When the Going gets Tough...

...and the Tough have left, then it's only us chickens.

I added 'leaving wallet in car' to the list of Things I will Never do Again and moved briskly on. The car is brilliant, I loves it to bits. As long as other people leave us be, I think we'll be just fine.

This week also marks the beginning of my New Year's Resolution kicking into effect. Ladies and Gentlemen I actually got up early, two days running and exercised before I went into work! Go me. Go me. Okay so it's only two days, and two days do not make a routine, or an immediately fit body, but it's a start. Not only that, but I've been having soup at lunch times and, AND been eating nearly 5 a day! Oh yeah, I'm on fire!

I can't work up the enthusiasm for swimming as the weather has been so frigid. I know they heat the pools etc, but I'm a tropical flower and I need it steaming before I wade into any water. As it is I've got 3 layers on, which I think will ensure I continue to be single for a life-time. Lets face it 60 dernier tights and a thermal vest is not what you would call....alluring. I don't care, I'm comfy.

Despite the crap this week, I'm feeling more positive and energetic than I've felt for a long time. Long may it continue.

PS. Because I'm nosey...I'd love to know what's on your List of Things Never to do Again...go on, be brave, tell all.


  1. On my list:

    Sleep with a male friend
    Date a TV presenter

    Those are really the only two definite ones. I will say that after this weeks events I'm planning on adding "having high expectations for birthdays" and "being surprised when the people you go out of your way to help don't help you back when you need it".

    Its been a bad week but I'm really pleased that you're feeling positive. Its great to hear!


  2. Never approach an elephant with your banana exposed! I did! ...... Never again! x

  3. beth ~ i hear you on the people front. The trick is to discover who aren't a waste of space and then stick with them.

    Good list by the way, I'm impressed.

    Lord Noel ~ when I saw you'd commented, I wasn't surprised it was a banana story...I was gobsmacked it was so mild. Only you would flash an elephant.

  4. Im totally with you and Beth on the people part.
    We learn the hard way sadly that the people we hope we can count on are the ones that are never there when you need them the most..

    Ive made a little pact with myself that i wont keep saying "I dont like that or I can't do that" til ive at least given it a good go at least once..lol
    I also wouldnt sit and eat a whole box of turkish delight again all to myself, that wasnt nice !

  5. I cut down on the chocs last week and lost 1.5lb, but this week has been a disaster and I've probably it all back on again. I guess the trick is not to let setbacks stop us completely, pick ourselves up and carry on.

  6. Drive too close to the car in front...

  7. B*E*G ~ you are my inspiration! You are willing to give everything a go and are so open hearted and generous...you're just lovely.

    pj ~ sometimes comfort eating and retail therapy is all that stands between you, a gun and all them idiots. I'd say it's not so much a choice, as a necessity for society.

    ing ~ oh bless...I'm finding myself hanging back from ppl now, especially after the chip in the w'screen.

  8. Anonymous11:33 am

    Great topic! On my list is:

    Never date a footballer (they have horrible feet)

    Never be sucked in by new (usually super quick) ways to get my caffeine hit without filter coffee/using a machine - they are always always a disappointment (douwe egberts I'm thinking of you and those cafe switch things!)

    Finally, never take the other half grocery shopping. It takes twice as long, I spend three times as much and buy crap like ice cream mars bars, it's stressful and we always argue over something petty.

    Last time we went, we saw the actor Hugh Bonneville from the excreble Bonekickers. The other half stalked him round the store and came back to me regularly with inane updates like 'he's spent ages choosing a cauliflower' and 'now he's buying jam'...Hugh was pretending to ignore us and the shame was too much...


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