I must admit I find displacement activities very useful. It gives me the opportunity to do the things I've been putting off and successfully procrastinating something else. Win-win I think.

I'm not sure how it happened, I think it probably had more to do with my New Year's Resolution to exercise, but I started sorting out my bedroom. For those not in the know, Boy is the responsible adult in our household, a person can walk into his bedroom and see pretty much all of his floor. Walk into mine and you will see piles, piles of clothes, shopping bags, shoes, bags of cosmetics, hand bags, books, journals and so the list continues. I'm not known for my virtue of tidiness.

Earlier in the week I was laid low by this wretched bug and I couldn't bear to be in my bedroom. Once I had stopped doing my impression of a dying swan (coughing pathetically, with the occasional whimper for effect) I wandered into my bedroom with a roll of black bin liners and had a look at my wardrobe. By the time I finished I had 3 very full black bin liners and more floor space than I know what to do with.

Boy poked his head round the door then ran to me, sobbing he collapsed against me, he wanted to know how long I had to live. Cheeky git.

What I find disconcerting about the whole process is that although I've turfed out 3 bags of clothes and a bag of shoes, my wardrobe is still heaving at the seams and I still can't find anything to wear in the morning.


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