It's Official

Yes, it's true. The rumour mill has it right (for once). On Monday the 17th, I officially turn 40.

Therefore, prepare yourselves for a party round here at Palais de Roses on Monday.

I am expecting you all to turn up glammed to the max, bring the tipple and floozie of your choice. Be warned, I will be asking you about your choices.

I am however, bitterly disappointed in Boy. He refuses point blank to fly over to LA to get my birthday present. He muttered something about kidnapping and federal charges and the seediness of middle aged women.

Teenagers eh?


  1. Oooh good. As you know, I can't manage real parties, but blog parties I can cope with.

    Don't fancy any particular floozies at the moment. Will bring a book and sit under the table, if that's OK.

  2. lovely, sugar! i'll bring the bubbly... xoxoxo

  3. Didn't you mean thirty surely?

  4. dave ~ what is the point of coming to a party if you're going to read? Besides, xl will be under the table fighting with cogidubnus (hopefully). It won't be a safe place.

    savannah ~ and which floozie will you be bringing?

    rog ~ I'm happy to say not. 40 seems to be much more settled than 30.

  5. Ooh that was my late sister's birthday too, how weird!

    Hope you have a good day, I found it a settling sort of age to reach as well. x

  6. Will there be Toad In The Hole?

  7. Oh here you all are...
    I've Fired Up the Pfaff in readiness...

    Floozy? I know so many it will be hard to choose just the one...

    Will a case of Moet do?...

  8. claire ~ 40 does seem to be an improvement on 30. I'm so sorry your sister is no longer here.

    xl ~ if it's one of your party games and you bring it, yes. If you're talking about sausages cooked in Yorkshire puddings, no.

    princess ~ bring as many floozies as you like. Cyberpete may fall in love with you if you bring a case of Moet.

  9. There'll be a squeeze under that table ... I'll drop by. You suggested boy to grab one of your favorite actors? Youth is wasted on the young!

  10. Nothing but wine and roses for at least 10 years.

  11. mago ~ good stuff. I'm wearing high heels, so at the end of the evening I will be needing your attention.

    I asked for Robert Downey Jr. I didn't think it was too much to ask. *sigh*

    mrm ~ *groan*

    I suppose you had to?

  12. Sadly, "Toad In The Hole" isn't a euphemism.

    I will be under the table with vodka ... but in white tie this year.

  13. I'm bringing cake.

  14. Turning 40 on a Monday? That's quite dreadful isn't it.

    I'll see if I can manage to pop over. At any rate happy birthday in advance darling.

  15. Mago you bitch!

    I'm only 32

  16. xl ~ under the table in style, that's why we're friends.

    mj ~ you don't have to go to all that trouble. Really, you don't have to.

    cyberpete ~ it's fantastic.'s certainly begun that way...

    mago & cyberpete ~ ladies, behave!

  17. He wears a wig.

  18. mago ~ *sigh*

    bitches, please.

  19. Happy Birthday Roses!

    ((I heard Robert (Downey, Jr.) is desperately looking for his Iron Man outfit to pop up and wish you a nice day. I hope he finds it on time))
    Have a hell of a good time in your day!

  20. Happy Birthday Dear!

    No worries, I am kind and civilized and all :)

  21. WAKE UP!

    I've sent everyone over!

  22. Well i'm here Dhaarling... Where is the party? Am i running early?
    Happy Birthday... There's a case of Cider, Moet, and some bottles of Vodka to start off with til Boxer attives with her fountain...

  23. Happy birthday, Roses!

    Is this floozy supposed to be for you or me?

  24. I may be a little late in arriving. I can't decide on my outfit.

    It's so easy for you girls, you look stunning whatever you wear.

  25. Came over via MJ's to wish you a very Happy Birthday, Roses!



    Cheers and Best wishes for many more years full of fun, laughter, good company and great moments.


  26. People, you were too early. I hadn't got everything ready yet!

    But lovely to see you.

    eroswings, love the bubbly darling, merci.


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