Iron Man 2

Yesterday, the Great Ursus and his Lovely took me to see Iron Man 2. As you can imagine I was kicking and screaming at being dragged. Not. On the way out I disgusted Boy and his friend by saying I'll need a Tena Lady for the experience. Tee hee. I do like being vile, it keeps him on his toes.

As a pre-birthday treat I was taken to a lovely Turkish restaurant. An unassuming cafe that serves the most amazing food. Yum, yum. And then Iron Man 2.

What can I say? Robert Downey Jr was fantastic as the tortured Tony Stark. It's rare to find such a rounded portrayal of a character from a comic book. The humour is sharp and biting. His bouts of self-destruction are cringing, especially balanced against his humanitarianism. His relationship with Pepper Potts could have been more central, but it's enough. The dynamite in the mix is Scarlet Johannsen's character (who kicks some serious arse, always a pleasure to see a woman in tight black doing so). There were slow bits that probably will have die hard action movie fans yawning, but I quite liked the variations in the pace. The soundtrack was unashamedly rock. It all added to a highly entertaining few hours. And yes, I will go for a second viewing.

The trailers for this summer's viewing look more than entertaining. Amongst the offerings:

  • The A-Team - a rehash of the cult 80's TV series with Liam Neeson as Hannibal.

  • Robin Hood - after Kevin Costner's version, I'm ambivalent. But Russel Crowe is lookin rather good.

  • Knight and Day - Tom Cruise's latest offering. I'm not a fan, but it looks fun.

  • Prince of Persia - Jake Gylenhaal looking very, very scrumptious.

Looks like it's going to be a fun, movie summer.


  1. Can't remember when I last when to the electric latern show at the cinema-house. Do the pictures move these days? I heard a rumour they are also in colour.

  2. dave ~ *snigger*

  3. "keeps him on his toes"

    One of the fun stages of parenthood, being an embarrassment to the kids!

    I like Crowe in his action movies, especially Master & Commander. Plan to see the new one as well.

  4. xl ~ if you look it up in the Parental Job Description, you'll see it's one of the major clauses - embarrassing your children.

  5. Looks a bit like Duke Nukem after a bad day at the clubs ...

  6. i was surprised at how much i liked iron man, so i pleased to hear the second is equally as entertaining! well done on the tena lady comment, sugar! mothers around the world applaud your quick thinking1 ;~D xoxoxox

  7. mago ~ it's a still of the day after the night before. V fun.

    savannah ~ thank you darling, I thought it was quite witty myself, but Boy and his friend did look queasy at the thought.

    It's a fun film.

  8. Is Gwynnie just as dull as she was in the first one? Seriously that woman can suck all the fun out of anything.

    The only funny film with her is that stewadesse movie she did and that was only because of Christina Applegate and Candice Bergen

  9. cyberpete ~ Gwynnie doesn't annoy me. She was fine.

    Don't know that movie...title?

  10. MMMMmmmm..Russell Crowe....I know I shouldn't like him, he's such an arsehole....but hey....all the girls love a bad boy.

  11. View From The Top.

    Do you have a bottle of Moet on ice?

  12. I adore Mrs. Applegate.

  13. sarah ~ yes, I'm fond of a bad boy or two myself. Hence RDJ. There's just something so appealing.

    cyberpete ~ ah, thanks for that. For you my darling, the Moet is always on ice waiting....

    mago ~ not a fan, but don't let that stop you.

  14. YEAY! Reasons to be cheerful! RDJ is in the same age group as me!!!
    (Obviously it's his MIND I'm reacting to here...hem..)

  15. Wahh! reasons to be hacked off. Blogger hates me

  16. I saw the Robin Hood trailer too at the cinema the other week - it strikes me as far too soon for another Robin Hood film.

  17. maccy ~ I don't care which age bracket he's in. He's HOT! Yes, I so would. I am also attracted to his mind. ;-)

    Blogger goes into a strop every now and then, be patient.

    sanddancer ~ I'm still not convinced. Really not.


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