The Right Time

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about my Life. Every time I make plans they seem to turn to dust. Not that that is a bad thing. Far from it. It just means I'm scratching my head thinking 'what am I going to do now?'

So I've looked at the list of things I want to do, but haven't quite got round to yet. It's quite a long list I realised. One of the things I have wanted to do, or perhaps I should say, something I wanted to have done, is orthodontic work. I had braces in my teens and the treatment was never finished properly. This meant that my teeth slid back into crooked positions over the years. I've been mulling this over, because let's face it, nice straight, white teeth are a good thing.

I was in the garden smoking and thinking and it came to me - if not now, when? When is going to be the right time to have this done? It's going to take 18 months from start to finish, every month I delay is another month I could have been closer to finishing. If I had the treatment done when I first looked into it, I'd be finished by now. So, now is the time. On the 18th of June I'll begin my torture sessions. In two Christmases from now, I'll have a Hollywood smile. Oh yeah baby.

The other thing which is on my list is exercise. How often have I said here that I want to be fit again? Again, the same logic applies. If not now - when? What, when I'm ageing and my decrepit body starts falling apart. Bit late then isn't it? When my energy levels improve? Are they really going to improve with no effort on my part? Hmmm...let me think. It really isn't going to happen is it?

You will need to excuse me now, I'm going to huff and puff through an exercise dvd. If you don't hear from me in a few days, assume my nicotined stained lungs have given out and I'm keeled over. Send Robert Downey Jr to do CPR.

Update: Damned near killed myself working out with Davina. Dear God, I thought this exercise lark is supposed to be good for you! Send RDJ now!


  1. Best wishes on your two new adventures!

    It might be best to slowly ease into the exercise so as to avoid injury and/or discouragement.

  2. Eins-zwei ... eins-zwei ... :)

  3. Crooked teeth can be more attractive. And a lot cheaper.

    Just saying.

  4. xl ~ thanks. You know I'll give you all the gory details.

    mago ~ that's what I like about you, lots of encouragement.

    rog ~ not helpful, but thanks.

  5. I'm very bleary eyed this morning... I read it as meaning that you wanted to become an orthodentist... not usually high on wish lists... but then I read it properly.
    Anyhow, take it easy when you first start exercising.

  6. The most important - or maybe the most interesting - things happen when you're not expecting or planning for them at all. But we can do something about the practical ones!

  7. Someone else with to-do list and tooth drama.

    I feel your pain.

    I am making a start on the to-do list tonight, by transferring it onto an online to-do list doodah called Toodledo.

  8. Dear Roses, I did not understand your remark over at Savannah's, sorry the limits of my English show up ... please be so kind and tell me (there) what you meant.

  9. mago ~ I was refering to Joseph Beuys who used a lot of felt and fat in his installations. Sorry.

  10. Now .. felt! I forgot totally about the fat and rugs etc. :) Sorry Roses.
    He did some "happenings" where strange things in a "normal" surrounding took place, seemingly planless and out of the blue. One of these involved a dead Hase. But I think his actions did not take place in public space ... somewhere here I have literature about B., but its find-a-book-in-the-heap ...

  11. Sorry, losing the reply plot.

    ms scarlet ~ no, I don't get up in the morning and long to be an orthodontist. I'm still surprised that people do.

    z ~ not so much rules, as guidelines is how categorize these things. I agree with you, the surprises are great.

    beth ~ To Do Lists cripple me, so I don't do them unless I'm preparing to travel. I just get THE FEAR and freeze otherwise.

  12. If you're wanting more exercise, I'll take you for a ramble in the countryside.


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