Saturday Night

Today, I spent most of my time in my former place of employment, chatting to the girls (who are fabulous) and buying eyeshadow I certainly did not need...but oh yes Ladies and Gentlemen, my life is now far more complete now I have it.

I popped into M & S for some more...pants...shall we say? While my underwear is currently wearable, with my lack of exercise and comfort eating it is, shall we say...stretching beyond it's comfort zone. And while I am exercising again and hopefully will be a lot lighter, I figured new pants would be more comfortable and give me more impetus.

By the time I headed home, my back was aching, I was pissed off with shoppers and I was thirsty. I was lazy, took a bus and oh look, it stops right outside a pub. The first pint of cider was nectar. The pub wasn't busy so I chatted to the bar staff and the local crime lord. I ordered some chips to go with the alcohol. Then I saw they did mulled wine. Well dear readers, what is a girl to do? Sad bitch that I am, I stayed on for 3 glasses of mulled wine and a J2O (orange and passion fruit if you must know). I've set the world to rights, chatted up the bar staff and come up with a artistic project which would encorporate the local business community. It has been a good night out.

Even if I am off to bed before 22:00 hrs.


  1. The trouble with shop mirrors is they make you look wider. It sounded a good day out though. Just do not forget alcohol and calories ;-)

  2. vetnurse ~ It's not just you that happens too...I try very few clothes on in the shop now. I take it home, try it on and take it back if necessary.

    As dinner was a bowl of chips...I'm counting yesterday as a slip.

  3. Sounds like time well spent and a good night out!

    My saturday night involved lying on the settee, eating chocolate watching some films...which wasn't that different to my Friday night or saturday day! So I might be making a trip to M&S soon for bigger pants too!

  4. lol...My satuday night was cooking a special meal with the kids help (which we all loved) we got 2 films to watch and put our feet up..
    Nearly forgot there was a huge homemade trifle involved somewhere throughout the night,that i'll admit i ate far more than my share of..oops
    Nights like that are great, I was feeling so fat and happy..hehe
    Anyway they're not just any pants..
    They're M & S pants (she says trying to sound sexy like the advert !!) lol

  5. So good you have a pub where you can just walk in and feel comfortable talking with the bar staff.
    I though they only existed in Corrie and East Enders.

  6. NM ~ weekend chockies om nom nom.

    B*E*G ~ trifle, I lurve trifle. I bet you didn't save me some.

    kaz ~ yep. My local is trendy and pretentious. Normally I go with friends and we huddle outside under the patio heaters for the smokers. A few days before xmas I fled the shopping and took refuge in a pint of cider and realised the bar staff were personable. Last night proved it wasn't a fluke.

  7. It was great to see you last night Roses, I had such a brilliant time.
    You were positively glowing all night.
    I watched you dancing and already think you are totally amazing, how good are you going to get at this! its that natural wiggle of
    2009 has already brought so many smiles so all i need now is that lottery win..hehe
    Wouldnt it be great to go island
    Jo xxx

  8. B*E*G ~ We had a brilliant time. It was such good fun. Tomorrow - The Forum!


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