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My apologies for slow blog day. Boy and I are now back in Trinidad for two weeks. I've been doing my impression of a Stress Bunny, while Boy has been doing his impression of Calm in the Middle of Tornado. He's very good at it.

Our journey began at midnight Saturday morning. We took a National Express coach down to London Gatwick. Next time, I'll find another way to travel down. It took 6 hours to get from Norwich to LGW. For those not native to British shores or conversant with English geography. It's a 2 and a half hour drive. It was cold, the seats were hard and every time I managed to find a comfortable enough position to doze off in, we'd stop. My impression of a pretzel for 6 hours means upon my return I will be visiting the osteopath.

Once we got to Gatwick and the right terminal. Note to Self: read the damn instructions. We booked ourselves in and then I had my final fag. I'd brought some nicotteine lozenges in case of emergency melt-down. Of course, once we'd left the house I started remembering the things I forgot to pack. Duty Free became a slightly more expensive experience than I had intended. The perfume shop was disappointing. I was strict with myself and only packed 2 fragrances. It was a battle to choose which, in the end I settled on Dior Addict 2 and my favourite, favourite Tom Ford Black Orchid: Voile de Fleur.

Flying British Airways is a far more pleasant experience than XL.Com ever was. The check-in is now all automated, which really did throw me. Thankfully, Boy is a child of the Digital Age and can follow on-screen instructions. The seats were a damn sight more comfortable than the coach and reclined further than 2 degrees. The flight left on time and no one was surprised. The food was more than edible, the service chirpy and prompt.

When we were in the airport, in Costas I was waiting for the Polish Barrista to deliver my cappuccino and made a comment to a guy waiting next to me. He had a nice smile and a very North London accent. We exchanged witty banter and parted upon receipt of hot caffinated beverages. On the plane, we laughed when we sat down next to each other. He and his wife and two girls were going to St Lucia. After take off, he swapped seats with his eldest girl and she and I became fast friends. I napped most of the flight. Whenever I woke up, her bright blue eyes would light up and she chatted ten to the dozen. Bless her heart, she was terrified when it came to the landing. Long time readers will remember it's not my favourite part of flying anyway. Having to talk her down was great, it took her mind off of things and I could pretend to be big and brave. Unfortunately, we won't be coming back on the same flight together. This is one of the joys of journeying, you make instant friends, without the usual societal constraints.

When we got to Piarco Internation, Port of Spain, I'd had quite enough. I was tired, grumpy and when the end was in sight: gasping for a fag. Trinidadian officialdom has two speeds: dead slow and stop. If you make the mistake of complaining about the dead slow, they automatically switch to stop. We all know that patience is not one of my virtues, but I gritted my teeth and common sense prevailed.

I can't impart the joy of clearing the exit and lighting up. That head rush was salivatingly fantastic.

It is so good to be with my father, my brother and his family. Three years is much too long. Much too long. Nephew is now taller than me and Niece is just soooo unbelievable cute. I have got the anti-smoking lecture (which I was dreading), but they're now just letting me get on with it. They are so chuffed to see Boy. He gets to be the oldest child around, as he's usually the youngest, he revels in the experience. Nephew thinks he's so cool with all his piercings.

Given we had 24 hours of travelling, I don't feel too bad. The temperature is 35'C and it's bliss. Being warm without piles of clothing, it's a luxury. This is the first time my legs have seen sunshine in over 6 months. I'm being teased for their incredible whiteness. It's good to be in shorts.

Anyway, I hope you are have a great Easter. I won't be able to put any pictures up until I get home, but I will bore you to death with my holiday snaps. I promise.


  1. Yay! First!!

    Have a great time. Catch the train back.

  2. It all sounds so wonderful, excepting the "express" part at the start, obv.

    Have fun!

  3. enjoy y'all's family, sugar, because in the end, that's what it's all about! much love to all y'all! xoxoxoxox

  4. Hey! Good to see that you travelled well - and you will have a safe return ... muchmuch later ... :) Enjoy your time with your folks!

  5. dave ~ well done! You win a prize. Unfortunately, I've paid for return tickets. Next time...

    xl ~ I've started as I mean to go on. I'm going to have to write to the coach company, explaining in detail the meaning of express.

    savannah ~ thanks honey. You're certainly right.

    mago ~ unfortunately, we're only here for two weeks. Boo Hiss. It's enough time for me to get over the jet lag...

  6. Don't think you can do Norwich to Gatwick in 2 1/2 hours, my sister (who lives in Wiltshire and goes both directions on the M25 regularly) reckons 4 hours without any traffic jams.

    Even better than checking in automatically when you get to the airport is doing it online up to 24 hours in advance. BA may charge for this now - they said last year they were going to - but last time I flew BA, I got myself a seat in the front row on the aisle and I was first off the aircraft. Brilliant.

    Glad you're having a wonderful time.

  7. Have a really great time Roses

  8. Google says 150 miles, 2hrs 48 min. That's 2½ hrs to a BMW driver.

  9. Dave, darling, you're teasing both of us.

  10. z ~ I've never driven it myself, but I took the times as the crow flies.

    cogidubnus ~ thanks honey. It's such a pleasure to be back, without having to go to a funeral.

    dave ~ a proper BMW driver would do it in 2.

    z ~ he does that a lot, doesn't he?

  11. Oh you lucky things - hope the stay is fabulous - how will you ever come home?!

  12. ziGGi ~ it's good to be here and I am having a great time. Leaving will be hard, I always suffer a couple of weeks of transition, but I like living in Norwich.


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