Still Rambling

Still too early damn it

As you can see, there's some improvement. The days of doing bugger-all are beginning to work. But my attention span is still all over the place, so I'm falling back on lazy blogging  with bullet points.
  • Dave made the mistake. He told me he saw a purple lava lamp. I needed it. Yes, this is exactly all what is wrong in society today. I needed it. I had to have it. It went on my credit card. I don't care. I LOVE IT! It's mine...
  • It now sits next to my printer, behind my laptop 
  • It takes a while for the wax to warm up and then it makes lovely shapes in the liquid
  • I gave my beloved a torc wrench for Christmas, he gave me a heart rate and fitness monitor (purple). We are both ecstatic with our gifts. Needless to say, I know it won't be long before every nut and bolt on our bikes will be tightened up...and apparently, I have a [good] fitness level
  • I'm starting to move again. Only after Dave complained of a sore throat and thick head for a week, it occurred to me that perhaps another bug was contributing to my general malaise
  • Work has been a veritable cornucopia of germs, bugs and things to make you go bleugh
  • I must get more anti-bac gel to give my immune system a break. I'm fed up of feeling ill
  • Boy's back in town. It's a lot more strange having him back, than I anticipated. Though I hasten to add, it is good to see him
  • I realised we don't talk much when we're alone together, we just kind of hang out
  • I wonder if he thinks I'm boring and I don't do much. I certainly haven't done much over the break
  • I've been drinking a lot of tea over the break. It makes me feel warm and cosy inside
  • My man bought me a tea pot to match my kitchen and it has a removable metal basket inside for loose tea. You see why I'm so partial to him? It matches my kitchen
  • The Boxing Day sale madness has passed me by. I have not participated in the feeding frenzy that is seasonal bargain hunting. Apart from the purple lava lamp (did I mention it was purple), I've been unmoved to venture into the city
  • When we did amble into the city so I could purchase the lava lamp (purple), I was the only person in a frenzy. However, for the first time in years there were masses of shoppers who were actually carrying bags
  • I feel your confusion
  • In recent years, the city has been busy at this time of year. Gentleman's Walk, the main thoroughfare of the retail heart of Norwich, has been packed. But people were looking, not buying. Their arms were swinging
  • Not so this year. People had bags and bags. This is good news for our local economy. These four festive weeks are when our retailers take 80% of their money
  • Apart from one Amazon purchase to go abroad, once again I shopped local and independent. I was thinking of stretching my definition to John Lewis (which is a co-operative, but a large one), and in the end I didn't need to
  • I did go into a local shop and ask them to get me an electrical item. I was unimpressed when they invited me to go to John Lewis as they could not match their price to order in this bit of kit. I told them it didn't matter. I wanted to give them my money. They declined
  • Today will be the last totally lazy, bone idle day of rest. From tomorrow, I will start increasing my activity levels and start bringing my sleeping patterns back to normal i.e. not going to sleep at 1 am, getting up at 9-10-11 am
  • I am so behind in my personal admin I'm looking at my colon. If it doesn't get done this week, the tax man is going to be demanding my lava lamp
  • Even though I had exactly the Christmas I wanted and needed, I still had The Sad. I miss my dad and I'm homesick. My family back home and I have missed each other communication-wise and in a way I'm relieved. The way I feel right now, I could just hop on a plane and head out there now
  • It's a dangerous feeling. 
It's purple


  1. Sorry to hear you're feeling sad. I hope the sadness passes.

    Immune systems just need lots of healthy, nutritious food. All those Xmas temptations like mince pies and Christmas pud don't help at all.

    1. The Sad has gone. It's never helped by feeling poorly.

      I'm sure I'll be paying for the Demon Sugar for months to come.

  2. More bullet points than an AK47

    1. Perhaps I should have just written? But then you wouldn't know so much!

  3. Glad you're feeling on the mend. I too had a rather heavy bout of nastiness over the Christmas holiday. But I'm also on the mend and just have some residual stuffiness to contend with. Moving is a good thing... and it is also good that you now have quantifiable fitness results with your [good] fitness monitor. ;-)

    Love the lava lamp. Do they get quite hot? I would like one too (and purple is just perfect for me too!) but if it gets hot, I can see Lila burning her nose or paws trying to get at the moving blobs. She doesn't learn very quickly, you know.

    1. This bug is lingering like a bad ex-B! Every time I think I've shifted it...nope, here it comes again. Bleugh. I'm so fed up with it.

      The lamps to get warm, but not enough to burn delicate noses. They aren't fixed together, so it could go horribly wrong if she decides to swat at it. Have a look at one up close and see whether you think she'd be okay with it.

  4. I've been relaxing and finding it a bit boring, to be honest. But I'm determined not to do the horrible paperwork hanging over me until the new year.

    1. I'm not at all surprised you find the doing of nothing boring. Hang in there for a little while longer.

      Yes, I was going to do my taxes today...not going to happen.

  5. The purple lava lamp is looking a bit pink in that photo. ;-)

    I've got a pink lava lamp, which currently languishes in the conservatory and so doesn't get switched on very often. The base of mine does get very hot, but then it is about 10 years old. I also love the patterns that the wax makes.

    I get a bit bored with too much of doing nothing and actually rather enjoyed going into work yesterday. I'm enjoying being at home today even more though.

    1. It is a bit more pink than I'd like. Dave is currently looking into either painting the bulb or getting a coloured gel sheet to go over the bulb. When it's cold, the wax is the colour I'd like it to be.

      As long as you've enjoyed your break, that's all that matters.


  6. Happy New Year to you and yours Darling xoxoxox

    1. Happy New Year gorgeous! I hope you and The Empress have an amazing 2014!

  7. Happy New Year, dear Roses.

    Is it possible that you have a new item in your household ? A purple lavalamp ?

  8. Happy New Year to you lovely.


    Why yes? However did you ascertain I have a new lava lamp and it's purple?

    You're telepathic!



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