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When Hottie Comes

This coming week is pretty much like all of my other recent weeks - busy, but with a slight difference. Monday the Norwich Chant Collective celebrates Beltane. Yay! Like all good festivals it encorporates wine, friends and song. Fabulous. It's a festival dedicated to fertility, mayhem and fun. Tomorrow we meet round the bonfire for storytelling, chant, dance and frolicks round a maypole. What's even better is that it happens the day before my birthday.

One of the best parts of the week happened yesterday, when Hottie was waiting for me when I came home from work. After Hottie had her fix of Dr Who, we trotted out to get KFC. When we were going in for our portions of heart attack and stroke, an interesting thing happened. A fire truck parked up and out jumped a fireman. Now friends of mine will know, I do have a weakness for men in uniform (how pleased am I that I have my own now?), and as he queued behind us, he seemed to be a friendly sort. So much so that when we headed out …

Three Part Post

Part One:

This image and about 90 others like it, is basically how I've been spending my time on the buses. It's a bit scary to think that in four weeks time, I will have completed my installation for my degree show, and so endeth my work at the College. Eeek! I'm still thinking seriously about the MA in Digital Art as a potential way forward for me as it will mean more self-generated projects like Journeying. Plus, at the end of my time I'll be able to go for better jobs than I can at the moment, specifically in the creative industries (whatever that means, I am merely repeating what the very kind careers officer told me). If I do decide to do the MA, I'll do it part-time as it will give me more breathing space to work and to grow creatively. Having said all of that, I'm not making any decisions that are set in concrete. I'm determined that I will take my time and see what opportunities present themselves. I've also been looking every week at the Guardi…

Still Standing (just)

My weekend did not have a particularly good start. I'd bought tickets to visit the Viking's longboat and I'd managed to drag myself out of my sickbed having progressed to the dry hack, sore throat and concrete sinuses of the cold, get myself ready and packed. I was actually at the bus stop in plenty of time. And I waited. And waited. And then a small spark went off in the corner of my brain. There was a bus strike. Needless to say I missed my train. Fortunately, I'd purchased an open ticket and it meant that the Viking could grab another hour in bed as he'd just come off nights.

By the time I got to him, I was hacking like a 60-a-day veteran and feeling like three shades of shite. I briefly considered doing the 'stiff upper lip', but I felt so dreadful, I went straight into 'dying swan'. I got taken home, tucked into bed with a cup of tea and two paracetmols. Bliss. I got all the tea and sympathy I could handle. Made being sick almost worth it.


Stupid Questions

People who know me will confirm that I have a short patience span with complete idiots. It has led me into all kinds of trouble, but it's not a personality trait I'm willing to give up lightly. I had a conversation in the bank which went a bit like this:
me: I'd like to transfer some money out of my savings account *puts down relevant card*
the clerk (young, male, spotty): from your savings account?
me: yes
the clerk *waves my card*: are you sure this is your savings account?
At this point the sarky voice in my head is asking: who's else would it be? why would I give you a card wasn't my savings account? does it look like a Tesco clubcard?
This afternoon after taking more pictures en route, I had a bit of a shopping splurge at Poundland. One of the best places for a broke student to be. I bought myself a spanky new grater. When I got it home I had a bloody good laugh at the label.

Now you might be wondering what has set me off with that innocent lable. It's a multi-pu…

Avril Lavigne-Girlfriend

I really want to like this, and don't get me wrong, it's a catchy, poppy tune; but I can't help but think that Avril's sold out. The dodgy fishnets and long socks, and Britney style dancing. Not to mention boyfriend-nabbing is just wrong. I'm sure the lads will disagree.


Reality Bites ~ ouch!

Today is the start of the last term of my degree.

I type that and then I sigh and stare at it. I long for it to be done and I'd do anything for it to be September 2006 again. This year has not quite gone according to plan and today, I'm struggling. The Easter break certainly has been a break as the pile of dishes, laundry and forlorn pots will attest to. But my energy levels are still poor. We've been given key dates to work towards, and my first deadline is the 17th of May. I suspect that part of the reason I'm feeling so ropey is down to my not having written anything for quite some time. If I let my writing slip, I notice I start to get really twitchy. And I am certainly twitchy at the moment.

I have a short story to finish up and another 6 poems to write, plus finish up my Creative Practice and get that ready for the Degree Show. By the way, if you're passing through the show this year starts on the 27th of June until the 4th of July. There's a Do on the even…

Alanis Morissette

Check it out!

An interesting take of the Black Eyed Peas track in an ironic indie-stylie. Enjoy!

Dressing to Kill

This conversation happened on the way back from town with Britswitch, and for some reason it has stayed with me. I'm in my mid(ish) 30s and Britswitch is late 20s and we were bemoaning the state of women's dress, or rather the lack thereof. After awhile I realised that I had turned into my grandmother.

My grandmother was born in the last century. She lived through two world wars, a poorly husband and four children. She lived by herself until she decided she'd had enough and in two weeks said her farewells, then died peacefully in her early 90s. She was a woman with impecable manners, amazing compassion and very clear views on the roles of men and women. That both my niece and I bear her name is a testament to the affection in which our family holds her.

She believed that women should dress modestly to the point where she could just about put up with my wearing shorts. She did not approve of nakedness, as she called it, in men or women. My brother or father going about withou…

Heretic Halo

This is Boy's first outing to YouTube, using Windows Movie Maker.

I'm such a dopey mum aren't I? awwww....

Nights in Blue Pyjamas

I needed some time off, some time away. Some space from Home and Responsibilities.

It's tough sometimes. Not helped by recent bereavements, financial concerns and the stress of getting this degree done. I just needed some time out. So I led Hottie astray at the weekend and then got to meet Viking's tribe for the first time. Of course, the thought of it was much worse than the reality, which included good food, good wine and brilliant company. I was made very welcome. After a couple of days hanging out with the cool cats, I got to relax in the Viking's longboat; when he went out about his daily business dealing with pillaging in the community, I was there to provide light amusement at the end of the day. Bless him, he was very good about me invading his space.

I've decided that my favourite thing about getting away from it all, is coming home again. At an indecent hour I shed my outdoor clothing and hit the pjs. I've been reading trash and watching dire telly, while …

Happy Wednesday

Just to let you know I haven't fallen off the ends of the Earth, although it does feel like I've been there and back. I went to see Hottie for the weekend in Liverpool. She's just great and bless her, spoilt me rotten. We had a quiet time of it really, my system not being up for major sessions at the moment. But I did manage to lead her astray which is always good fun. Having recently been a convert to all things completely girlie, when we went shopping I twisted her arm into having a lovely make-up girl from MAC give her a new look.

Thinking about it, if Alix wouldn't have got me the job in the department store, I would not have ever dreamt of sitting down at a cosmetic house and ask for a new 'look'. I always thought that these orange, made-up to the 9s women, were bitchy and would look down on any attempt on my part to access their world. Actually, a bunch of nicer, more gorgeous women I have yet to meet. They are so enthusiastic about their work, and while i…