Totally Loved Up

That's exactly how I feel today. Totally loved up. My birthday messages have been arriving via text, post, e-mail and Facebook. They've been from new friends, blogging friends, family, special people, people I love more than life itself, people I work with, Facebook friends, heck even the woman in Tescos, said Happy Birthday when she saw the cakes and cakes I bought for work.

Talk about feeling great. I can't stop smiling. My boss gave me a lovely card and some sparklies. She really has the measure of me, they are gorgeous. Boy gave me the most perfect card and a voucher to spend on my shiny toy. We're going out for dinner in moment, when I finish blogging and tomorrow we're going to the cinema.

I am so blessed. So blessed by the love and affection of those around me.

Whatever Life has in store for me in the next year, my Path is illuminated by these blessings. I am deeply honoured.

Okay, enough with the mush. I'm now feeling a bit emotional. My advice is turn your mobile phones off, don't answer any calls from me tonight. Take it as read. I love you guys loads. xxxxx


  1. Happy Birthday Roses!

  2. Awww happy birthday darling (again). I'm so happy you've had a lovely day so far. Have fun tonight (and tomorrow).

  3. You are a delight, you know! Have a lovely evening xx

  4. xl ~ thank you my darling. It has definitely been a happy birthday.

    cyberpete ~ I've had loads of fun today, really looking forward to see how much fun I can have tomorrow.

    z ~ you are such a sweetheart for saying that. I'm just a slightly tiddled woman, whose heart is full.

  5. Happy Birthday Roses! I hope you had a lovely day XXX

  6. princess ~ I had an awesome day thanks.

  7. oh yes happy birthday - belatedly

  8. david ~ thanks hon.

    bm ~ thanks. I think. Are you a spam bot, or a real person?


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