Have you seen my Plot?

Procrastination is going well, thank you for asking. I have done a load of laundry, dug out the kitchen, loaded up the dishwasher, done the dishes (that couldn't fit in the magic cupboard) and sorted through my wardrobe (and will be re-homing 3 bags of clothes). Not bad for a morning's work, if I don't say so myself. Unfortunately, I am no closer to coming to a conclusion about my plot. I wonder if I am over-complicating it somewhat? This is supposed to be a paranormal romance, so the focus must be on the budding romance. However, the imprint also demands an exciting plot to go with it. There's a reason why I'm procrastinating and until I can resolve this issue, I'm not going to be able to plant my butt on the seat of my chair and start writing proper. 


Funny isn't it? I've been having a little stress and thought I'd procrastinate by blogging and the act of writing has shown me the problem. Don't you just love this process? No wonder I'm interested in counselling etc, everything goes on at a subterranean level. Clearly, I'm going to have to ease up on myself and slide into the process. Planning an 85,000 words novel is a completely different kettle of fish than writing a novella of 15,000 words, and I thought that was hard enough.

Anyway, I was nominated to do Seven Random Facts about me (that you may, or may not already know), by the lovely Tara, who ironically enough, I met on my first ever creative writing course. 

Seven Random Facts About Me (cause it's all about me)

1. I now wear a nose ring rather than a tactful nose stud. I woke up a few weeks and realised that as I am moving Heaven and Earth not to work in an office again, I don't have to pretend I'm normal anymore.

2. I don't miss TV. Although I have internet, I no longer pay for a TV package. I do however, have NETFLIX and I have boxset marathons of any TV series that takes my fancy. 

3. There are three baby name books on my desk. It gave Dave about two seconds of WTF?! until he figured out why I have them. It gave me two seconds of mirth watching his face. 

4. Much to Boy's annoyance, I still call him a teenager. He's only been able to vote for three years and stopped being a teenager two years ago. My excuse? I'm an ageing parent and he was a teenager for longer than he's been an adult. It's a lot to get my head around.

5. In ten days time, I will officially be middle aged (hopefully). When I look in the mirror I see the signs of ageing: grey hairs and wrinkles. Truthfully, I am excited for the future. While there are people my age who are beginning to think about retirement in 15 - 20 years time, I am thinking about establishing myself as a writer, my training to become a counsellor and whether or not I'll be able to run 5k in sub-30 mins. After 43 years of sitting on my backside, my body is ready to be pushed. My Life is finally taking off. 

6. I am that slightly out-of-step, culture of youth mum. I say "down wiv da kidz" and try to be all current. Boy is kind and doesn't roll his eyes, but I see the amusement in his eyes as I get it ever so slightly wrong.

7. The older I get, the political I become. I am impatient with people on social media who aren't going to vote. I find I am sharing more and more politically themed posts on Facebook and Twitter. I sometimes wonder if I am the only person who ever paid any attention to history when the struggle for socio-political reform was taught. 

By the way, if I was Empress of the Universe, our society would be inclusive. If a person worked 37 hours a week or 16, they would get fair recompense for their labour, no matter their race, gender or gerbil. Fresh fruit, vegetables and meat would be less expensive than junk and processed foods. There would be no tuition fees for university students. The NHS would be the institution it was meant to be, before it was monetised and run down. There would be proper public transport. 

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm an idealist. That can be your bonus number 8. 


  1. So many things to pick up on!
    1. I didn't know you were writing a paranormal romance (I am a huge fan of romance in case you hadn't guessed. And attempting to write one was the reason I took that course more years ago than I care to remember).
    2. Interesting about plotting. For the first time ever I managed to plot two stories from beginning to end so I could enter a writing competition and it was such a help. I've always just started writing and hoped the story followed before.
    3. The counselling link is a good one. My whole problem was that I got stuck at a certain point without realising it. Counselling helped (and still helps) me go beyond that point.
    4. I had the same reaction to baby name books when I first met Mark. Hehe.
    5. Agree about the voting. How can they not vote? Really just don't get it.
    Thanks for taking part :)

    1. Thank you for the opportunity to take part. As it turned out, it was a post to highlight the issue I was having.

      Yep, I am writing paranormal romance. I am determined to have my Happily Ever After and if it means that I end up writing it...so be it.

      I find literary fiction too painful and emotionally upheaving. I have had enough drama in my life. In my downtime I want to be entertained, the bad guy to get what's coming, the good guy to be awesome and my heroine to kick ass. I certainly would rather spend my working life doing this.

  2. I lost the plot a long time ago. So, can't help with that.

    1. Cool!
    5. Congrats! Will there be cake?
    7. I'm going the opposite direction myself. Mostly due to the depressing miasma of our political landscape. We have over a year and a half of a Presidential race to endure.

    I would, of course, whole-heartily support your Empress of the Universe bid.

    1. Tsk. Some friend you are! I was counting on you being able to help me find it...now we've got to look for yours too. Humpf.

      1. Thanks
      5. There will definitely be cake. What flavour though will depend.
      7. I can understand your feelings about the US election. That is a bit of a mess.

      Thanks very much, will I be able to count on you to hand out fliers? xx

  3. Right. That's it. I'm voting for the Empress of the Universe Party next month!

    ::and relaxes::

    I hope you find your plot. Have a look down the back of the sofa - most things end up there.

    1. Brilliant. Glad I can count on your vote.


      Why didn't I think to look there? Damn. You are a true friend, course it's there!


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