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Adventures in Hair Removal

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am hairy. It's a fact. I can't get around it, it's just the way it is.

I blame it on my genetic heritage: part caucasian, part East Indian, part...??? If I was a dog, in  Trinidad I'd be known as a Pot Hound (because when you rattle the pot, the dog comes running), everywhere else I'd be known as a mongrel. Along with stubbornness (both sides) and a flair for creativity (father's side), I have inherited the hairy gene.

There are the upsides. I have a full head of hair. It's thick with a tendency to curl. I'm not sure who I can blame on the early grey part, I was 23 when I first noticed a smattering o hairs when I was pregnant with Boy. 

I wouldn't mind so much; if only it was limited to the top of my head.

If I didn't shave my legs and arms every day, darlings I resemble the Amazon rainforest: walking tree covered in foliage. Honestly.

One of the things they don't tell you when you're a wee baby girl, is that when you …

Have You Seen My Blogging Mojo?

Seriously, I can't find that sucker anywhere. I was getting into The Blogging Flow and then was gone.

So whilst I go looking for it, here are a few things I've been doing:

- working for a living. Yes, I've been turning up at the office and they've been paying for the pleasure of my company. I've been doing extra time, which my bank manager seems pleased about, I'm just behind everything else. It's actually been fun, apart from the fact I lost February. Don't ask.

- reading. I have been reading more. I realised I had got so focused on writing, working and social media, that reading had gone out the window. I paid off a chunk of my credit card and then thanks to Amazon, it went back on again. I think I'm a slow learner when it comes to money. I'm just not getting the hang of paying off debt and keeping it off.

- annoying Boy. We've been hanging out, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Season 1. It's all good.

- thinkin…

Baby Coffee Geek goes to Bury St Edmunds...

...for the 3 heat in the UK Barista Championships. Lawrence is once again a coffee judge and local coffee shop owner and amazing barista Alex Sargeant (@StrangersCoffee if you're tweeters) was competing. Heat 3, a two-day event, was organised by Butterworth and Son, who also keep Alex in artisan roasted coffee from around the world.

I had a total diary malfunction and thought February had another week to go. This created havoc at work, and of course when it came time to organise me going down both days. As it happened, it all worked out. I was able to swap my days around and I went down on for the Tuesday to support Alex.

Lawrence said afterwards that he was concerned that I'd get bored. Hah! I'd brought my Shiny Thing with me and accessed the free Wi-Fi at The Apex, in Bury which was a top venue.   Once we got there (all hail the mighty sat nav), Lawrence abandoned me to get ready to be a coffee judge. Union Roasted were on the coffee bar, but it was so early they hadn'…

Why, it Must be That Time of Year...

...when I stand on my scales and frown.

Except that obviously frowning gives me wrinkles.

Technically, I'm not over-weight. 

I am now 9 stone. According to the BBC BMI calculator, I'm within the 'normal' range. Normal caveats apply (BMI is only particularly accurate if you're bed-ridden). The fact of the matter is: I don't feel healthy. I feel unfit.

And before you start ranting: no, I'm not a fashion-plate. I don't believe a woman must be emaciated. Images of anorexic models, don't make me wish for that body.

I would like to be leaner and fitter.

My ideal weight is: 8 stone.

In the past, I've been 8 stone and desperately unhappy. The best diets I've ever come across is remains the Bad Relationship diet or the End of Relationship diet. Both have meant I've been svelte within no time at all. The minute I'm content, I eat like a fecking horse. I've been in a stablehappy lovely relationship for over 14 months now...and don't my jeans k…