Mid-Wife Crisis

Ladies, Gentlemen and other fabulous and undetermined genders and persuasions. It has come to my notice that there is a rather funky new blog on the scene. As you may remember from my NHS Direct and department store days, I'm a big fan of the general public and therefore, public service blogs. This is a blog with a difference. This blog is about life in the sharp end of UK politics. If I was going to steal some buzz words, grassroots would come to mind.

I give you: Mid-Wife Crisis.



  1. [wildly off-topic]

    Saw in the news yesterday that Trinidad & Tobago has its first female Prime Minister. No idea of the politics, obv. Nice accomplishment regardless.

  2. xl ~ it's not off topic. It's political.

    It's good news, isn't it?

    Hope she does a better job than the outgoing idiot.

  3. Roses, enjoy your day off. MJ has to work you know!

  4. xl ~ I am enjoying my day off thanks. Yeah I know Mistress MJ has to work for a living, I'd have thought she'd just sent the houseboys out to earn an honest crust on her behalf.


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