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I got tagged by Mousie, so as promised this is my response.

Four Childhood Books

Children of Greene Knowe by Lucy M Boston. I loved the descriptions of the magical, yet realistic manor house. To this day I still have a thing about peacock cries. There were 6 in the series, I think I've probably read 4 of them.

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss. I love Dr Seuss, the humour, the word play and the zany illustrations. This was one of the books that my mum and I used to read together and if I'd borrow it from the school library, if I thought she needed perking up. I'm also rather fond of his Dr Seuss' ABC.

My Friend Flicka by Mary O'Hara. I was horse mad while I was growing up, but was never allowed to take up riding, so I compensated with reading lots of horsey books. This was my favourite series. I could really understand the familial tension and I loved the fact that the horses were always horses, not cutesy Disney animals or like Black Beauty.

Famous Five by Enid Blyton. I…

Adventures with Contact Lenses

I am quite short-sighted: -8 in one eye and -9 in another. Which if you're in the know, means glasses, even the super-expensive, thin ones, look like coke bottle bottoms. I've been wearing contact lenses since I was 15 and I've had various fun and games with them over the years, mostly titled: Hunt the Contact Lens.

About 4 years ago I changed opticians and I was introduced to the joys of gas permeable lenses that I could sleep in. Basically, it gives me perfect vision for 30 days of the month; I'm supposed to take them out 1 night a month, but I'm a bit haphazard with these things. You have no idea how wonderful it is to be able to wake up in the morning and everything is in focus. To be able to go to bed without having to muck about with fluids, containers and iddy biddy bits of plastic.

Contact lenses are a wonderous thing: as long as they stay put.

They do have a nasty habit of popping out at the most inopportune times. If I've rubbed my eyes, or something has…


Rather than go on about work: frantic run up to Christmas, still no idea what's going on, or how I'm supposed to sort out paperwork, managing not to swing for bean counters who are jumped up jobsworthies. I thought I'd share our weekend away.

The Viking took me to Cardiff to see The Police. Yes, you read right. I went to The Police gig, with a policeman. See, I am keeping my sense of humour. We dashed out of Norwich after my day at college, though that soon turned to 'crawled', as we made our way round the M25 in rush hour traffic. We ended up staying in a small hotel in Cardiff Gates on the edge of a business estate.There were two disadvantages to chosing this hotel, though by the time my Viking booked the hotel, there wasn't much of a choice as 45,000 other people wanted to be there too. First, Cardiff wasn't easily accessibly. When the Viking rang up he was assured that there was a bus that ran not far from the hotel, I immediately thought - goodie. It tu…

Burma Petition

It's Monday, with it's usual stuff.

For some people however, life is a bit more tightrope than juggling work, household maintenance and keeping primary relationships together. For some, there is the knock on the door in the middle of the night. For some there is no opportunity to moan about government targets in the relative safety of the internet.

Twining is once again our conscience. Many thanks for his raising awareness on the issue. Please sign this petition to support the monks and peoples of Burma.

Sunday, Sunday

This was one of the last weekends Boy and I have together before the madness of Christmas takes over and I wanted to make the most of it. We had company yesterday Bear and his lovely missus came over. We caught up over coffee, ciabattas stuffed with cheese, ham and salad and put the world to rights, lubricated by some fabulous elderberry wine from Scotland. It was lovely just being able to relax with good company and good food.

Today, Boy and I went for a walk. We started off with a hearty English breakfast at my favourite greasy spoon and then we headed off to UEA on foot, through the Avenues, and round about a council estate called South Park (I kid you not) until we finally fell over the university. It was a nostalgic meander, one which called up both good and sad memories. At UEA, Boy bought me a coke and we sat out and watched the world go by before we trouped around the body of water known as the Broad. We caught the bus back.

I'm still having difficulty with the thought that …

Figue Amere

Today was an improvement on yesterday, so it's safe for you to continue reading this. I had a long pamper session last night and an early night and it certainly was a good cure for my miseries. Work continues to be dogged by staff shortages caused by sickness, as the bug I got last week, continues its rounds. I was once again in the SkinSpa area, next to lovely smelly things. Before you nag, yes, I was good and did manage not to buy anything today.

Besides, I didn't need to do any retail therapy, I had my fabulous bottle of Geranium Bourbon waiting for me. I had to have another pamper session when I got home tonight, just so I could put it on. But I was a bit daring today. I tried Miller Harris' Figue Amere. If I remember correctly, Lyn Harris was walking down an exotic beach and she passed someone eating figs, so she recreated the moment in Figue Amere. It isn't a sweet fig fragrance like Hermes Un Jardin en Mediterranee, it's more salty with a dark chocoloate dryd…


The next time someone says 'it can't get any worse', just kick them and say it's from me.

Today, I had a meltdown at work. I got into work on time, I was looking forward to being back and getting stuck in...and then I had to sort out my diary until Christmas. I've agreed to take on extra days for the festive period and both me and my colleague who was trying to sort it out got more and more stressed. The only way I can take on the extra days is if I work 5 days a week. Not a problem, especially when I finish college in the second week in December. But it's a huge problem in November and October, especially since I've got a day every week at college. Somehow I've got to get it together to do my 5 days, my day at college and do homework and paperwork for both, keep my household running and maintain relationships with my Boy and my Viking. Which, at the moment, it looks like I can book time off to spend with them in I'm not kidding.

On my break…


Last week was a bit of a low point for me. The day I started proper and regular employment I came down with Boy's cold, whose generosity knows no bounds. It was a real stinker and of the three days I was supposed to do last week, I did one. I tried to go into college. I did manage to enrol and did the tour, given that there have been so many changes within NSAD, I'm glad I stuck it out for that part of the day, but couldn't manage any more than that. Unfortunately, I met up with my other students. Put it like this, we've got the Head of Media Studies of a local college, a Graphic Design graduate, an Art History Graduate...and me. I came home feeling rubbish, coughing like a smoker and nearly gave in to major Self-Pity Gnome. As it is I gave him a cuppa and a bickie (don't tell Viking, he'll be cross if there are no biscuits when he next comes over). Rationally, I know that I would not have been accepted onto the course if the tutors thought I didn't have a …


I think I may have posted this before, can't remember having a bit of a brain fade. But it touched me, and I thought I would share: cause that's what blogging is about. Isn't it?

*crack* the sound of my jaw dropping

Those of you in The Know, will be aware that my Viking is a copper. Occasionally he has expressed some frustration at his workload and I have dished out cuddles and biscuits as appropriate. When he says how frustrating he finds working in a target culture, I've teased him about being PC Bastard because if he doesn't have x-number of Fixed Penalty Notices, someone from up high has a quiet word in his shell-like.

Today Inspector Gadget posted about the paperwork that follows a relatively straightforward crime. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the stupidity of it. I knew it was ridiculous from the frustration voiced not only by my Viking, but others of my favourite police bloggers (listed to your left). But seeing the list of forms required and knowing that if they are not filled out exactly they'll only come back with some sarky comment from a paper-pusher stunned me.

No one in their right mind would chose to do this. The money is shite, the clients vile, the public…

Dear Richard Branson,

Since you decided to expand your huge business empire and make NTL part of your stable, my television service has sucked. Big Time.

As nice as those Pay Per View movie ads are, over the summer if I paid to see a movie, or wanted to watch Catch Up TV, during it's play the screen would go black for a second or two, constantly throughout the whole movie, film or programme. When I did ring up, the lovely person from Mumbai, suggested the fault would be fixed eventually. Perhaps my box was overheating?

A couple of weeks ago we discovered that as long as my computer was off, the Pay Per View etc, would work fine. Great stuff, as long as I know. Last week the box died. With a bit of jiggery pokery I managed to get it to work. This week, it's died for good.

When I rang yesterday morning, the 0845 number which charges you 6p per minute and it takes 3 minutes and 5 buttons button presses to actually speak to someone. And by the way, I don't really like some bint in her regional accent …