Yuletide Blessings

To my readers, many blessings of love and light on this, the darkest of days.

Life has been a bit tough recently and I thought that I would feel like a bit of limp, frozen lettuce this Yule. The absolute opposite is true today. I woke up this Winter Solstice, excited and joyful. Boy and I have been shopping for our Christmas meal. We decided we would celebrate both Yule and Christmas, so today we had our Solstice meal: leg of lamb, roasted carrots and parsnips with leeks and broccoli. Yummy. I've been a bit naughty and got a duck for our Christmas meal as neither Boy nor I can abide turkey. Bleugh. It's a mutual dislike. We cooked our Solstice meal together and have been having fun, larking about. I've lit some candles and am burning some Frankincense, that and the several glasses of naughtiness means, I'm feeling very relaxed and a bit festive.

I do feel for all the people stressing about presents, meal and festive shite. As crap as the money situation is at the moment, I do feel blessed with my friends, of which I include you, my readers. You've kept me company through the highs and lows of this year; for which I'm eternally grateful. Life would have been very much greyer without your support this year.

I have managed to do some Christmas cards and I decided to cheat and send out a festive e-mail. I know some people think they are a bit of a cheat, but to be honest, I'm never really together enough on the run up to Christmas to write the letters or cards. Plus, think of the trees I'll be saving. Added to which, this is a tight time for lots of people, as well as me. Ok...I'm just rubbish, and can't organise a piss-up in a brewery and this is my easy way out.

Boy at present is killing things on the XBox and when I've finished this posting, I will join him. I feel the need, the need for....a tank!


  1. Have a great Christmas Roses...you and boy both...you've had a tough year and come through standing prod ...now have a good break to refuel"!

  2. Oh shut, where's the bluddy "u" when yuu need it?

  3. People are so much more important than presents and all that stuff. The festive crap will be over soon enough (phew!).

    I haven't been reading your blog for long, but I hope next year is a good one for you.

  4. Because we all know what the ladies like. :)

  5. Mrs Rine11:28 am

    I was preoccupied with playing at being a Grandma to remember the Solstice. Thank goodness you did Roses. I've always had a ritual of lighting candles to remind the sun to come back, but I forgot! If you hadn't done it we could have been doomed into months of darkness! Love and best wishes to you and yours, Grandma Rine

  6. cogidubnus ~ thanks, we will try, even with your 'u's going awry.

    claire ~ absolutely, people are more important. Length of service isn't what counts, it's lovely to have you dropping by.

    sandsilverine ~ oh yes, the ladies like superior firepower.

    Mrs Rine ~ hail and welcome! Hope you're enjoying your grandchildren and other family. Thanks for dropping by, feel free to pop in any time.


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