Jammie Day, Day 1 of Festive Season Time Off

I didn't think I'd make it. I really didn't. It was like crawling across a dessert of broken glass. I'm exhausted. 2013 has been bloody hard work. 

There really isn't a polite way of saying I look as rough as a badger's arse

But I'm here. I am taking a proper, long break over the Festive Season. I don't go back until the 6th of January. I'm aware that there's a pile of work waiting for me when I do get back, but that's fine. I want to start 2014, rested and energised. Well, okay. That's what I want, I know I won't necessarily feel like it. And that's okay. 

I promised myself 2 days of pyjamas. Two days of not leaving the house. Two days of not doing anything I don't want to do. I've got a pile of potential reading that's going to take me at least two weeks. I'm not doing stress over this break. I don't care if it's Christmas. I'm opting out of anything drama-related and woe betide anyone who attempts to bring it to my doorstep. I'm feeling very protective of myself.

More coffee, Dear Gods, please - More coffee!

The blogging habit has slipped somewhat with the extra hours at work and the end of the year exhaustion. I'd very much like to get back to it. It feels like I've lost touch with too many good friends in the blogosphere, especially those who avoid Facebook like the plague. Facebook is the lazy person's way of keeping in touch - which is why I like it so much!

Boy and I have planned a totally decadent Christmas Day. We will go shopping on the 24th, buy up a whole load of ridiculous party munchies and on the 25th, we'll done pjs cook, watch DVDs, play Xbox games. I will be indulging in naughtiness consumption. Now Boy is of legal age, he's dry as Methuselah's grave. Dave is invited to join us, only if he gets into his own jammies. 

So, this is the first day of my festive break and I was wide awake at 6.45. Go figure. I managed to doze until 8 o'clock and then it got too much. I needed coffee. After I publish this, I'll be tackling another workout. If I'm going to be eating my bodyweight in nibbles and treats, I sure as hell need to keep my metabolism going otherwise I'm going to be really pissed off with myself in January.

It'll be okay, honest.

What are your plans? Are you all set for the Season's frivolities?


  1. Pretty well, actually. A party a couple of weeks before Christmas really makes a woman get the house in order. I've just got to buy one of my children's family's presents, I'm still struggling there - all the rest done. Even arranged to be a bit sociable.

    1. Excellent. But then, you have always been a super-organised woman. When I grow up, I'm going to be like you!

      If you're in Norwich direction, let me know. I have tea at hand....and even milk. I can't promise I'll be dressed, but I won't smell!


  2. I have bought all the presents, apart from still needing stuff for Sir Bruin. What do you buy the bear who has everything?

    It is just the two of us on Christmas day and then we are out visiting after that. I have got some time off, but not as much as I am used to so I'm really not sure how things will pan out for the festive season. Unusually for me, I am looking forward to the New Year though, mainly because my temporary job will come to an end sooner rather than later and then who knows what 2014 will have in store for me. Bring it on!

    1. Umm....more honey? ;-)

      I jest. I jest. Bike stuff? Cider? Umm...?

      That's the spirit of adventure I like! With that spirit, I'm sure something fun will make itself known soon.

      We're actually partying this NYE - we've been known to go to bed early and grumble at the fireworks! :)

  3. Happy Festive Season! Your Christmas activities sound wonderful.

    No plans here. I usually visit the mall on the 24th to watch the last-minute shoppers.

    1. Thank you honey. You know you're more than welcome to join us, but only if you wear your PJs and bring something for the table.

      And that's cruel! Making fun of all those poor men who didn't realise the 25th was Xmas Day!

      I like you so much!

  4. We are going to David's parents in Hertfordshire on Christmas Day - Boxing Day will be our proper Christmas day with presents, tasty yummy things and mucho slobbing around! My business though hasn't stopped yet - madly busy tomorrow afternoon and Friday and then hopefully it all clams down a bit...I am hoping to fit some quality friend time in over the next couple of weeks too...although I am hobbling a bit at the moment as I injured myself in tennis! xx

    1. Have an awesome time honey.

      It's been so long since I've had to do a 'family' Xmas, I'm not sure I'd be a safe guest. I suspect I'd just rock up in my pjs...

      Rest up that leg honey! xxx

  5. It's just another day, at the moment; no plans, some things going on, so no, nothing. No plans, all in flux. As long as there's some wine I'm fine. But I start to feel the craving for some "Alte Kirsche".

    And honey-bunny - what a sweet "badger's arse" !

    Another thing: Isn't it great to see the youngsters abstain from the stuff ? Here's something similar taking place, and sometimes I feel like a museal relic. Anyway, they do not need to repeat our [mine !] mistakes - at least one good outlook / prospect.

    And thank you for keeping the Pink Fluffy Dressing Gown - hell, yeah ! *mwah*

    1. I think it's important to do something on the day, because everyone else is suffering 'family' Xmases...nothing pisses people off more when you start talking about your various days...and then to counteract the awful mother/father/sister/brother-in-law stories you say what an awesome day you had.

      A colleague at work coined that phrase and I likes it.

      As for the Pink Fluffy Dressing Gown...well...there are other plans afoot. I will say no more at this stage!

  6. Enjoy your much-deserved r & r !!!

    RETA@ http://evenhaazer.blogspot.com

  7. Damn - nibbles, booze and jimjams? You nailed it. January can wait. Enjoy. And Happy Christmas to you, Dave and the lad! Roth x

    1. Thanks darling.

      Hope you've had a great Christmas and NYE is lots of lots of love.


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