Too Much of a Good Thing... wonderful. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. It's Monday morning and like most Mondays recently, I'm moving slowly. I'm gathering myself for the week ahead. I had hoped to start writing this week, but I realise looking at the plot outline I worked on over the weekend, that I'm a bit of a coward.

A good story is all about the conflict and how our intrepid heroine gets her dessert with proper whipped double cream and her man. I've been tiptoeing around and the plot is a bit like the cucumber you left for a month in the bottom of the vegetable crisper - you could kinda see what it should be, but it's all mushy, squishy and smells bad. Not what a writer needs. 

Therefore, this week I will be thinking of ways to torture my poor heroine. My readers and I will only see what she's made of in how she gets through that obstacle course. As always, it's not what you say, it's what she does that's important. 

I also have to remind myself that I am not writing Game of Thrones. I don't need to quite go into gratuitous character torture or culling. On the other hand, GoT reminds me the stakes have to be high, so high as to seem out of reach, but she's got to stretch her muscles. 

This week, I am going to have to learn to be a sadistic God and come up with things to throw at her. Wish me luck.

On the other hand, I'm beginning to see the work at the gym paying off and it's got bugger all to do with the scales. My confidence is coming back up. Did I tell you I invested in some new gym gear? I look like a gym bunny on LSD now. I feel fabulous wrestling into my gear and swagger around the gym. The motivation has finally kicked in, to the point where I abandoned Dave on Saturday to go do Leg Day. Happily, he was still here on my return and was able to provide TLC when I hobbled through the door. We spent the rest of the weekend curled up on the sofa watching trash on Netflix, but even managed to go for a walk at dusk. 

I've also got to the fun part of the whole strength training process - the humungous appetite. Unfortunately, people think that in order to lose weight that hours and hours of cardio is the answer. After all, they can check their stats and think "I've burnt 450 calories, go me!" The problem with that is the calorie burning process stops as soon as they step off the treadmill. Strength training on the other hand, keeps the calorie burning up hour after the workout ends. Rebuilding muscle requires energy and it's got to come from somewhere. My focus isn't about weight loss, it's about dumping my body fat and building dense muscle. If you start bleating on about muscly girls be warned, I will have to slap you. 

Women do not have the ability to build muscle mass like men. We simply lack the testosterone to do so. Yes, the female body builders you see are incredibly defined and bulky. Here's the thing, they are on incredibly strict regimes, with every calorie accounted for to keep off the body fat and all of the hours in their day dedicated to working to look like that. Unless you are prepared to be totally obsessed and committed, it's not going to happen to those of us part-timers. Oh, here's a totally fabulous article why women should definitely not lift weights.


  1. Go YOU!!! In all these endeavours!

    Having been one of those gym bunnies who was all as muscly as a girl could get without being stupid about the diet and bodyfat (that is sooo unhealthy from a hormonal standpoint ~ low body fat = low estrogen = osteoporosis no matter how much muscle you have), I totally get where you are at and what you are saying. And I soooo need to get back there too! I need to get my basement fixed up to the point that I can set up my weights again. *sigh* Damn these renos anyway. But sooo proud of you, Roses!! xoxoxo

    1. Thank you my lovely. It's been a heck of trip to get here and I've got loads to go yet.

      I saw an article on women's bodybuilding at it scared the beejezus out of me. They are on such strict diets anyway and then 6 weeks before they compete they start cutting down everything. The writer said "they look the best they possibly can, while feeling absolutely awful." Really not my idea of fun. It's such a shame though, that's the first thing people say "'re going to get all bulky."

      As for you and your renovations, you'll be going through them like a hot knife through butter, if I know you. Your blog will soon be showing off the fruits of your hard work.

      Thank you for being my cheerleader! xxx

    2. Actually, knowing someone who is currently competing in womens' bodybuilding, I personally don't think they look their best at all. Too much muscle definition brought out by a lack of sufficient body fat (and they are quite dehydrated to boot) means they look much older than their actual age, especially in the face. We do actually need a certain amount of body fat to look healthy and not haggard. So stick with the getting toned and healthy bit and forget the ripped and muscled up look. Healthy and looking/feeling good is your best bet. And you are well on the road!

      And you're welcome. xoxoxo

  2. If you really want the heroine to suffer the tortures of the damned, have her go out on a date with a geek from the IT department!

    1. Hah! You forget I've got a soft spot for geeks. The heroine who would find it torture, would be my idea of torture.

  3. I found GoT culling quite off putting. You just get invested in a character and they have their heads chopped off. I got a bit bored of it and as a result didn't watch the last series (haven't read the books). I like hearing about your writing (and gym) process.

    1. I hear ya! I still miss Eddard Stark, but then I'm a massive Sean Bean fan. I don't have access to broadcasted tv, so I'm reliant on people lending me DVDs. I read the books and they are excellent, except his editing is getting sloppy. Tis the way with writers who get too big. *sigh*

      Unfortunately, there's too little of writing going on. *sigh*


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