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The Right Time

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about my Life. Every time I make plans they seem to turn to dust. Not that that is a bad thing. Far from it. It just means I'm scratching my head thinking 'what am I going to do now?'

So I've looked at the list of things I want to do, but haven't quite got round to yet. It's quite a long list I realised. One of the things I have wanted to do, or perhaps I should say, something I wanted to have done, is orthodontic work. I had braces in my teens and the treatment was never finished properly. This meant that my teeth slid back into crooked positions over the years. I've been mulling this over, because let's face it, nice straight, white teeth are a good thing.

I was in the garden smoking and thinking and it came to me - if not now, when? When is going to be the right time to have this done? It's going to take 18 months from start to finish, every month I delay is another month I could have been closer to fini…

Mid-Wife Crisis

Ladies, Gentlemen and other fabulous and undetermined genders and persuasions. It has come to my notice that there is a rather funky new blog on the scene. As you may remember from my NHS Direct and department store days, I'm a big fan of the general public and therefore, public service blogs. This is a blog with a difference. This blog is about life in the sharp end of UK politics. If I was going to steal some buzz words, grassroots would come to mind.

I give you: Mid-Wife Crisis.


Billy Joel "She's Always A Woman" HD

This came on as the sound track for a John Lewis ad. It stayed with me. Enjoy.

Dying Swan

Right you lot, which one of you gave me this bug? Come on 'fess up.

Boy came down with it Monday as did Petite Ursus. I steered clear of both and on Thursday started coughing up a lung. Very, very unpleasant. Yesterday, I felt like Lurch and Mr T had been using me as a punching bag, as well as the coughing, spluttering and sniffing, every inch of me hurt. Bright light and loud noises just hurt. Thank the Goddess for Ibuprofen and trashy novels. I took a large dose of each and hid in bed.

I'm not up and about. I just got bored. I know full well I'm not really dying, I just don't do ill. I'm not of the Stiff Upper Lip, Only When I Laugh, school of thought. I do the pathetic, send tea and sympathy Dying Swan. Which is fine. I feel sick, I want looking after.

However, this is only a cold. Let's put this in perspective. By next weekend, I will be feeling lots better and will back to my whingy, whiny self. There are those amongst us who are not faring so well. We have l…

The Day After

Oh man, talk about feeling fragile.

*walks downstairs*


Dave, what on earth are you doing here? Did you go home at all?

In fact, why is there a pile of people asleep under my table?


The Big Four Ohhh...

*runs around getting the Palais ready*

Welcome my dears. As you can see, Boy and I have decorated the Palais into festive mode.

There is a good spread of munchies, please help yourself. I'll get you your first drink, after that, help yourself.

It's lovely to see you.

*pours herself a glass of Aspalls cider*


It's Official

Yes, it's true. The rumour mill has it right (for once). On Monday the 17th, I officially turn 40.

Therefore, prepare yourselves for a party round here at Palais de Roses on Monday.

I am expecting you all to turn up glammed to the max, bring the tipple and floozie of your choice. Be warned, I will be asking you about your choices.

I am however, bitterly disappointed in Boy. He refuses point blank to fly over to LA to get my birthday present. He muttered something about kidnapping and federal charges and the seediness of middle aged women.

Teenagers eh?

Movie Clip Wednesday - Best Adaptation of Book to Film

Public Service Announcement

It has come to my attention that perhaps gentlemen could use some beauty advice. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to educate you in good grooming practises that will ensure your significant other will continue to want to get up close and personal with you in years to come. And strangers in the street will stop walking to the other side of the road, or stop staring at a point just behind your head.

Gentlemen find a mirror and flare your nostrils.

If you can see even a strand of nasal are in need of my help.

I once had the most unfortunate experience. I went to a meeting. A serious meeting. A meeting where I could not afford to be distracted. The gentleman next to me had nasal hair a ring-tailed lemur could have swung from. Unfortunately, he had a bit of a cold. And no tissue or hanky. It meant that the tips of the hairs hanging proudly from his nose, dangling above his shaved upper lip were glistening. Glistening I tell you. Perfectly formed drops reflecting all the colou…


I've been thinking about my fascination with tv adverts for some time now. I've also been thinking how I would blog about it too. It's not that I'm worried that you'll think I'm weird, because quite frankly, if you don't think I'm a little bit on the odd side, you need to get your head checked.

Most evenings I'm draped on my sofa, cat curled up next to me, channel surfing looking for something, anything that looks vaguely interesting. I have come to engage more with the ads than I do the actual tv programmes. I was slightly concerned about this. I figured since leaving education, my brain has shriveled to the size of a dessicated pea.

It was when I was in Trinidad, curled up on my brother's sofa with a vague sense of dissatisfaction that the reasons began to dawn on me. In Trinidad, most of the television is cable from the States. Readers from North America, my apologies if you are offended. But the advert fare is actually quite boring. Boring and…

Iron Man 2

Yesterday, the Great Ursus and his Lovely took me to see Iron Man 2. As you can imagine I was kicking and screaming at being dragged. Not. On the way out I disgusted Boy and his friend by saying I'll need a Tena Lady for the experience. Tee hee. I do like being vile, it keeps him on his toes.

As a pre-birthday treat I was taken to a lovely Turkish restaurant. An unassuming cafe that serves the most amazing food. Yum, yum. And then Iron Man 2.

What can I say? Robert Downey Jr was fantastic as the tortured Tony Stark. It's rare to find such a rounded portrayal of a character from a comic book. The humour is sharp and biting. His bouts of self-destruction are cringing, especially balanced against his humanitarianism. His relationship with Pepper Potts could have been more central, but it's enough. The dynamite in the mix is Scarlet Johannsen's character (who kicks some serious arse, always a pleasure to see a woman in tight black doing so). There were slow bits that probabl…