All Hail the Duvet!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I declare today, a Duvet Day.
It is the first duvet day I've taken in quite awhile. But, frankly, I think I've earned it. See last night was Supper Club; and this morning, I'm feeling a bit on the fragile side. I wasn't sure there was going to be a Supper Club this month, so when the e-mail came around with the menu, I jumped in. It really is great fun. If you like good food and great company, this really is the place to be. It's hosted not far from me, in a gorgeous home, by some fantastic people who cook. Oh my God do they cook! You bring your own wine/drink.

The joy is not really knowing who is going to turn up. There are the hard core regulars, of which I'm definitely becoming one, and then there are the people who flit in and out. Facebook has also been part of the getting-to-know-you thang. I rocked up there, kissed loads of cheeks and then I was introduced to two newbies as 'this is Roses, she's just done an NLP Practitioners course.' They were NLP trainers. The other person in the circle piped up that she'd done some NLP as well. How about that. Small bloody world sometimes. For me, that really set the tone for the evening. New people to talk to of similar mind-sets. Brilliant.

It was a smaller than normal group and in a way, that made it so much more intimate. There was less pressure to move on and talk to someone new. I had fantastic time. People come to enjoy the great food, meet new people. For me, dinner parties are a bit of a rarity. It's not how I socialise as such. So, the opportunity to meet couples and single people is very welcome indeed. I've been fascinated by different things people do both in their professional and private lives.

Last night, everyone lingered over coffee. More alcohol was acquired and although I could have easily drunk more, I didn't. I did however, make the mistake of drinking cups and cups of black coffee instead of water. When I finally made my way home, I was wide, wide awake. See, I'm blaming my current state on the coffee, not the red wine I'd been drinking. Ugh.

Forgive me if I take a moment to be smug. I'll only do it this once and then I'll be quiet. Last night, the fab hostess and I took the occasional cigarette break together. Or at least she did. I went out to be sociable. Not only didn't I smoke, I didn't want to. I was talking to one of the guys there about smoking - how much I enjoyed the ritual of it, the pleasure of taking 5 mins to have a break from whatever I was doing. But it was like talking about another me. I was completely disassociated from the pleasure of it. Tomorrow, it will be 5 weeks since I stopped. I don't miss it. There are no pangs, or cravings, or even the odd wishful thought. All of that has gone.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a non-smoker.


  1. YAY! For being a non-smoker! Brilliant!

    I have started liking the ritual of smoking. I never smoked but when I was at the seminar on Wednesday I went on a few smoking breaks with one of the girls. I liked the ritual of that and you get to talk and get to know each other better doing that. In a different way and we were just the two of us which was nice.

    Wv: mingo

  2. I second Pete's "YAY! For being a non-smoker! Brilliant!"

  3. Good work. Fag hag no more.

  4. cyberpete ~ there's something about being able to take 5 mins, to clear your head. As a non-smoker it's pretty impossible to do.

    xl ~ thanks hon. I'm quite pleased with myself.

    rog ~ I'm still Cyberpete's fag hag, I'm afraid. But no Fag Ash Lil!

  5. I kept having to tell people I'd started smoking. It was the only way I could excuse myself to go with her. Then I had to spend most of Thursday telling people I didn't actually smoke. It was all a big mess.

    There should be non-smoking breaks too

  6. I was talking to Eloise on Sunday about this, she gave up smoking when she hit 30. She acknowledged (which I hadn't known before) that she and Paul did smoke on holiday after that and gave up again at the end of the holiday. I'd think that was as hard as the original giving up. Now they're parents, I don't think they'll be doing it again, though!

  7. cyberpete ~ yeah, being a non-smoker can be inconvenient.

    z ~ there's a part of me that would love to do holiday smoking. But frankly, I just don't think it'd be worth hassle.

  8. Maybe I should start smoking?

    You know, put the universe back in balance after you quit smoking.


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