Song Titles - Smile

As today has dawned grey, cold and damp and to top it all off - Monday, I thought we should spread some sunshine around. So to help you feel good for no reason, I thought we should do a song title quiz. Come on people, start flicking through your record collection, playlists or the ultimate cheat: Google.

I want to see song titles with Smile.

YouTube is being a bit of a primadonna as far as my choice is concerned, so ya'll gonna have to click the link to Gnarls Barkley Smiley Faces. This song captures my mood, the lyrics are upbeat and apt.

And remember, smiling is the easiest way to confuse; it makes people wonder what you've been up to.


  1. princess ~ both wonderful smiley songs.

  2. Oh god, I love the first link of Princess. Pure smiles!

    I haven't found a song with the word smile in it, but it has a lovely message and the phrase 'we just want tomorrow to be better than today '

  3. I'm fond of Lily Allen, so how about her Smile? And then there's Savannah Smiles by Okkervil River. Pearl Jam did a song called Smile and Benny Goodman did When Buddha Smiles. That's all in my personal library, though I can also think of Can't smile without you by Barry Manilow and The Ghost of a Smile by The Pogues.

  4. cyberpete ~ isn't it great? Wow. A Kylie song from you. Colour me surprised! LOL.

    Loved the track, honey. Great choice.

    Zoe ~ you're going to have to give up all pretense of being 'middle aged', your selection (not counting Barry) is awesome.

  5. Is this you in your pink fluffy dressing gown on birthday morning searching for presents in the garden?

  6. mago ~ my pink, fluffy dressing gown isn't that classy!

  7. Hey Roses Darling I forgot about this one


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