Things that make me Unreasonably Happy (right now)

  • Jenga giving it large. He's a fine looking bird, dumb as a brick, but just lovely. 
  • Hunters. Thanks to Dave, I now have proper Hunter wellies and they are bloody worth every fricking penny. I never knew there was such a thing as comfy wellies. And they are purple.
  • Uggs. While we're on footwear, I need to throw these in there. Dave made the suggestion after seeing how poorly my furry bootie slippers lasted the year. Kept my feet warm, but couldn't take the punishment of living with me. I followed through and bought a pair. As slippers that can take going outside in the dry, they are the biz. Comfortable, supportive and most of all: warm. And no, I won't be wearing them in public, no matter how comfy they are.
  • Electric under-blanky. Again, this is down to Dave. He knew I was thinking about investing in one and then he bought this amazing king-sized, double side settings. It's only been about 2 months since I've had it and I still squeal with joy when I go to bed...
  • Electric blanky. Blame Dave. He found one. A blanky that I drape over myself when I game or am Netflix and relaxing. It has variable settings.
  • Netflix. I've recently worked my way through Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Spectre and Dr Who. It's been brilliant. By the way, David Tennant is frickin amazing and I've still to warm up to Matt Smith, but the episode with Van Gough makes me cry every time.
  • My local garage. They sorted out a long-standing issue with my car battery. After the official BMW garage, a mechanic who specialises in performance vehicles and the local garage - all failed. Not only that, they offer 30-day payment terms and fix every make of car (so they now do Boy's as well).
  • Bird feeders. I've got two bird feeders out, for nuts and fat balls. As well as the blue and great tits, the feeders attract blackbirds, woodpeckers and robins. And yes, it's true. Robins are the asshole of the bird world.
  • Lava lamps. I know they are kitsch...but damn I love mine to bits. If I'm on the sofa, the lava lamp is on.
  • Friends. I don't know what I would do without them. The lovely Ursuses, Z and Julia to name a few. That's not including my Facebooking and Blogging friends.
  • Friends. I won these from LX. I will be hanging these in my porch. 

  • Dave. On Wednesday, we celebrated our fourth year of being together. It's still a bit of a surprise. Four years. Not bad going considering I have appalling taste in men and he is rubbish at relationships. We are still learning new things about each other, still having fun and most importantly, still like each other. I am with someone who accepts me and loves me for who I am, no matter how I am. 
  • Boy. He will be home on Monday. I am so looking forward to hugging his big, muscly self. I've missed him so very much. 
The autumn and winter have been hard going. Too many funerals and now, another. Next week, we say goodbye to Zig. I will be holding the fort, but I will light a candle.


  1. Oh, I recognise those figures from the pedestrian lights in Berlin! They're wonderful.

    Goodness, you must be ever so warm and comfortable now with your Uggs and Hunters and electric blankets. Perhaps it's time I updated my own winter accessories!

    1. LX knows what they're called. See post below.

      I am ever so cosy. Now all we need is winter proper.

      I can't recommend an electric blankie enough. They are wonderful.

  2. Lava Lamp — essential accessory! I have three.

    Ampelmännchen — glad they safely arrived so quickly.

    1. What colours have you got?

      Thank you so much for them. They are so sweet! Please apologise to Nikko and Lola for the fact I haven't got it together to send you all a card. I'm lame.


    2. The old one has blue fluid with white gloppy stuff. The other two have clear fluid and green gloppy stuff. I use those two for ambient lighting when watching a DVD.

    3. Lava lamps are great - I might own one one day. Jury is out on the best colour.

    4. LX, they sound perfect for watching a DVD with. The blue and white one sounds fascinating.

      Julia, it's a hard choice isn't it?

  3. My ampelmannchen are en route...
    I'll pass on the lava lamp.Reminds me of Crimplene!

  4. Don't wear your Uggs at MJ's - They rile her up almost as much as Crocs!

    1. I only intend to wear my Uggs at home. I certainly wouldn't wear them to MJ's.


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