Financial Crisis #352

Yesterday my finances went into melt down and I had a long and hard think about my financial situation and my MA. At the moment I'm exhausted, physically and mentally. I've been juggling various crises from the personal, financial to degree, with deaths and relationship breakdowns, makeups, singlehood and a new relationship; all in a short space of time. I hoped for some time to chill and I haven't had that. In fact, I've had stress at work, worry about money and worry about the MA.

Today I sent an e-mail to my Course Leader and asked for some time out. A year in fact. This time next year, things are going to be different. If I persuade work to take me on full-time I can just about pull myself out of this financial mire that I'm in. It really just is a matter of creating some space so I can breathe a bit easier. At the moment, I'm trying to juggle so many balls and they are falling all over the place. In 3 months time hopefully I'll be over the worst of it and can just chill. Recuperate.

That way, in September I can take up the course again, full-time.


  1. It can be done roses, i was the same 3 months ago and in dire straights, we went weeks without having money to get food in and baliffs knocking at the door, it came to the point of nearly giving up trying to tread water..
    Its been really hard work and a relentless slog of nothing but work and bags under eyes, so i know exactly how you are feel ..

    Some are lucky to be born into it and never find out what having to juggle everything and yourself is about, others have so much juggling to do theres not enough hands..

    If i win that lottery this week ill definately help to get you back to college and out off having to work full time, you are trying to better your future and prospects and its not fair that you have to juggle so hard....

    If theres any justice then something good will come your way..

  2. Thanks honey. I never realised things with you had got so tough. You always looked so chilled whenever I saw you. I'm so sorry. Many, many hugs.

    Sweetie, if you win the lottery you better be buying that small island in the Caribbean so we can come visit. I could be your number one flunky.

    Struggle is the way it certainly seems today. But all will be well...eventually.

  3. When i met up with our group you were all helping me, thats why i was so relaxed, it gave me that time i could walk away and forget what was going on back here, i honestly didnt think i could get through but im still here..
    You will too ..just keep that spirit alive and fighting..
    Thats the Roses we love, say it how it is and be yourself

  4. Anonymous3:48 pm

    hello Rose;

    it's my first time here, so i can't say i know you or your situation very well... but i sure do know the grind of being dead broke and having to handle worlds flipping over without help.

    My sympathies, dear; sometimes all it takes is a little breathing space. Unfortunately, life doesn't usually afford us much sanctuary and we end up having to create it ourselves, within our crisis.

    You sound like a survivor and i have no doubt you will come out the other side just fine; but in the 'getting there', i hope that you will find ease, comfort, and companionship.


  5. It's good to see you take some time to catch up with things and recover from others. Things will feel different after Christmas and now you have that breathing space, you can get reaady to attack it in September.

    Enjoy the next few months hun.

  6. I'm sorry to hear you are having a bad time of it at the mo - I knew you were a bit stressed but it's obviously a bit more serious than I thought. I'm sure it's the right decision giving yourself some breathing space and as Hottie says you'll be all refreshed and raring to go come september and we'll all be here to cheer you along

  7. A brave decision - I hope it sorts you out.
    Best wishes.

  8. I'm nobody to give advice Rose - and I'm sure you don't want any from me anyway, - but I'll tell you this. On a couple of occasions in my life, financially, things have been intolerable, particularly when Barbara had Nick and we couldn't afford even to pay the mortgage!! We were truly desperate. But. The wheel turns. It really does. And you WILL come out the other end, where the sun is shining. I promise. Keep your pecker up, pal.

  9. Its a real shame that you need to take time out but it sounds like a sensible plan to get you back on track. Good luck.

  10. To all of you, thank you so much for your best wishes. I think my courage failed there for a moment. I am gutted having to take a year out, but I will be fine. Eventually.

    Thank you again for your support, it means more than I can ever express.


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