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Happy New Year

I'd like to wish all of my readers, friends, loved ones a very Happy New Year. May 2008 exceed all your expectations for love, laughter, friendship, health and money (cause damn it, we work bloody hard).


This has been a lean Christmas for us. I've been grateful for the generosity of people around me and although I've been flat broke, we've managed to have a lovely time. The sofa still bears the indent of my prone body, the biscuit box looks emptier by the day and while I'm still in shape, it must be borne in mind that round is a shape. Boy has now gone off to spend some time with his dad, leaving me, the cat and the biscuits.

It has given me some time for contemplation and a touch of righteousness. I was absolutely horrified at press reports of the Boxing Day sale rush, that started by all accounts at midnight on-line. Apparently, there were queues outside of Next waiting for the doors to open at 4am.

If you were standing in that queue, I'd really like your feedback on this question. What exactly was so lacking in your life that you had to be there at 4am Boxing Day? What was so important that you had to leave your bed, your home to go stand in the cold and damp for?

How to Marshall Jets

This arrived this morning courtesy of Facebook. Had me in stiches. Damn I love forces humour!

Siren Song of the Sofa

I survived today. Just.

You will be pleased to note I didn't swing for anyone though it was a close call when a customer approached me:

Him: Do you have DKNY perfume?

Me: Yes sir, right over here. Ah we have one gift set left. You're very lucky.

Him: Thank you.

Me: Please come this way to pay.

Him (after a moment waiting for the till): I don't think I'll take that gift set. It's got fingerprints on it.

Me (looking carefully for said fingerprints, seeing only shiny green foil box): I see. I can always wipe the box.

Him: No sorry, I'm going to Boots.


I was very glad that I had the Clinique lass standing next to me at the time, I was so cross I could have spat. All day I've been dealing with these men, and yes they were mostly men, completely panicked, clutching their lists. It must be such a surprise to them. That Christmas happens to fall on the same day, each year. And they only had 364 days to plan for it. We were so busy it was ridiculous.

Thanks to the teams…


The madness continues at work. I think I was contagious and I spread the lurve cause half of the department are feeling the joy that was mine, otherwise known as 'the flu'. Which is fine; at least they know I was genuinely poorly. Unfortunately, I also managed to spread the lurve to my Viking, who is not a happy bunny. I continue to hack and splutter, but as the bit of old English wisdom goes 'it's better out than in'.

Stock levels are dropping faster than girls' knickers next to a photocopier at an office party. Most of my sales patter now includes an apology and advice to go to Boots, Superdrug or Savers to find that most important of purchases. It was such an important purchase that it had to be left until 4.25, knowing that the shops shut at 4.30, today. And no, I'm not prepared to wrap that gift when the shop shut 8 minutes ago.

I'm working tomorrow and I'm dreading it. I start at 8.30 and will only leave the store once the stock has been prepare…

Yuletide Blessings

To my readers, many blessings of love and light on this, the darkest of days.

Life has been a bit tough recently and I thought that I would feel like a bit of limp, frozen lettuce this Yule. The absolute opposite is true today. I woke up this Winter Solstice, excited and joyful. Boy and I have been shopping for our Christmas meal. We decided we would celebrate both Yule and Christmas, so today we had our Solstice meal: leg of lamb, roasted carrots and parsnips with leeks and broccoli. Yummy. I've been a bit naughty and got a duck for our Christmas meal as neither Boy nor I can abide turkey. Bleugh. It's a mutual dislike. We cooked our Solstice meal together and have been having fun, larking about. I've lit some candles and am burning some Frankincense, that and the several glasses of naughtiness means, I'm feeling very relaxed and a bit festive.

I do feel for all the people stressing about presents, meal and festive shite. As crap as the money situation is at the moment,…

Being The Girlfriend

Since my last post, my week went from bad to worse in that I started coming down with a cold: sore throat, feeling wretched, coughing. I had two days off back to back, so thought I'd be over the worst of it by Tuesday. Tuesday morning, I could barely move, my joints were so sore. I had no voice and my throat felt like I'd been swallowing cheese graters. I rang into work, I didn't have to explain too much, they were very sympathetic. Bless them.

I wish I was more British sometimes. More stiff upper lip. More stoical. I'm not. When I feel sick, I'm miserable, I don't like being sick, I don't like feeling off colour. I get low and grumpy. Mind you, I was low and grumpy to start with thanks to my finances. So I was very miserable and teary. Boy bless him agreed he'd come on the bus and waited patiently while I tried to make an appointment to see the nurse. Then my phone went and it was my own, personal guardian angel. Hottie.

She came round, took me to the su…

Financial Crisis #352

Yesterday my finances went into melt down and I had a long and hard think about my financial situation and my MA. At the moment I'm exhausted, physically and mentally. I've been juggling various crises from the personal, financial to degree, with deaths and relationship breakdowns, makeups, singlehood and a new relationship; all in a short space of time. I hoped for some time to chill and I haven't had that. In fact, I've had stress at work, worry about money and worry about the MA.

Today I sent an e-mail to my Course Leader and asked for some time out. A year in fact. This time next year, things are going to be different. If I persuade work to take me on full-time I can just about pull myself out of this financial mire that I'm in. It really just is a matter of creating some space so I can breathe a bit easier. At the moment, I'm trying to juggle so many balls and they are falling all over the place. In 3 months time hopefully I'll be over the worst of it a…

Reasons to Write Shopping Lists

I know it might be slightly boring, but it would really help me, if you would do two things: 1)write down the name of the fragrance your doting other half would like for Christmas and 2) bring it with you. Doing so will avoid the following conversations:

* "It's an odd shapped bottle with bobbles on it." Customer then looks accusingly at me when I bring our collection of odd shapped bottles with bobbles on it and it's not any of them.

* "It's called Ant something." Them.

"Do you remember who made the fragrance?" Me.

"No." Them

"Do you know what it smells like?" Me.

"Nice." Them.

*sigh* Me.

A bit later on, I remember Anteus by Chanel (there is a Chanel concession, but I don't work on it) and they were happy.

Deaf Karaoke Live - The Ultimate Version

Fiver if you guess what I should have been doing this afternoon.

Americans are NOT stupid

OMG. This is somewhat worrying.

Fa La La La La, La La La *sigh*

I knew it had to happen sometime, but I'd put it far from my mind and I refused to dwell upon it. As the days drew closer I got more agitated and fearful, but I kept going. Yesterday, my worst nightmare occurred.

They started playing Christmas carols at work.

As you know, I'm not a Christian. I'm a spiritual person who found another path. You may know what it's like, you walk another path, you gain another perspective. I am by no means anti- anyone's religion. I believe people have the right to worship the God/dess of their choice and to do so in a manner that does not impinge on anyone else's right to worship another deity. I certainly am not one of those people who think that Christmas should no longer be a public holiday. I was born and raised in Trinidad, where they may have got a lot wrong, but when it comes to making space for peoples' beliefs, they have it really right. Consequently, Trinidad has the most public holidays in the world. We celebrate Diwa…