it's going to be a zombie appocalypse from then until Judgement Day, which according to some is on the 12th of December this year.

Which is great news as far as I can make out.

Consider this: the righteous, the pious and the devout (the terminally Boring) are buggering off leaving the Party People behind. Just think, of the upside. Not only that, the Earth is going to be several millions lighter, therefore more resources/jobs to go around. We'll be able to go shopping without having our eternal damnation screamed at us from the badly dressed, supposedly Christian people, shoving leaflets at us as we desperately try to find Aunt Ena's birthday/Christmas present. We'll be able to answer our door, only in fear of the double-glazing salesman. We'll be able to go about ou…

Totally Loved Up

That's exactly how I feel today. Totally loved up. My birthday messages have been arriving via text, post, e-mail and Facebook. They've been from new friends, blogging friends, family, special people, people I love more than life itself, people I work with, Facebook friends, heck even the woman in Tescos, said Happy Birthday when she saw the cakes and cakes I bought for work.

Talk about feeling great. I can't stop smiling. My boss gave me a lovely card and some sparklies. She really has the measure of me, they are gorgeous. Boy gave me the most perfect card and a voucher to spend on my shiny toy. We're going out for dinner in moment, when I finish blogging and tomorrow we're going to the cinema.

I am so blessed. So blessed by the love and affection of those around me.

Whatever Life has in store for me in the next year, my Path is illuminated by these blessings. I am deeply honoured.

Okay, enough with the mush. I'm now feeling a bit emotional. My advice is turn you…

Song Titles - Smile

As today has dawned grey, cold and damp and to top it all off - Monday, I thought we should spread some sunshine around. So to help you feel good for no reason, I thought we should do a song title quiz. Come on people, start flicking through your record collection, playlists or the ultimate cheat: Google.

I want to see song titles with Smile.

YouTube is being a bit of a primadonna as far as my choice is concerned, so ya'll gonna have to click the link to Gnarls Barkley Smiley Faces. This song captures my mood, the lyrics are upbeat and apt.

 And remember, smiling is the easiest way to confuse; it makes people wonder what you've been up to.

Dusting off the Resolutions

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have dusted off my New Year's Resolutions. I've given them a quick polishing and here: look how shiny they are!

I am nicotine free, I am meditating regularly and today I've started exercising again.

How pleased am I? Very. It feels great, doing good stuff. I'm enjoying the sensation very much. Life is indeed good.

I've managed to totally freak Boy out today. I ironed 3 of my shirts and 2 of his. Now, close personal friends of mine will remember I don't iron. I only bought the iron and ironing board on the off-chance Hottie might want to use when she came to stay. Both live in Boy's room. He uses it. I haven't. In fact, I'm pretty sure that today was the first time I've used that iron. Boy keeps feeling my forehead. But the shirts look much better ironed and the chances of getting Boy to do it were minimal. Rather than fuck about with it any more, I ironed.

It's quite amazing really, I got more energy, I'm more produc…

Shiny Toys

Ah Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a confession to make, I have sucuumbed. I am now the proud (sheepish) owner of a Kindle. For all of you who I ranted at, that such a thing would never be possible...yes, I know. This lady was indeed for turning.

Nine days in London, away from my library (2 floor to ceiling alcove book shelves, 3 standard book shelves) and I realised I wanted the convenience of having all of that available to me at the push of a button.

I did try to use my shiny, new iPod Touch to read. But the small screen and my fast reading pace made it impossible for me to concentrate because I was constantly scrolling. Yes, I do read fast. I can read a 50,000 page Mills and Boon in an hour and a half, I can read a novel in under 4 hours if I'm engaged.

Having done the NLP Course (and here you were thinking you'd got away with one post not being about the course) made me think about the way I read. For me, reading is an active process. I turn the words into a movie, which I th…

Day 4 of Life post-NLP

I'm really going to have to tone it down. People are beginning to wonder about my sanity. I'm bopping to my tunes in the car to work. Picture me, sitting in traffic having a totally awesome time, all by myself in my car, surrounded by grumpy commuters and that's on the way in.

As you know, I tend to do my best thinking on the move. On the way home last night, I considered the impact of the course on my attitude. I feel all bright and sparkly. But it's not at all forced, which I have had reason to adopt when I've been working after I came back from Trinidad last summer. After all, when I had jobs to do, it was a good thing to put my grief to one side and slap on a cheery face. This feels nothing like that. This feels like my pancreas is smiling.

Richard Bandler, the Man Himself, warned this would be the case. After all, I've redecorated my internal world: it's had a massive clearout, the wall paper has been stripped, walls scrubbed and re-plastered. The dusty,…

Day 3 Back in Real Life

It's Wednesday, or as our friends across the pond are wont to call it: hump day. I kinda like the idea of it: cheeky, bawdy and fun.

So, what is Real Life like now for me?

Hmmm....I'm still getting used to it.

I go to bed at night, curled up, very content to be back in my bed. I think about the day that's been and the lessons I've learnt and then I think about the coming day. In the morning, I wake up and lie there, letting every cell in my body wake up as I wonder how much fun, how much pleasure I'm going to have that day.

Yes, I really do that. And yes, it really is a huge amount of fun going through my day, finding different ways to amuse myself. At present, my favourite is turning my car stereo up and getting down to hot summer tunes. I like to dance and it has been known to amuse a car-full of coppers before.

It's really weird, but when I look at myself in the mirror, my reflection is different. I swear I don't look the same. Gee said I look softer, I'v…

Bliss of the Familiar

Ladies and Gentlemen, as I type this I am wearing the pink, fluffy dressing gown and I'm drinking coffee. Yes, you read right, I'm home. For the first time in 8 days I am enjoying decent coffee and I am all blissed out. I slept in my own bed, listening to the night sounds of my home: the creaking of the stairs as the cat padded up and down, the occasional creaks as the house settles, the sigh of the central heating (I was cold last night).

I'm having difficulties formulating the right sentence to describe what it's like at the moment. My beliefs in myself and what I can achieve have been peeled back, not like a banana, but like an onion, chopped, fried in butter with loads of wonderful ingredients. Now, I'm sniffing this wonderful new dish in front of me, salivating a bit, wondering where to dip my fork into first.

It was such an amazing time. After we finished yesterday, we celebrated at the pub down the road and we were laughing and joking about the first day. Ever…

Hotel Rooms Part II

When I started to write yesterday's blog post, I had a clear idea of where I wanted to go with it. It never happened that way. So today, I'll tell you what I wanted to tell you yesterday.

Remember I said one of the good things about this hotel, is that the rooms are clean? If when reading that you realised the implication there is that there are more bad things, you win a prize. One of the bad things is that the walls are paper thin.

Tuesday morning I was woken up at 5 am by my neighbour having an arguement over his mobile phone in a foreign language. He had the mobile phone on loud speaker, so I got to hear the response in foreign too. Bearing in mind, I'm not my sharpest first thing in the morning and to my mind, 5 am is still the middle of the night, I had problems deciding which foreign tongue he was having the argument in. At first I thought it was German. The Manbabe is German, and the intonation and inflection was similar. I then realised I couldn't make out indiv…

Hotel Rooms

So, I'm in currently in London learning to be an NLP Practititioner with Dr Richard Bandler (I want you all to pretend like you know what it is and to be impressed. Google if necessary. Nod and smile in the meantime). It takes me twenty minutes from my doorstep to the train station. It then takes me an hour and fifty mins to get to London, from London Liverpool Street it takes me at least 50 mins to get to the hotel in Earl's Court. For me to get to Earl's Court on time, I'd have to leave Norwich at 5 am. Knowing me as you do, for not being a morning person, you'll understand why this isn't really an option.

For the past 6 days room 1155 has been my home. It will continue to be so for the next 3 days. For London prices, it's okay. It's clean. When I go to bed, I do so alone and I wake up alone. Always a good thing in a hotel room, where (according to MJ) there's always the risk of little blood-sucking buggy things. Ugh. I have a huge TV (with the opt…