Trouble in Threes

Trouble 1.
I had to travel to a meeting on Saturday, in my fabulous, new shiny car. The world turned into an icy grey sheet, no distinction between sky and ground, white bits floating in the biting wind. I'm not travelling too close to the car in front, we pass near a farmyard entrance, there's mud and crud on the road. I actually see the stone fly up from the car in front's back wheel and hit my windscreen.


There is damage, but it's not greater than a pound coin and I carry on regardless. The next day for the Sainsbury's shop I realise the small crack now thinks it's a spiderweb and is trying to head towards my steering wheel. So, I ring the insurance company, arrange for the Glass People to ring me and arrange a mutually convenient time to fit a new windscreen. I grumble, but hey ho, whatcha gonna do?

Trouble 2.
I'm getting ready for work this morning, usual rush around muttering expletives under my breath, when I realise I can't find my wallet. This in itself is not an unusual occurrence; I am the world's worst at putting things down and walking off with no memory of said action. I head down to the car, beginning to panic...and my passenger window is littered across the pavement and on the seat. In the next hour I make tearful calls to my bank, the police, my insurance company and the DVLA. Several neighbours stop and were brilliantly helpful. One knew it had just been done because all was well when she came back from swimming at 7.30, it was now 8.30. The other was an off-duty copper who was calling the incident in as I was waiting to hear from the police when they would be able to send someone round. He was an absolute sweetheart. He took the details, was sympathetic as I burst into tears yet again, didn't tell me what a muppet I'd been, got my crime number and helped me try to secure the window. The CSI was a honey, did his dusting thing, which came up zilch.

Chances are it was an opportunistic crime. If I was stupid enough to leave my wallet there, they were stupid enough to have a go. They have basically got bugger all. I was able to stop my cards and there was little cash and change there.

In many respects I was lucky. The good neighbours, the off-duty copper, the very kind and sweet bank tele-people (and you know how much I hate my bank). It's an inconvenience, I'm without my car for a few days, but thanks to the Director who has let me borrow the MR2 again. Even's been a crap day.

Trouble 3.
I pick up the MR2 from the garage (service interruptus) and park it at work. I try and get my head around the bits of paper and tasks that have been waiting for me all day. One of the smokers says to me 'where's your number plate?'


The number plate has fallen off/been nicked off the front of the car. Joy. Fortunately that can be sorted fairly quickly, but even so, it's yet another thing.

Basically, I've had quite enough of today. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm jinxed.


  1. That should be your crap-luck uota for the first quarter of the year methinks!

  2. holy shit, look they've nicked the 'Q' from that previous post! buggers...

  3. ing ~ somehow, I don't think so...but we'll see.

    As for that nicked 'Q', I'll call the police...ah...maybe not.

  4. Ah well 'Tomorrow's another day' they say.
    Doesn't mean it's another different day though does it?

    Sorry - I'm sure it'll be fine.

  5. Sorry that you had such a crap time. I'm glad that your neighbours were helpful and the off-duty copper sounds a star.

    Here's hoping that's the last of your woes. x

  6. kaz ~ it seems to have been a better 'different' day...and I have my car back and I did refrain from kissing it.

    hottie ~ I think I was just lucky as far as the off-duty copper was concerned, he was on his way home to his missus.

    This is Life, as we know it, there will be more strife I'm sure. I'm just lucky to have good friends who see me through.

  7. Oh dear sorry you are having such a crappy time...

    The windscreen thing happened to us within 2 weeks of getting our new car too - irritating isn't it and kind of spoils that new car feeling?

    Fingers crossed that's the last of your troubles...

  8. NM ~ you hit the nail on the head. It feel exactly like that...until I get in and stroke the steering wheel. Hope your week is improving honey.

  9. Well i8f all things happen for a reason .... whats the reason for all that going on?
    Hope it is improving

  10. Im so sorry you've had such bad luck Roses, I know that feeling well.. Keep smiling im sure there is loads of good stuff heading your way.

  11. vetnurse ~ I don't believe stuff happens for a reason, I believe shit happens; and when it does you have 2 choices, be drowned by it or ride the wave to dry land.

    I'm tryin some surfin here!

    B*E*G ~ thanks honey, it means a lot. Hugs.


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