Beginning of the End

The interweb has been buzzing all week with the news that it's the Rapture this weekend. Yes, tonight from 6 o'clock the Godly, the pious and the devout are going to ascend to Heaven. Apparently, it's going to be a zombie appocalypse from then until Judgement Day, which according to some is on the 12th of December this year.

Which is great news as far as I can make out.

Consider this: the righteous, the pious and the devout (the terminally Boring) are buggering off leaving the Party People behind. Just think, of the upside. Not only that, the Earth is going to be several millions lighter, therefore more resources/jobs to go around. We'll be able to go shopping without having our eternal damnation screamed at us from the badly dressed, supposedly Christian people, shoving leaflets at us as we desperately try to find Aunt Ena's birthday/Christmas present. We'll be able to answer our door, only in fear of the double-glazing salesman. We'll be able to go about our business on Sundays without fear of reproach.

The downside is obviously the zombie appocalypse. But if we adopt a Shaun of the Dead approach, we'll be able to convert these mindless, flesh-hungry, walking cadavers into call centre workers, garbage collectors, litter pickers. Let's be enterprising people. You know, there's too much doom and gloom these days. We can turn this into a real opportunity.

When I sent out invites for my birthday party, I wasn't aware that it was the Rapture. Not to worry, I can celebrate the End of the World, just as easily as I can my birthday. In true style, I went out and bought a new dress and sparklies to go with the dress. Well One must look her best for the beginning of Judgement.


  1. I can think of some of the righteous that I'd miss. The self-righteous would be surprised to be left behind, though.

  2. I like the way you are thinking!

    I do however hope that December 12th thing didn't come from me, because that was just taken out of thin air. All I heard was that it was in December.

    I'm waiting to judge your dress. Photos woman, I need photos!

  3. well, since i have time before my death, i'm going to read blogs! i've posted appropriate music for the day, sugar! xoxoxo

    (off to visit petey and Z)

  4. When Roses isn't visiting my blog, it's nice to know you will Savannah. Thank you!

  5. z ~ agreed.

    cyberpete ~ I'll send you pictures of the outfit, later.

    savannah ~ sounds like a plan to me. And a good one at that.

    xl ~ it's not my cup of tea. I like things a bit more rousing.

    cyberpete ~ is that a dig at me?

  6. cyberpete ~ you are so naughty. You snuck in that birthday announcement.

    I loves you lots and lots.

  7. It's been there since your birthday dear.

    I'm pleased you came by.

  8. cyberpete ~ *hangs head in shame* I'm sorry. *sniff*

  9. Awww don't be sad.

    Get ready to get down with the zombies!

  10. Did I miss the cake?

  11. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Dear, how did your workout go?

  12. cyberpete ~ no zombies. Most disappointing.

    mj ~ there was and you missed it. All eaten.

    mago ~ the workout happened this morning at early o'clock. The real test will be tomorrow morning.


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