When a Plan Comes Together

It's been a helluva week, one thing and another. Because Dave loves me more than life itself, he felt he had to give me his lovely cold. We're having a chat later on about appropriate gifts (chocolates, flowers, sparkly things) later on.

It kicked in, with a sore throat that felt like Mike Tyson used and abused me and as a finishing touch, force fed me razor blades. Honestly, I felt wretched. I crawled into work on Wednesday and managed half a day before I crawled back home again. Of course, the cold loves me so much, it's moved into my sinuses. Deep joy.

And then there was the waiting for results. As you know, four months ago, I put my Plan for World Domination into place and began renovating my flat for me to move into and fixing up the house to rent out. You know how much I've enjoyed that process. Not. We moved a month ago. It's been very clear when we started piling stuff into Boy's room that his boyhood bedroom couldn't cope with him as a man. We've just about managed to squeeze his furniture in there with him and thanks to a friend at work - a single bed. I swear that room shrank when we moved out. He can't use his space as he would really like. It's just not big enough. No girlfriends overnight, no friends bunking on the floor, it's not really even big enough for him to sprawl out and chillax in.

Results day loomed and we were very, very nervous. If he didn't get into Lincoln University, he didn't have any standbys, he just knew that was the course, that was the place he wanted to be.

Yesterday, he got himself off to college bright and early to get his results and to check the system. He rang me at 8.20 to say he'd been accepted to do a BA in Advertising in Marketing! 


I couldn't figure out whether they were tears of joy, relief or sorrow that he would be leaving me. The fact of the matter is: my Boy done good. He's all set. 

Now, it's just a question of getting him set up properly. I've ordered him a laptop. He'll be able to sort out student software etc, once he starts the course in September. We've got to get him bedding and pans. 

I'm so proud of him Ladies and Gentlemen. He did it!


  1. It is another major benchmark and a positive step forward, you do need to celebrate and savour the victory.

    1. Honey, like I've got problems celebrating! :)

      But seriously, yes, we're taking some time to pat ourselves on the back.


  2. Well done that Boy!

  3. I think the sore throat, however nasty, pales into insignificance compared with the university entry success! Now you just have to hope he behaves himself at Lincoln and there aren't too many wild all-night parties and shenanigans!

    1. If there aren't any wild all-night parties and shenanigans I will be very disappointed.

      The whole point of going to university is to blow your loan on booze, fags and women of questionable virtue for the first term and then learn to cook chickpeas in new and exciting ways (as well as to get the degree obv).

      He knows I don't have the resources to bail him out. So it's up to him to negotiate his way through the whole experience.

      I'm confident about the outcome. He'll be fine.

  4. Good on him. I hope he likes Lincoln.
    Two of my friend H's offspring went to Lincoln. The child of another mate (T) has Lincoln as her first choice but when T text me yesterday they hadn't been able to find out if she was in or not because the website had crashed.

    1. Thanks very much honey.

      Their website crashed?! Oh no! How awful to add further stress.

      Did they find out? Did she get in?

  5. Bravo to the Boy!

    As for your cold, just ask Dave for the receipt and take it back. I'm sure he won't mind.

    1. Absolutely, it's so great to see the fruition of hard work.

      I'll give Dave his orders. Unfortunately, he seems to still be suffering. I think he'd like to return his too.

  6. well done to The Boy! i remember the excitement when letters of acceptance arrived for each of the coconut krewe! all the best to you both!!! *hugs* xoxoxoxo

    p.s. I.LOVE.YOUR.HAIRCUT. oxoxoxo

    1. Thank you lovely. It is all a bit exciting, isn't it?



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