I'm Baaack!

Yes, it's true. Boy and I made it back, safe and sound. Considering the title of this blog is 'journeying', I quite hate, loathe and detest flying. It is the most singularly uncomfortable ways of travelling. I hate the whole procedure from start to finish. From the security checks, immigration and customs, and the actual flying part most of all. I suppose had we flown First Class, my experience would be slightly different. Were I actually able to adopt a pretzel shape to sleep, had the small baby actual slept or shut up, had the food been at all palatable, I might have thought differently of the experience.

Despite that, British Airways got us home to Merrie Ingerland in one piece.


  1. Hope you guys have some decompression time from your travels. :)

  2. xl ~ unfortunately not. My first day back has been spent knee deep in laundry and sorting out various institutions. *sigh*

  3. I am thankful to BA.
    What a drag to be institutionalized directly after return!

  4. Way hey... you were missed x

  5. mago ~ I've spent my day banging my head against a wall. Not fun.

    sarah ~ I've missed being here. I missed you too.

  6. i'm glad y'all made it back safe and sound, sugar! xoxoxox

  7. Sorry to hear this.
    But - who won: Head or wall?

    Anyways, its good to have you back.

  8. Welcome back!

    How much volcano ash did you have to fend off before arriving back home?

    Maybe you'll need a bloody Mary to wash it down?

    Personally I am not keen on doing long distance flying but I would like to try it in first class. Feed up, socks on and a glass of bubbly in hand. Apparently flying Lufthansa isn't half bad. SAS is cheapo though.

  9. I appear to have run away from Norfolk as soon as I heard you were back. I didn't fly.

  10. I appear to have run away from Norfolk as soon as I heard you were back. I didn't fly.


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