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Sad Tidings

Fare thee well, Murph. Fond of rabbits, bolting off, Lily and puns. You came, let me join in and hung around for awhile.

I hope your Heaven has a very comfortable basket, slow rabbits and a bone that never ends.

We will miss you, but not half as much as Mrs Rhine and Drew.

Three Cheers...!

Hip hip - horray! To Inspector Monkfish who came at short notice and took my computer to one side and showed it who was boss. Boy is now back on the Internet, and within 24 hours, has lost the frown lines which had taken up residence between his brows (especially when he looked at me).

I sent IM an invitation he could hardly refuse - come fix my pc and I'll show you a good time (but not THAT good a time). He turned up here and we exchanged news and gossip. He fixed my pc and I made him a chilli. The chilli was a bit of a disappointment, I used a different type of chilli powder - it said 'Hot' and it lied like a cheap rug. I'm going to dump it and go and get some from the local Veg and Fish Shop.

I even convinced him, okay, so I twisted his arm, to look at shiny cars. Well, who told him to say he was thinking about looking for another car? I have a sneaking suspicion I have developed a bit of an obsession with my car. When we finally went to the showroom this afternoon, b…

Saturday Night

Today, I spent most of my time in my former place of employment, chatting to the girls (who are fabulous) and buying eyeshadow I certainly did not need...but oh yes Ladies and Gentlemen, my life is now far more complete now I have it.

I popped into M & S for some more...pants...shall we say? While my underwear is currently wearable, with my lack of exercise and comfort eating it is, shall we say...stretching beyond it's comfort zone. And while I am exercising again and hopefully will be a lot lighter, I figured new pants would be more comfortable and give me more impetus.

By the time I headed home, my back was aching, I was pissed off with shoppers and I was thirsty. I was lazy, took a bus and oh look, it stops right outside a pub. The first pint of cider was nectar. The pub wasn't busy so I chatted to the bar staff and the local crime lord. I ordered some chips to go with the alcohol. Then I saw they did mulled wine. Well dear readers, what is a girl to do? Sad bitch that I…

When the Going gets Tough...

...and the Tough have left, then it's only us chickens.

I added 'leaving wallet in car' to the list of Things I will Never do Again and moved briskly on. The car is brilliant, I loves it to bits. As long as other people leave us be, I think we'll be just fine.

This week also marks the beginning of my New Year's Resolution kicking into effect. Ladies and Gentlemen I actually got up early, two days running and exercised before I went into work! Go me. Go me. Okay so it's only two days, and two days do not make a routine, or an immediately fit body, but it's a start. Not only that, but I've been having soup at lunch times and, AND been eating nearly 5 a day! Oh yeah, I'm on fire!

I can't work up the enthusiasm for swimming as the weather has been so frigid. I know they heat the pools etc, but I'm a tropical flower and I need it steaming before I wade into any water. As it is I've got 3 layers on, which I think will ensure I continue to be sing…

Trouble in Threes

Trouble 1.
I had to travel to a meeting on Saturday, in my fabulous, new shiny car. The world turned into an icy grey sheet, no distinction between sky and ground, white bits floating in the biting wind. I'm not travelling too close to the car in front, we pass near a farmyard entrance, there's mud and crud on the road. I actually see the stone fly up from the car in front's back wheel and hit my windscreen.


There is damage, but it's not greater than a pound coin and I carry on regardless. The next day for the Sainsbury's shop I realise the small crack now thinks it's a spiderweb and is trying to head towards my steering wheel. So, I ring the insurance company, arrange for the Glass People to ring me and arrange a mutually convenient time to fit a new windscreen. I grumble, but hey ho, whatcha gonna do?

Trouble 2.
I'm getting ready for work this morning, usual rush around muttering expletives under my breath, when I realise I can't find my wallet. Th…

Vroom Vroom

Over the festive period I realised that as much as I love the MR2, the Director loves her more. Despite my sobbing pleas, begging and general arse kissing, he was adamant that while he was more than happy for me to be bombing around the Norfolk countryside in her, she was still his and her return would be eventual.

The problem with driving a fabulous red sports car, is that it rather spoils you for anything sensible. Viking loves his Ford Focus and made many attempts to impress upon me how good, reliable, quick and affordable the brand; his brother and father also drive various versions thereof. I took his advice and whiled away many a half hour on Parkers and compared performance, price and sexiness of several brands of car.

I made the mistake of looking at the local BMW dealership website. Oops! Who told me to do that? I think Boy was disconcerted at the site of me moping up the keyboard and refused to have anything to do with me and the car search. Apparently, I was embarrasing. Hah…


I must admit I find displacement activities very useful. It gives me the opportunity to do the things I've been putting off and successfully procrastinating something else. Win-win I think.

I'm not sure how it happened, I think it probably had more to do with my New Year's Resolution to exercise, but I started sorting out my bedroom. For those not in the know, Boy is the responsible adult in our household, a person can walk into his bedroom and see pretty much all of his floor. Walk into mine and you will see piles, piles of clothes, shopping bags, shoes, bags of cosmetics, hand bags, books, journals and so the list continues. I'm not known for my virtue of tidiness.

Earlier in the week I was laid low by this wretched bug and I couldn't bear to be in my bedroom. Once I had stopped doing my impression of a dying swan (coughing pathetically, with the occasional whimper for effect) I wandered into my bedroom with a roll of black bin liners and had a look at my wardrobe.…

New Year's Day

Please read this quietly...I had a fabulous time last night...

Saw the New Year in with the Norwich Chant lot, we played cut-throat Articulate, drank several different varieties of alcohol (which could possibly be the reason for my current state of fragility), ate yummy snacks, sang along with Hootenanny and danced while Gee dejayed everything from Tamla Motown to 80s kitsch.

I crawled into bed at about 3 am, I tried to limit my drunken declarations of undying love and slept pretty well.

My hopes for 2009 are fairly straightforward.

~ After being in my flat for nearly 10 years, it's time for somewhere with more space for Boy to stretch out and for me to have a study, so I'm house hunting.
~ As wonderful as the MR2 is, I would like something that's mine which is a newer and requires less regular pampering. Unfortunately, that car has spoilt me and every time I look at something sensible...I can't go there.
~For my sanity, I need to do more creative stuff: I've got to get …