Stress Monkey

Upon my return I was pleased to see my house standing and the Cat alive. The garden has grown interesting sets of weeds, the bindweed and brambles took advantage of my absence, I have been gradually thinning their numbers every time I go out for a smoke. Bwahahaha. The Pond of Amphibian Filth and Depravity is now a nursery with lots and lots of tadpoles which I am well pleased about. I'm fond of frogs, as is the Cat, but for different reasons.

I'm gradually wading through the mounds of laundry and post. Unhappily, while I was doing the latter it came to my attention that my bank had fucked up and there was fresh air blowing through it. Therefore on my first full day back I spent the afternoon shouting at them to rectify their cock-up. Which quite frankly, I could have done without.

Yesterday, was a stress day of monumental proportions. I lost 7 hours trying to sort out a problem with my primary e-mail account. It's a web based e-mail account that since I bought my laptop has been 'interesting' as it does not do what it says on the tin. My most unhappy moment came when I finally got through to the help desk in India (after many goes in the telephone spaghetti junction which is Richard Branson's idea of IT support) to be told that the Help Desk does not support Ms Outlook Express. As I am running the full Outlook, apparently this means they are completely unable to assist. People, I was not a Happy Bunny. Especially, seeing as after all of that they're going to charge me 50p a min and it took me 5 goes to get that slap in the face. I've patched the problem so far, and I'm hoping that bribery and corruption will mean that a friend of mine will have a look at the problem and fix it later this week.

Today has been far more pleasant. I had a bit of a lie-in and have been re-assessing my plans for World Domination. I've got to get a few more irons in the fire, so I've been having a look at other fires to poke. We'll see what happens.

Apart from that, I still don't feel here yet. It takes me about a week to make the cultural transition. But I've done this many times before and I know how the song goes, it's just a question of going with the flow.


  1. No. I could say something about poking fires. But I shall not do it. Not with Ziggi's computer.

  2. dave ~ I thank you for your self-control. Keep up the good work.

  3. Dave you should never poke someones fire until you have known them for 7 years! (well that's what granny used to say!)

    Roses good to have you back in ol' blighty. It takes me weeks to wind down after a holiday.....I have itchy feet at the best of times and holidays always really unsettle me!

  4. sarah ~ there are very few people I've known for that long. Thank goodness your granny never taught me that.

    I always have this transition problem. I'll be back here properly in a week's time.

  5. I would love to see pix of the pond scum* and tadpoles!

    * The aquatic kind, not the Branson kind.

  6. Anonymous11:05 pm

    They don't support outlook? Do they know Microsoft is the worlds biggest software supplier? What kind of cockeyed tinpot operation are they?

  7. xl ~ I'll get on to the pix of the pond as soon as I sort out the pix from Trinidad.

    anonymous ~ tell me about it. They only support Outlook Express, which by rights shouldn't be much different. It's Outlook's little brother. But yes, Virgin are useless.

  8. 50 pences a minute? Respect. That's robbery. And only to tell one that they do not support outlook, what is simply effrontery given the fact that it runs on roughly 75% of the desktops.

  9. mago ~ not only that, but it took me 15 minutes of wading through their telephone tree to be told that.



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