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It's My Party...

...and I'll throw a tantrum if I want to. The degree show is tomorrow. The Creative Practice tutor called a meeting at 3.30 today and my good mood dissapated like a cloud being hit by the sun. Up until then I was fine. Mellow even.

My Viking turned up this afternoon bearing gifts. Don't mind me, but I am going to bask. He bought me a congratualtory card, olives and JT! Okay, the CD. My Viking so rocks! We cuddled, caught up on the gossip and headed into town for lunch and a bit of retail therapy. He went to have a haircut, I went off to the meeting before the cinema.

We've still got a day's worth of work to do. One person isn't coming, at all. Another, who knows? Of the six exhibiting tomorrow, there were three of us. There's also the important stuff to do, essential for any the drinkies and munchies. Plus I am determined to be glam.

I've got two blogging guests stopping with me tomorrow night, so it's going to get cosy round here. Yay! Really …

Justin Timberlake - LoveStoned

I'm not a huge JT fan, but there's just something about this track that has me doing the chair groove. Definitely makes me want to go clubbing.

Letting it all Hang Out

One of the things that always catches me out is the anticipation of an event, the event itself and how I feel about the event during or afterwards. Thanks to Boy's generosity I came down with a stinking cold on Friday and felt awful all of yesterday. I rang in sick and I'm sure they didn't believe me; as they helped kick off the evening in a wine bar. I was best friends with my sofa and box of tissues. I feel a bit brighter today and have managed to potter around and do something useful today.

Apart from the cold, I feel like limp lettuce, or a dish rag that's been rung out. I'm excited about the show on Wednesday and I'm keen to start another project, but I haven't got the energy to do more than potter about. The Viking is taking us off to Dublin on Thursday; he's really looking forward to it - poor man really needs the break. He works so hard and then when he's come to see me, I've been stressed bunny. Thursday seems like it's ages away yet…

Celebrate Good Times

I have a 2.i! Yay me. Which means my MA is possible...and I'm pissed and loving everyone.

So, for all of you, who have stood by me, during my worst and darkest hours...thank you so much, I appreciate your efforts, good wishes and kicks up the backside.

Many thanks go to my Boy, my Viking, Alix and Gee....I think you guys rock! Here's to the next year! (hic)

PS. Won the Institute prize for Creative Writing for my efforts as student rep etc. In a way, that means more to me than the final grade of my degree.


I'm a little bit stressed at the moment. I'm waiting for Friday so I can pick up my results. The only thing is: I'm not by nature a patient person. When I want something, I want it NOW. I really want my results.

My tutors know. They won't talk to me about the work until Friday after I've picked up my little brown envelope (and opened it). While I was chatting to them about the degree show next week, they just seem to be assuming that I'll get on to the MA and will be lurking around their vacinity in September. Rationally, that says then I have little to worry about.

Except, I can't stop worrying.What if my MA application isn't strong enough? I ran out of bullshitese and I never took them up on the option of using additional sheets. My Creative Practice tutor hasn't looked at it properly yet as the poor man has just got back from Lithuania. Did I mention that the course includes approx 2 weeks collaborating with an art department in a university in Li…

Happy Blogday to Me

Today, this blog is a year old. In the next two weeks I will be coming to the end of this particular journey. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. This afternoon, after a particularly tempestous meeting with our external examiner, I went for a bus ride and tried to take some photos. I was really struck with the fact that it didn't feel right. I was happy enough riding around, listening to my MP3 player and being nosey about other people, but taking photos of the felt unnecessary and wrong. So I took others instead.

This time last year I had concrete plans: I was going to get a First, I was going to do the full-time MA in Culture and Communication, I was going to get funding, I was going to get a part-time job, I was going to become a lecturer. I was also worried about Boy becoming a teenager, having a long-term relationship (not being in one at the time) and feeling sad about not having any more children (that really bugged me).

This year I have come to terms …

Faithless - Mass Destruction

This seemed apt.

Saw them live earlier this year with my Viking and Boy. What a brilliant gig!


Civil Liberties

This post rides on the back of the coffuffle caused by a certain anon visiting the sites of well known police bloggers, some of whom are listed on my sidebar under Those Who Do, crowing about the death of PC Jon Henry. I'm finding it difficult keeping my temper about the whole situation, especially since he decided to pay a visit to my Viking. But, I have to say anon's comments started me thinking and I don't believe that's necessarily a bad thing (well apart from the fact that I'm about to bore you to tears with my musings).

Anon quite likes the word Nazi and bandies it about at any given rant. Quite interesting really as it carries with connotations of racism and repressive regimes, not to mention mass murder and war. In this context the polizei and SS were agents of Hitler's madness. Germans, as well as Jews lived in fear of the knock on the door in the middle of the night. People disappeared.

If we really did live in the repressive regime, anon makes out we d…

Fallen Officer PC Jon Henry

If I'm honest, I'm a bit of a police groupie. I'm blessed with good friends who've been in the Service for most of their working lives, and my Viking who has not long started. When I started blogging I tripped over Inspector Gadget's musings and I've been hooked ever since. I have nothing but respect for the people who get up in the morning, leave their families and loved ones, put on their body armour and hit the streets. I couldn't do it. The frustrations of seeing the same people day in day out playing out their own particular soap opera in the System, knowing that those above are busy creating origami and most of the general public don't care.

I haven't blogged about PC Jon Henry before because I haven't found the words until now. To be honest, it's still all tied up in the fear that one day I'll be seeing my Viking's parents sitting next to some bloke in a suit dishing out arse covering phrases and spin-written speeches.

PC Jon He…


Yesterday, I set up my Creative Practice work and that is the end of my degree. Yes, I do have a degree show to sort out, a publication to edit and my graduation...but that was the last of my work to be put in for assessment. Just so you know, I get my results on the 22nd of June and graduate on the 4th of July.

To celebrate I went to work. After work I wandered around and bought loads of make up. MAC have just brought out their summer collection and while I'm not into orange I thought I'd give it a go. I bought some lip liners, loose broze glittery eye shadow, some nail polishes, sparkley face and body powder on the cheap from Superdrug; and today after a consultation and MAC, their fabulous eyeshadow and a sparkley pink lip gloss which is just to die for. I've booked myself in for a facial next Monday, a birthday pressie from Hottie and a hair cut and colour on Friday. Tomorrow, I will start my exercise regime up again. I realise the key to a good life is more not less. …

Almost There

As I expected there were hitches, but not insurmountable. There was quite a bit of running around: to the shop to get some blank CDs, and a pen to write on the damn thing. Note to self: any time the CD burner can't burn something onto a CD, chuck the blank CD.

One of the advantages of being in the turret room at the top of four flights of stairs is that I'm getting a bit of exercise. It has also helped to burn off my frustration with the situation.

It's not quite the end as I've got to get to college first thing, so I can set everything up and see what the presentations look like being projected large and together. At the moment, it's still a leap of faith. I can't see that it's all going to go horribly wrong, but you never can tell. Not that I'll be able to fix it if it's all gone Pete Tong. I don't do cables, wires, s-video leads or scarts. I can just about manage {play}

After I set up the presentations, I've then got to hot-foot it into wor…

Today's the Day

Today I hand over my Journeying project for assessment. The broomcupboard, with some paint and a clear out actually looks a lot better than originally thought. My thanks and gratitude still goes to Gertie and my Viking for giving up their precious time to paint and listen to me whinge.

My To Do list before my deadline this evening is surprisingly short. I've got to write my critical appraisal (as you well know, always left to the last minute), sort out a plinth, copy a CD, run off some prints, buy tutors drinkies in the student bar at 7pm. Not too many drinkies, mind you a) I don't want them to be too fragile while marking the work and b) I've got to work tomorrow.

Well, if I don't get started on my To Do list, the usual panic will set in and my stress levels will go up and all manner of disasters will strike. Wish me luck.

Everythings Fine with Sparkley Pink Toes

It's a good thing I've been too busy to post. The draft I typed on Wednesday and never got round to finishing went along the lines of: rant, rant, rant & more rant.

A quick recap on the Degree Show Situation: the room we were promised didn't materialise, the e-mail informing my Creative Practice tutor went walkabout because it went to the Course Leader, the Powers That Be recognised that 6 people couldn't show in the exhibition equivalent of a broom cupboard and gave us 3 other (out of the way) spaces as well as the broom cupboard. Still with me?

I get into college on Wednesday and I find out that the Powers that Be (may the fleas of a thousand camels infest their pubic hair) have reneged on the agreement. Apparently, the MA students were promised one of the rooms (the room me and another were going to use). The MA students don't show until September...but they were promised. So 6 of us will be showing in the broom cupboard.

As if that wasn't bad enough. We ge…