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Stress Monkey

Upon my return I was pleased to see my house standing and the Cat alive. The garden has grown interesting sets of weeds, the bindweed and brambles took advantage of my absence, I have been gradually thinning their numbers every time I go out for a smoke. Bwahahaha. The Pond of Amphibian Filth and Depravity is now a nursery with lots and lots of tadpoles which I am well pleased about. I'm fond of frogs, as is the Cat, but for different reasons.

I'm gradually wading through the mounds of laundry and post. Unhappily, while I was doing the latter it came to my attention that my bank had fucked up and there was fresh air blowing through it. Therefore on my first full day back I spent the afternoon shouting at them to rectify their cock-up. Which quite frankly, I could have done without.

Yesterday, was a stress day of monumental proportions. I lost 7 hours trying to sort out a problem with my primary e-mail account. It's a web based e-mail account that since I bought my laptop ha…

I'm Baaack!

Yes, it's true. Boy and I made it back, safe and sound. Considering the title of this blog is 'journeying', I quite hate, loathe and detest flying. It is the most singularly uncomfortable ways of travelling. I hate the whole procedure from start to finish. From the security checks, immigration and customs, and the actual flying part most of all. I suppose had we flown First Class, my experience would be slightly different. Were I actually able to adopt a pretzel shape to sleep, had the small baby actual slept or shut up, had the food been at all palatable, I might have thought differently of the experience.

Despite that, British Airways got us home to Merrie Ingerland in one piece.


I crawled out of bed at the crack of Dawn to read on the BA website that UK airspace is open again. Woo hoo!

Thank you to all the deities that were prayed to.

We're going to celebrate by going to The Bush to feed mosquitos.



I've run out of optimism today. The English airports are still shut. It's Tuesday. We're supposed to fly out Sunday and yes, we have time, but as each day goes by it becomes more and more worrying.

My Father #1 says what we need is the weather to change. The ash is hanging around thanks to a high weather system hanging around. I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be praying for bad weather. A low pressure system will change the way the winds flow and move the ash off England and into the Atlantic.

Boy's school has been fantastic. They've e-mail through revision work and have been in e-mail contact with him about his coursework due this morning and the end of the week. He's been cracking on with it, with no nagging from me. He did have an IT blip, but an e-mail got their IT department to sort it out.

The stress of this is seeing me outside more often puffing away. I'm continuing to write and am getting nowhere at the moment. I'm going to curl u…


This has been one of the situations where I believe I am one lucky woman. Boy and I are continue to chill in Trinidad. UK airports are still being cagey about flights and I am grateful we are not one of the many thousands camped in airports around the world. We are comfortable and happy hanging out with my family.

It does mean Boy will miss a week of school. But bless him, he's been cracking on with his revision and got his coursework sorted while we've been here. In the next 4 or 5 weeks he'll begin his exams and thus, move into the next stage of his education. It's no bad thing that he's had 3 weeks of doing very little. Hopefully, he'll hit the ground running upon our return...or rather... given he is a teenager...he'll hit the ground in a slouching slope.

I've been cracking on with my writing and now have quite a promising project. Time will tell whether it will turn into the novel it can be, but we'll see. Up until now, the majority of my work ha…

Quick Update

Thanks to the efforts of my SIL to find me a human being to talk to, our flights have now been re-booked for next week Sunday. All being well, we'll rock up to LGW on Monday morning. Yeah, right. At this point I'm just being tentatively optimistic.


So much for best laid plans. Thanks to the Icelandic eruption, the UK skies are currently filled with volcanic ash. All UK air traffic is grounded. To any people grounded and grumbling, flying through a volcanic ash cloud leads to 'oh shit, the engines have shut down' shortly followed by 'mayday, mayday...we're all going to diiiiiee', a long plummet and a short stop. The two aircraft who flew through the ash in Jakarta in 1982 were bloody lucky, I don't really fancy the experience myself. As you may remember I'm not a huge fan of fair ground rides. Plummetting would really ruin my day.

Having said all of that, here we are in Trinidad, probably for at least another couple of days extra. I'm very lucky. I'm staying with my family who are showing some reluctance to let us go anyway. I'm thinking of the people who are in hotels, airports etc. I don't have an employer breathing down my neck. Boy does have school and he may end up missing a day, bu…

Monday in the Tropics

It's Monday morning. Nephew has gone off to school, SIL and Brother are off to work. Boy and I are kicking about. After a fairly busy few days it's no bad thing. I don't know about Boy, but the chance to get my breath back is welcome.

We went to my Brother's estate in Mayaro. It's fantastic out there, rural Trinidad in all it's dry and dusty magnificence. This has been a hard dry season. There have been bush fires burning for days, they fill the valleys with ash and thick blue smoke that plays havoc with sinuses. Even the mozzies have been scarce, though I haven't missed their presence particularly. They love foreign flesh. Despite the dry conditions, we still saw lots of local wildlife ranging from tarantulas to tocans, wild parrots and woodpeckers. My brother took me for a quick walk in the bush to inspect a tract of land being cleared for planting. He grows hardwoods. He and I are opposites in many ways. He has a work ethic that would have many Protestan…

Ah Feelin Hot, Hot, Hot

If you are reading this huddled around fire, wrapped up under layers of clothing, my apologies. Perhaps you should come back in two weeks time.

The average temp in Trinidad at the moment, the height of the Dry Season, it's 36'C. I'm writing this wearing a skimpy top and a pair of denim shorts, with my hair tied up, off the back of my neck. I do wish my family would have fed the mosquitos before we arrived. They smelt foreign blood and said 'Om nom nom'. I could play connect the dots on my legs and make a Picasso painting. Today, I was smarter and slathered on the repellant. It's certainly repelling me.

The last few days have been spent on the move. On Sunday evening we went to the Blue Range reunion. Blue Range was the area my brother grew up. As I arrived 10 years later, I missed most of their escapades. But the old crew, now all middle aged with familial and economic responsibilities, got to relive the good ole days. The way they grew up, with the only rule of …

Rambling Roses

My apologies for slow blog day. Boy and I are now back in Trinidad for two weeks. I've been doing my impression of a Stress Bunny, while Boy has been doing his impression of Calm in the Middle of Tornado. He's very good at it.

Our journey began at midnight Saturday morning. We took a National Express coach down to London Gatwick. Next time, I'll find another way to travel down. It took 6 hours to get from Norwich to LGW. For those not native to British shores or conversant with English geography. It's a 2 and a half hour drive. It was cold, the seats were hard and every time I managed to find a comfortable enough position to doze off in, we'd stop. My impression of a pretzel for 6 hours means upon my return I will be visiting the osteopath.

Once we got to Gatwick and the right terminal. Note to Self: read the damn instructions. We booked ourselves in and then I had my final fag. I'd brought some nicotteine lozenges in case of emergency melt-down. Of course, once …