Dying Swan

Right you lot, which one of you gave me this bug? Come on 'fess up.

Boy came down with it Monday as did Petite Ursus. I steered clear of both and on Thursday started coughing up a lung. Very, very unpleasant. Yesterday, I felt like Lurch and Mr T had been using me as a punching bag, as well as the coughing, spluttering and sniffing, every inch of me hurt. Bright light and loud noises just hurt. Thank the Goddess for Ibuprofen and trashy novels. I took a large dose of each and hid in bed.

I'm not up and about. I just got bored. I know full well I'm not really dying, I just don't do ill. I'm not of the Stiff Upper Lip, Only When I Laugh, school of thought. I do the pathetic, send tea and sympathy Dying Swan. Which is fine. I feel sick, I want looking after.

However, this is only a cold. Let's put this in perspective. By next weekend, I will be feeling lots better and will back to my whingy, whiny self. There are those amongst us who are not faring so well. We have lost another blogger. Although, I didn't read Mutley's Blog, I did see him occasionally round MJs. It has brought home the fact that life is nasty, brutish and short once again.

I blog because I have a fundemental need to reach out and annoy. The blogging community I am proud to be part of is based on humour, genuine affection and caring. When I blog of some disaster which has befallen me, no matter how big or small, I am surrounded by friendship. Blogging isn't a replacement for real life; just because the community is based on binary code, it doesn't make it any less real.

I have a favour to ask. If you blog anonymously and are part of this little community of ours, find someone who won't leak your identity, someone you can trust. Someone, who in case something should happen, will let everyone know how you're doing. Should I drop dead tomorrow, Boy will let you know. I just don't want to wonder if you've gone off the whole blogging thing, or whether you've been trapped in a mine shaft, if I don't see you about. Please?


  1. My son has instructions to tell the world when I die. Mind you, as I know a number of bloggers in real Life, word may get around anyway.

    Get well soon.

  2. Hope you recover soon. But do enjoy the rest and trashy reading whilst down and out.

    Mine will just stop as I know no one in real life.

  3. I've had the throat thing for days. It's a pain in the...er,...throat.

    I wish Kaz would apoint Kev to give us updates - it's such a sudden thing when people drop off the radar.

    I remember Kaz once had another regular commenter called Dave - not the Eastern one - who dies suddenly and Kaz did a tribute to what a nice chap he was in her comments. Then his family came out of the woodwork and started argueing with each other in the comments as to how unsatisfactory Mr Dave had been.

    You never can tell, but I suppose these things happen anyway - it's the internet which brings them all together faster and in greater quantity.

  4. Dear Roses,
    What a lovely thought. Very sad news on Mr. Mutley...
    I often wonder what happens to bloggers that havn't posted for years...
    i guess having a backup plan makes good sense...
    Hope your feeling better real soon.

    Nana would reccommend a big glass of hot water,a teaspoon of honey and the juice of one lemon.Stirred together and Sipped slowly...
    Worked every time and still does when I have a case of the sniffles...

  5. dave ~ I'm trying my best. Good to know you've got instructions. I'm a big fan of being prepared for these eventualities.

    xl ~ the trashy novels have been very trashy, they cure a whole manner of ills.

    rog ~ this hasn't been so much a pain in the throat as a coughing up lung thang. Exactly my thoughts with Kaz. I'm really concerned for her.

    princess ~ I usually have that remedy but with a good slug of rum in it. Not good to work on, but helps an aching body sleep.

  6. It's not nice being under the weather.... in this weather!
    Anyhow, I hope I have someone to leave a message if something happens to me. I'm sure somebody would pop in my comments box and start banging on about how ginger I was.

  7. Oh yes, Scarlet, I'll publish the pic of you with ginger hair that I've got, don't worry.

  8. ms scarlet ~ technically, unless one is flying at the time, we're all under the weather. Find that someone who will tell us you need grapes.

    dave ~ so said, so done eh?


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