Giving it Large

This is Jenga, giving it large. The chooks have discovered they get a better view from on top the fence and there they were all in a row. 

Sorry about the quality of the sound, I took the video from my front room. 

It's funny, but I didn't realise how much I missed the sound of roosters crowing until I moved out to Z's. It's an everyday sound I grew up with. I remember as a small girl waking up in the middle of the night and peering out my bedroom window. I could hear the roosters crowing in the darkness enthusiastically calling for the dawn. They were over-achievers, they would start crowing at least a couple of hours before light.

Tropical days and nights are noisy. The day shift will be roosters, dogs barking, the sound of traffic and a myriad of birds calling, including parrots and macaws squawking, not to mention crickets and lizards. The night shift belongs to frogs and toads of all sizes. The big ones doing their baritone belching, the littlest ones, no bigger than my thumbnail, sound like tiny bells, but incredibly loud, so loud you can hear them on the other end of the phone.

The thought of a neighbour complaining about a cock crowing in the morning to a Trinidadian, would have them in peels of laughter.

Dogs have free run of gardens and the general assumption is they bark. My brother's neighbour's GSD's when they hear sirens of any kind, join in with their howls at any time of night or day.

I remember on one of Boy's trips out there he turned around and whispered to me "Mummy, why is that man shouting?" I had to explain that he wasn't: that was his normal volume and he wasn't angry. 

In the winter, I find the UK oppressingly quiet. I miss the wildlife sounds. I suppose this is why I love Jenga's crowing so much. It's that little bit of my childhood brought forward into my present.


  1. I could not hear the chicken sounds. I always associate rooster crowing with those on my grandparents farm a long time ago...

    Chickens Gone Wild in Hawaii!

    1. Bugger! Did you turn up your volume?

      Thanks for the link!

    2. I just had a look (and listen) at the article - it's fascinating.

      The clip of the rooster that sounds like it's been throttled at the end - that's exactly how Jenga's dad sounds when he crows. But Jenga's crow is much more rounded.

    3. I reloaded the page and can now hear the sound. ???

      PS: Is that Rummy's reflection in the lower left corner?

    4. It's not very loud. I clearly suck at this movie business. I think I'm going to give it up as a bad job.

      Good might be.

  2. Sound is very faint, especially for "cloth-ears" like me! But having lived with so many of them when we lived in the country,I don't mind the sound.

    1. Yeah, I'm sorry about that. And as you already know how they sound....I suppose you're not missing out on Jenga's performance. :)

  3. I heard it. I heard it!

    I like the sounds of various animals outside while I'm tucked up in bed. While not quite up to Trinidadian standards, the garden pond means that we get a frog chorus in Spring mornings and evenings, and there are plenty of owls in the woods behind the house that make up for the lack of cockerels!

    1. Yay!

      You have a garden pond?! Much shenanigans round yours then. Do you end up with little frogs hopping all over the place?


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