This has been one of the situations where I believe I am one lucky woman. Boy and I are continue to chill in Trinidad. UK airports are still being cagey about flights and I am grateful we are not one of the many thousands camped in airports around the world. We are comfortable and happy hanging out with my family.

It does mean Boy will miss a week of school. But bless him, he's been cracking on with his revision and got his coursework sorted while we've been here. In the next 4 or 5 weeks he'll begin his exams and thus, move into the next stage of his education. It's no bad thing that he's had 3 weeks of doing very little. Hopefully, he'll hit the ground running upon our return...or rather... given he is a teenager...he'll hit the ground in a slouching slope.

I've been cracking on with my writing and now have quite a promising project. Time will tell whether it will turn into the novel it can be, but we'll see. Up until now, the majority of my work has been short stories. I liken the difference between writing a short story and a novel to dating and marriage. A short story is like a date, you go out, hang around for a while and then it's done. A novel on the other hand, is a long-term committment that you need to be prepared for rough times as well as the good. My problem is I haven't come up with a project I'm willing to commit the years needed to see it through to the bitter end. So we'll see.

Being here means extra opportunities to soak in the sun, see more relatives - I seem to be related, one way or another to most people in Trinidad, eat more fantastic local fare (hello cornflakes upon my return) and annoy my brother and his family. The only downside is I'm fast running out of cigarette papers and yes, I can smoke ready-mades, I just don't enjoy them. A fact which has my brother crowing. We'll see if I can stretch out what I've got left. No Dave, you needn't remind me it's an opportunity to quit. I'm not ready yet.


  1. I would never dream of telling you what to do.

    Being related to everyone in the area: hmm... sounds like Norfolk.

  2. a real good news/bad news situation, sugar? ;~D as miss daisy said as we were watching the news and i made mention of a friend unable to get home better safe than sorry and at least, she's with family! xoxoxox

  3. Do people from Trinidad make fun of people from Tobago?

  4. Anonymous9:10 pm

    There must be tabacco on this island! An' r-rum, sorry ...

  5. dave ~ of course not! What was I thinking?

    savannah ~ Miss Daisy has it right. A plummet from 37,000 feet would ruin my day.

    xl ~ generally not. They are too busy making fun of themselves and each other.

    mago ~ I'm really fussy about my smoking materials. There is loads of tobacco here in ready made form, but no papers or loose tobacco...generally speaking.

  6. No Rizzla? That's quite bizarre... you'll have to take a readymade apart and reconstruct a rolly. But this might prove expensive!

  7. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Use a newspaper, not the printed part, the edges. That's how papyrossi were made, the Russian cigarettes. And one can always puff a small cigar ...

  8. no rizlas - sounds like an import opportunity!

    It would be exciting to write a novel - I wish i had the stamina I generally never get beyond three chapters...

  9. ms scarlet ~ taking apart a readymade would defeat the purpose of the exercise somewhat. But I survived. Just.

    mago ~ hmmm...cigars...wish I'd have thought of that out there.

    pupski ~ it does, doesn't it. I'll have to get my entreprenurial hat on. Now...where did I put my spelling hat?

    Well we'll see about the novel. I have a stack of started novels. Some I got as far as Chapter 2.


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