Hotel Rooms Part II

When I started to write yesterday's blog post, I had a clear idea of where I wanted to go with it. It never happened that way. So today, I'll tell you what I wanted to tell you yesterday.

Remember I said one of the good things about this hotel, is that the rooms are clean? If when reading that you realised the implication there is that there are more bad things, you win a prize. One of the bad things is that the walls are paper thin.

Tuesday morning I was woken up at 5 am by my neighbour having an arguement over his mobile phone in a foreign language. He had the mobile phone on loud speaker, so I got to hear the response in foreign too. Bearing in mind, I'm not my sharpest first thing in the morning and to my mind, 5 am is still the middle of the night, I had problems deciding which foreign tongue he was having the argument in. At first I thought it was German. The Manbabe is German, and the intonation and inflection was similar. I then realised I couldn't make out individual words, I decided it must be a Slavic language. He wrapped up his argument at about 6 am. Personally, I think picking a fight with someone over the phone at that time of the morning is mean. It was pointed out to me that there might be some time difference going on, which made sense. I rolled over and went back to sleep for another hour and a half, no harm done.

Wednesday evening, my brain is full. I go to bed early. I'm lying there, doing my relaxation exercises, focussing on all of the information I'd gathered that day, which my poor over-worked unconscious was going to have to process, when all I could hear was a woman moaning. Not the whinging about the the bloke not putting the toilet seat down. Moaning, as in getting the best sex she'd ever got (I assume). Moaning for a whole hour. I was timing her. It got to the stage when I wanted to bang on the door and ask if they needed some water, more lube or oxygen. Let me tell you, it's depressing listening to someone have sex, when you sleep on your own.

This morning, at 7 o'clock, half an hour before my alarm went off, my neighbour did. Again. On the phone berating and swearing at the poor bastard on the other end of his phone. I pity that guy, I really do. In the end, I decided he was Dutch. There were a couple of times when it sounded like he was talking a very slurred version of German. At least he left it to then. It gave me enough time to decide what I wanted to do today.

I never thought staying in a hotel room by myself could be so entertaining. Hey, it's entertaining you, isn't it. Nod and smile.


  1. I recommend that (making sure you prop your room door open and take the key anyway, belt and braces me as always) you go out in the corridor, knock loudly at the door of the offender and then scamper back to your room again. Should stop it, but not start anything embarrassing - for you, anyway.

  2. "it's depressing listening to someone have sex, when you sleep on your own"

    Ja. Very.

    German, Dutch, and English are very closely related. The "sound" of Dutch is very close to that of German. Either that or a drunk German!

  3. Good night Roses,

    It will be over soon and you'll be back in your own place.

    Living in hotels can really be the pits. From the sounds of it, all things considered. You're doing pretty well.

    From your last post "I'd have popped out their arms like a pea popping out of a pod." That sounds kind of fun.

  4. It's a little depressing listening to other people having sex. Thankfully I don't get that at my hotel. My new neighbouring guests get a lot of knocking on their door. If it wasn't a posh hotel, I'd have guessed they were dealing drugs from there like on Hotel Babylon.

  5. Horny neighbours are just the pits when one sleeps alone!

    I had one that was very vocal during a performance. Mid summer, me on call over night, awake to their passionate hollerings from 1am onwards. After the second round I 'd heard quite enough, so got up to the window and started to cheer Bravo, Bravo and applaud.
    Next thing the window from nextdoor is slammed shut. Not a sound heard for the remainder of the morning and sheepish apologies from neighbour next day!

    WV: phitider.... Well he certainly did!

  6. Is there something like "smod noile"?

  7. z ~ that's a good idea. Shame I didn't pick it up your comment sooner.

    xl ~ he must have been going some if he was drunk at 5 am. Takes some doing.

    karl ~ I'm home again and it's bliss. Yeah, it was fine. Next time I'll have to find someone to sqeeze me and give it a go.

    cyberpete ~ good to see it really isn't just me. Your hotel sounded absolutely gorgeous. Like you'd have had anything other than...

    princess ~ fantastic! Damn you've made me laugh.

    mago ~ it might be?


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