Have You Seen My Blogging Mojo?

Seriously, I can't find that sucker anywhere. I was getting into The Blogging Flow and then suddenly...whammy...it was gone.

So whilst I go looking for it, here are a few things I've been doing:

- working for a living. Yes, I've been turning up at the office and they've been paying for the pleasure of my company. I've been doing extra time, which my bank manager seems pleased about, I'm just behind everything else. It's actually been fun, apart from the fact I lost February. Don't ask.

- reading. I have been reading more. I realised I had got so focused on writing, working and social media, that reading had gone out the window. I paid off a chunk of my credit card and then thanks to Amazon, it went back on again. I think I'm a slow learner when it comes to money. I'm just not getting the hang of paying off debt and keeping it off.

- annoying Boy. We've been hanging out, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Season 1. It's all good.

- thinking about exercising and losing weight. Yes, I'm still thinking about it. I'm just as much as I was at the beginning of the year, except I'm grumpier about it all. Lawrence has foolishly agreed to take me cycling around the countryside. I say 'foolishly' because I'm not safe on a bike. If only the damned weather would improve; there is no way I'm going out in snow, ice or rain. Hence, we've only been out for 5 minutes so far since we agreed to cycle together about a month ago. 

- procrastinating writing. I had cause to go back a month of status updates on Facebook and was somewhat chagrined to read I was supposed to have edited my novella over 4 weeks ago. It hasn't happened and I haven't written anything new. No, I still don't know what happened to February.

- eating out. I love eating out. Unfortunately, catering experience and hanging out with Lawrence means I've turned into *that kind of food critic*: the critical bitch who sniffs at everything. However, given how little money I have to spend, when I do spend it, I want it to be delicious, served up in amenable surroundings and be value for money. Is it too much to ask? Apparently so.

- putting on make-up. I have two extremes for personal grooming. 1. I won't leave the house without a full-face of slap. Go outside without my Face on? Are you mad? I'd sooner leave the house naked....and 2. See, I made an effort, I brushed my teeth. A pop-psychologist might suggest it's a reflection of the state of my self-esteem. Actually, it's not. There are some days when I know I'm tired and run down and look like shit, so put on make up. There are others when I'm feeling gorgeous and sexy and can't be arsed to. And both opposites can hold true. Lawrence doesn't care. I've asked him. He told me. 

B.B creams are all the rage, so I thought I'd give some a bit of a go. The Garnier one is very shiny, the L'Oreal one very matt. Have they turned me into a 24 year old? No. I am still 42 with the beginnings of canyons across my forehead (when it's not hidden by my hairline) and a lot of laughter lines. We aren't going to talk about the loss of elasticity in my cheeks.

I'm aware that none of these products will make the slightest bit of difference. At the end of the day it's pretty much down to genetics as to how well you age. But the creams smell lovely and are nice to use. I suppose I just like playing with them.

Now that summary is out of the way, hopefully my mojo will come back.


  1. If I waited for my blogging mojo, I'd rarely write a post. As it is, I just sit down and after a little while, it writes itself with little input from me.
    You write pretty damn well, inspired or not!

    1. It's that whole 'getting it started business', isn't it?

      I've obviously got a bit slack of late...

      And thank you for the lovely compliment...now if only the next blog post would come as easily...

  2. Blogging? Just whip some of that Island Juju on it! Whip it good!

    1. I. See.

      Have you mistaken this blog for Infomaniac?

      There's no whippin' around here.


      Maybe that would improve my blog's stats? Hmm....


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