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The simplified version: there's a young lad Jack, whose parents are serving police officers, he suffers from a rare from of childhood cancer. It's so rare that successful treatment can only be had in a specialist centre in the US. The treatment costs hundreds of thousands of pounds. That's the bad news. The good news is that if Jack goes through the treatment, the statistics are heavily in his favour. He will likely remain cancer free. He's only 5 and needs all the help and support we can give.

After all, he's part of our family, and we help our own.


  1. I lost my friend to a very simular thing, but he was a grown man and had lived a good life, so its even more cruel that its struck this little lad...isnt his smile beautiful.

    If we can help then we all have to dig deep,it doesnt have to be a lot anything we can spare, a bottle of wine missed, taking a bus instead of a taxi, is nothing to us, but its everything if its helping a child..

  2. Roses, read this on the Inspector's blog, will email you also. Popped in to say hello. So, hello!

  3. Hello, hello, hello!

  4. B*E*G ~ thank you honey. All help is appreciated.

    twining ~ hello, hello back.


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