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I was reading Random Acts of Reality (as I do) and featured was a meme that took on a life of it's own. So I thought I'd spread the love and see what 7 random things you, my readers would chose to tell me and each other. For any of you lurkers, this is especially for you, de-cloak and share. To get you started, here are 7 random things about me today (if you follow the link, you'll see my original random 7, but I'm trying to be original).

1. I'm not into extreme sports. Or anything that might end with pain or death. Plummetting out of a perfectly good aircraft with a bit of silk strapped to my back is not my idea of a good time.

2. I want to learn how to ride a horse properly, rather than bounce around on a hack. It's on my list of things to do.

3. I STILL don't know what I want to do when I grow up.

4. I only miss having a car when I want to go to the beach, or to the woods.

5. Being skint has made me more environmentally friendly.

6. I am very partial to men in uniform (could you tell).

7. If the flat was on fire I'd save Boy, the cat and my 3 and a half book cases full of books.


  1. 1. Extreme sports is good, unless it's not you who's doing it

    2.Horses aren't my thing

    3.Vet when I grow up

    4.Cars are gooood especially fast ones

    5.Environmentally friendly is good but richer is better

    6.(no comment)

    7.If the flat was on fire I would save Mum, The cat, 360, 360 games, and PC. plus I would use my homework and school stuff as a fire beater to save time.

  2. "Please sir, I lost my homework beating out a fire to save the cat."

    "The cat?"

    "Yes sir, it was the seventeenth trip back in, sir, after helping my Mum with all her bits, and then getting out my XBox 360 and all its bits. Of course, the thing that really took the time was trying to get the television out the window."

    "The television, boy!? The television!?"

    "Yes sir, I needed it for the XBox."

  3. 1. I've always been a sucker for a soft voice, good conversation and beautiful eyes - a woman can have ANY other attributes, but those are ALWAYS the ones I notice first...

    2. As a child of the Biggles era, I always wanted to fly a WWl biplane - this is sadly never going to happen...

    3. as a long-time busman I generally despise petrolheads but can't resist Top Gear...I suppose I forgive it because it's so often gently self-mocking.

    4. I drink too much, sleep too little and have been denied sex by the missus for nearly 15 years (wonder if these are connected?).

    5. I read loads, occasionally write excruciatingly bad poetry and collect stamps - Either this makes me a real geek, or it could be there's bugger all else to do in my house...

    6. Despite 4 above, I have five kids aged between 18 and 37 - all of whom I love unreservedly warts and all.

    7. If the missus was on fire I'd chuck the stamp collection out of the window (for the kids), leave the cats and dogs to save themselves, roll over and go back to sleep...

    Now chew the bones out of that lot and decide what's real, what's not and what's of relevance!

  4. sandsilverine (maybe I should just shorten it to SSE?) ~ I don't think any firemen reading this blog would approve of our priorities somehow: books, XBox, games, cat. Hmmm....

    IM ~ I think as an excuse it would work.

    cogidubnus ~ 15 years?! The poetry we knew about, but you kept quiet about the stamps.

  5. 1. I am terrified of heights esp bungee ropes so i couldnt jump from a plane or do anything that involved being up high (not even a big wheel).

    2.Id be happy backpacking round the world working wherever i could find work.

    3. I met my fella when i was painting out his parents pub toilets (gents) as i was skint and needed to eat.

    4. I want to learn to salsa dance properly, make a sexy dress and let my hair down without falling on my bum.

    5.My dream is to ride a horse up the beach on my 40th birthday (you can come too roses, ill help teach you)lol

    6.My favourite places to be are the beach or the woods.

    7. I was on national tv in the programme 'Survival' where my swimming was compared to a it could have been worse i guess.

  6. 8. Id love to go audition for X-factor just to watch my fella curl up and cringe ... hehe

  7. Great idea and fabulous facts - I love the idea of you beating back the flames whilst trying to drag crates of books out of the house whilst the cat looks on incredulous. Here are mine:

    1. Yesterday at 11pm I was very drunkenly (and by all accoutns quite badly) dancing to motown in an Irish bar

    2. This morning I was very ill and convinced myself it was norovirus

    3. I love cheese and double gloucester is my favourite

    4. I can't ride a bike

    5. I like to ride on the top deck of the No. 68 across Waterloo bridge

    6. I think Milka chocolate is the best chocolate in the world

    7. I've made £45 out of market research companies by answering questionnaires online, but I never answer them honestly - I give myself comedy personas and answer the questions from their perspective

  8. B*E*G ~ If I got compared to a dolphin, which are sleek and sexy mammals I'd be dead chuffed.

    NM ~ I think 'incredulous' describes the cat's expression most of the time. I see her scanning the housing section of the paper every week looking for a saner household. In our favour, we do keep her in Iams.

    Today, I bought double glouster, brie and little mozzarella balls...I like cheese too. My exH hates cheese, it's not a huge surprise we divorced?

    We really ought to make a date to take that bus trip together and then go drink many glasses of naughtiness.

  9. So...another cheese lover...another piece of red leicester Gromit?

  10. Rose if you need a hand in the event of a fire, I'm only round the corner and I have wheels.

    1. I have opposable big toes.

    2. My great grandad was a Knight of the realm.

    3. I have a scar in my left eye from surgery.

    4. I have to drink a cup of tea first thing in the morning or else my mouth doesn't feel right.

    5. I taste in shape.

    6. I'd love to learn how to make stained glass.

    7. I'd love a smallholding where I can rear sheep, dye their wool using plants I've grown and make sculptural textile pieces that would hang in galleries.

  11. Hottie ~ you are my emergency service. I'm looking forward to our night out. I love the idea of a small holding. Sustainable art! Just to warn you: I'm good a planting, rubbish at watering and weeding, which is why my garden looks as rubbish as it does. On the upside, any plant that can survive under my conditions is here to stay.

  12. Men in uniform! Hmmmmm. Serves u right if u meet a traffic-warden!

  13. dickiebo ~ I'm pretty safe at the moment with my Viking thanks. Sometimes, if I'm good, he'll drive down after a night-shift, arrive on my doorstep in his uniform. If I'm really lucky he'll bring his body armour and belt Phwar!


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