Hotel Rooms

So, I'm in currently in London learning to be an NLP Practititioner with Dr Richard Bandler (I want you all to pretend like you know what it is and to be impressed. Google if necessary. Nod and smile in the meantime). It takes me twenty minutes from my doorstep to the train station. It then takes me an hour and fifty mins to get to London, from London Liverpool Street it takes me at least 50 mins to get to the hotel in Earl's Court. For me to get to Earl's Court on time, I'd have to leave Norwich at 5 am. Knowing me as you do, for not being a morning person, you'll understand why this isn't really an option.

For the past 6 days room 1155 has been my home. It will continue to be so for the next 3 days. For London prices, it's okay. It's clean. When I go to bed, I do so alone and I wake up alone. Always a good thing in a hotel room, where (according to MJ) there's always the risk of little blood-sucking buggy things. Ugh. I have a huge TV (with the option of Adult Channels....zzzz), a kettle, two mugs, sugar and 4 pots of UHT milk. The bed is big enough for two and is just the right size for me to starfish across it. Apparently that's the Chelsea ground in the distance. I was told that, I haven't confirmed it for myself, not being the slightest bit interested in football of any persuasion.

On Day 4, I made it out of the hotel and saw daylight for the first time since I arrived. There are some disadvantages to being a non-smoker in these circumstances. The staff in the pub, know me really well. They don't ask if I want ice in my cider anymore. They're quick learners. They stopped doing it after the second time. The food is London prices and isn't that bad. I'm beginning to explore wider afield now. Had Nandos today. Apparently, there's a Wagamamas around here somewhere. Uh oh.

The bathroom is really nice. I'm a sucker for girlie cleaning products. I found a Superdrug that had a cool selection of travel sized stuff. I was in a frenzy. It's stuff for dolly! Last night, my brain was particularly fried. When I got to my room, I had a really good girlie session. By the end of it, I was warm, smelt fantastic and was so slathered in body lotion, had there been anyone here to give me a hug, I'd have popped out their arms like a pea popping out of a pod.

Tonight, my brain is full. It needs some time off. There's a talk going on, but I really can't do anymore today. I've got some more books for further study, but not today. Tonight, I'm going to find some more cider and then have an early night. Let my unconscious mind deal with the information, I'll let it process everything and put it away somewhere close to hand. It's a bit like getting a basket full of clean laundry, folding all the clothes and putting it where they need to be.

Anyway, lovelies. I'm off to the pub and then to bed. Don't miss me too much. xxxx


  1. "NLP Practititioner with Dr Richard Bandler"

    Something like being a Moonie?

    Anyway, pamper yourself and enjoy London!

  2. I miss you awfully, darling xx

  3. I'm sure Xl she'll hum mantras and wear Birkenstocks if she's ever to go back to N. Maybe she vanishes in an Ashram somewhere. Next time we'll have to adress her as Moonalingi or soemthing ...

  4. Everyone at the party asked where you were.

  5. Your machinations are exposed at Beast's!

  6. xl ~ I'm a groupie, not a Moonie.

    z ~ I miss you too honey. I'll be back soon.

    mago ~ Birkenstocks? Huh? You have a really strange view of me. Strange, but entertaining.

    dave ~ awww....(I knew where I was).

    mago ~ I daren't go there. You are such a tease! I'll be there late Sunday evening.


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