So much for best laid plans. Thanks to the Icelandic eruption, the UK skies are currently filled with volcanic ash. All UK air traffic is grounded. To any people grounded and grumbling, flying through a volcanic ash cloud leads to 'oh shit, the engines have shut down' shortly followed by 'mayday, mayday...we're all going to diiiiiee', a long plummet and a short stop. The two aircraft who flew through the ash in Jakarta in 1982 were bloody lucky, I don't really fancy the experience myself. As you may remember I'm not a huge fan of fair ground rides. Plummetting would really ruin my day.

Having said all of that, here we are in Trinidad, probably for at least another couple of days extra. I'm very lucky. I'm staying with my family who are showing some reluctance to let us go anyway. I'm thinking of the people who are in hotels, airports etc. I don't have an employer breathing down my neck. Boy does have school and he may end up missing a day, but it's not life-threatening. So, we'll chill out a bit longer, continue to eat fantastic local fare, hug my Niece and Nephew, hang out with the rellies. Oh the hardship.

It rained yesterday. Today, we've got up to an overcast sky and damp ground. It's a very welcome sight. This has been one of the hardest Dry Seasons in years and the earth is desperate for the moisture. As it has been a gentle rain, rather than a downpour, it will soften the scorched soil and then absorb the rain, rather than run straight off the land and into the rivers. I love tropical rain. I can sit outside and watch it fall from the sky for hours.

All in all, I'm a happy bunny. The break has been fantastic for me. It's been an injection of energy that I've desperately needed. I'm looking forward to getting back to Norwich and stuck into World Domination. That I have to wait a couple of days extra is neither here nor there.


  1. When I saw the news about UK airspace shutting down, I was thinking about you! The [insert credit appropriate to your belief/non-belief system] is/are conspiring in your favor. Enjoy!

  2. Could be worse ... you could be stuck in Dereham for 2 days.

  3. Enjoy!
    Wish I was with you. It's pretty quiet here with no planes in the sky, but apparently we are going to get some stunning sunsets.

  4. xl ~ you made me laugh. Thanks honey

    rog ~ you're wrong. Worse would be stuck in Swaffham for 2 days.

    ms scarlet ~ hopefully, it won't be long before I'm looking at the sunsets.

  5. For a smoker to be stranded by ash is wonderfully ironic.

  6. dave ~ so you've said already on Facebook.

  7. But not all your readers are on FB. And if a thing's worth saying, it's worth repeating ad nauseam.

  8. For a smoker to be stranded by Ash is wonderfully ironic.

  9. Who is this Ash who's stranded everyone? Some new character from Eastenders perhaps, or the vicar in Emmerdale?

    Is it me who's more out of touch or Dave? (He's an older fart, but I know my local bishop better!)

  10. dave and rog ~ I would have replied earlier, but I was outside enjoying a smoke.

    cogidubnus ~ haven't you been introduced to Mr V Ash? He's been crossed off of hundreds and thousands of XMas card lists this year.

    PS. Play nice with Dave, or you'll both have time out!


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