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Survival Mode

I'm not posting as regularly simply because I'll just whinge. I've got my head down and I'm just trying to keep going. Work have provided me with some extra hours for the last couple of weeks, which has been great for my bank balance, not so good for my energy levels. I'm still grateful my customers aren't telepathic or I would have been sacked ages ago. The good news is: the end is in sight. I've booked some time off, which I have every intention of snuggling down on Viking's couch under a duvet and vegging for a week. I feel as if I haven't stopped since October and I'm just knackered, grumpy and pissed off. I haven't seen anyone apart from Boy and Viking, I haven't done anything except try to sell fragrance to the unappreciative, the rude and the downright dodgy. No we don't stock Jordan's fragrance. Yes, I understand Britney has a new perfume out, no we don't stock it, it's bad enough we've got the first 3.

The th…

The Who - Substitute

Keeping with the theme of the day...


Those of you foolish enough to have been with me from the start, know that every year during whichever week Summer turns up, I turn into a woman of Goo and Phlegm. I become far too sexy for my own good; sneezing, eyes puffed up and watering, generally feeling like crap. After Summer has passed, everything then turns to concrete in my sinuses and I generally feel like crap. To try to limit this misery I have over the years cut down on my dairy consumption. I have fake milk in my two cups of coffee a day and I don't eat much yoghurt or cereals. I do continue to eat cheese. I am very partial to my cheese and no, I won't be giving that up any time soon.

However, I do quite like a bowl of museli every now and then. If I do have it with cow's milk, it now tastes rank. Bleugh. Someone said, try goat's milk. Which I have. It's not bad, considering and it does have a bit of a tang, but when I ran it past Viking - you should have seen his face. Absolute disgust doesn't qu…

Walk On

To those marching on Parliament today, the men and women whose bravery continues to go unnoticed: good on you for demonstrating. Good luck. My thoughts will be with you, even if I will not.

I found this article on BBC Online interesting. Made me seethe in places, but that's just because I'm a stroppy girlfriend of a copper, who's life seems to be spent filling in forms in triplicate/quadruplicate, who's much happier out and about talking to people, doing his job rather than filling in the tick-boxes that will ultimately lead to the destruction of yet another patch of rain forest.

I'm sorry, I've got to go to work and every time I try and finish this post, it goes off on a complete rant. I do try to be calm and measured in my arguments, but today, everytime I try, I get more pissed off and end up practically shouting at the poor computer.

Apparently, the police fed has warned that anti-police groups may try to disrupt the march today, and those marching must not r…

Meme and Only Meme

Level 1
(x ) Smoked a cigarette.
(x ) Smoked a cigar.
(x) Kissed a member of the same sex.
(x) Drank alcohol.

Level 2
(x) Are/been in love.
(x) Been dumped.
() Shoplifted.
() Been fired.
() Been in a fist fight.

Level 3
(x) Had a crush on an older person.
() Skipped school.
() Slept with a classmate.
(x) Seen someone/something die.

Level 4
() Had/have a crush on one of your friends who is now on Facebook.
(x) Been to Paris.
() Been to Spain.
(x) Been on a plane.
(x) Thrown up from drinking.

Level 5
(x) Eaten sushi.
() Been snowboarding.
() Met someone BECAUSE of Facebook.
() Been in a mosh pit.

Level 6
(x) Been in an abusive relationship.
(x) Taken pain killers.
(x) Love/loved someone who you can't have.
(x) Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by.
() Made a snow angel.

Level 7
(x) Had a tea party.
(x) Flown a kite.
(x) Built a sand castle.
() Gone mudding (offroading).
(x) Played dress up.

Level 8
() Jumped into a pile of leaves.
() Gone sledging.
() Cheated while playing a game.
(x) Been lonely.
() Fallen asleep …

The Birds and the Bees

I believe my primary purpose as a parent is to prepare Boy for his life ahead as an independent, functioning adult. Last year, he and I had cause to have The Conversation about *sex*, which we both found excrutiating, but I persevered to the very end and we agreed never to have to repeat the experience.

My Viking and I were recently sharing coffee and conversation and we drifted to the issue of consent. He laughed when I said how concerned I was when the time came, that Boy realised the importance of gaining consent. I had told Boy that if a girl was pissed, even if she said 'yes' to treat it as NO, take her home, ring her again when she sobered up. My Viking's argument was that I was being unrealistic, most teenagers tend to get laid when alcohol was involved and it was unlikely that Boy would be any different. My argument was to do with the safety of the girl involved and the problem of date-rape. If a girl can't remember giving consent, because she's too pissed a…


Please visit this link from Inspector Gadget's site.

The simplified version: there's a young lad Jack, whose parents are serving police officers, he suffers from a rare from of childhood cancer. It's so rare that successful treatment can only be had in a specialist centre in the US. The treatment costs hundreds of thousands of pounds. That's the bad news. The good news is that if Jack goes through the treatment, the statistics are heavily in his favour. He will likely remain cancer free. He's only 5 and needs all the help and support we can give.

After all, he's part of our family, and we help our own.

Bad Hair Week

I thought things were going to calm down after *christmas* and things would get back to normal. I thought I was going to have an opportunity to breathe and get my head around things after the C word. I thought by the middle of January, I was going to have re-charged my batteries, I would be working as many hours as I could scrounge and things would have eased.

I was wrong.

We've gone from *christmas* to Sale to annual stock take. The nightmare continues. I'm up to my eyeballs in paperwork, that I am constantly missing important bits of information for, my reps aren't returning my calls; and then customers want serving.

Except, that the few customers we've got, are rude, obnoxious or just plain stupid.

Let me tell you a little bit about our stock situation at the moment, as in, we have very little of anything. The shoppers during the festive season have pretty much wiped us out of all the popular fragrance lines (though you can still get Gwen Steffani's LAMB and Sarah J…

Seven Things

I was reading Random Acts of Reality (as I do) and featured was a meme that took on a life of it's own. So I thought I'd spread the love and see what 7 random things you, my readers would chose to tell me and each other. For any of you lurkers, this is especially for you, de-cloak and share. To get you started, here are 7 random things about me today (if you follow the link, you'll see my original random 7, but I'm trying to be original).

1. I'm not into extreme sports. Or anything that might end with pain or death. Plummetting out of a perfectly good aircraft with a bit of silk strapped to my back is not my idea of a good time.

2. I want to learn how to ride a horse properly, rather than bounce around on a hack. It's on my list of things to do.

3. I STILL don't know what I want to do when I grow up.

4. I only miss having a car when I want to go to the beach, or to the woods.

5. Being skint has made me more environmentally friendly.

6. I am very partial to men in…