Siren Song of the Sofa

I survived today. Just.

You will be pleased to note I didn't swing for anyone though it was a close call when a customer approached me:

Him: Do you have DKNY perfume?

Me: Yes sir, right over here. Ah we have one gift set left. You're very lucky.

Him: Thank you.

Me: Please come this way to pay.

Him (after a moment waiting for the till): I don't think I'll take that gift set. It's got fingerprints on it.

Me (looking carefully for said fingerprints, seeing only shiny green foil box): I see. I can always wipe the box.

Him: No sorry, I'm going to Boots.


I was very glad that I had the Clinique lass standing next to me at the time, I was so cross I could have spat. All day I've been dealing with these men, and yes they were mostly men, completely panicked, clutching their lists. It must be such a surprise to them. That Christmas happens to fall on the same day, each year. And they only had 364 days to plan for it. We were so busy it was ridiculous.

Thanks to the teams' efforts we got everything finished by 4.30 and I belted home. Boy and I then whizzed around the flat with a flamethrower to get things clean and tidy, so over the next 2 days all I have to do is to think about food and sofa. Now that's done. And my last minute wrapping is done, I've now blogged out any remaining angst and I'm ready for a glass of naughtiness and my sofa.

Wishing you, my readers a very Happy Christmas. And if you are out saving the world from itself over the holiday period, be safe.


  1. ooooo with that attitude he may have to get the finger prints off his neck.

  2. What a twit. I hope that Boots had run out of it, or had even more "fingerprints" on it.

  3. sandsilverine ~ it was a close call as to whether those would be MY fingerprints.

    pj ~ exactly. Have a good Christmas sweetie.

  4. OOps - I'm a bit late for this - and I suppose you're back there coping with the sales today.

    I'll see you again before next year

  5. I hope you enjoyed your couple of days of sofa naughtiness and food..
    I suppose the city will be worse now with people frantically fighting over bargains, so i wish you all the patience Roses, keep smiling at them and put as many fingerprints on those boxes as


  6. kaz ~ you're never late! Yep, I was back at work, if I'm still stewing I may blog about it later, if the glass of red wine works - I wont. I'll be about, feel free to drop in any time.

    B*E*G ~ my days off were fabulous. I've eaten too much, drunk too much, lounged on the sofa playing on the XBox with Boy. A wonderful time was had by all.


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