Motivation is like Bathing...

It's true, you need to do it every day. Or you start to smell (or in my case, watch the flab take hold again).

I've been working, drinking coffee and generally trying to annoy Boy as much as possible given the little time we spend together and the fact he's not long here.

Oh yes, it's now officially 2 years since Dave and I met and started hanging out. It's a bit of a shock to find that not only have I found someone who can put up with me - I want to put up with him! Yeah, I'm still partial to him.

I've been busy budgeting and spending money. How does that work, I hear you ask? Well, do you remember I used to work in fragrance and then in cosmetics? Since that time, nothing but the best in skin care that money can buy has graced this face. I suppose, thinking about it, it's still true. After all, I'm still buying the best I can afford. But, to give you an idea, I went out and bought a massive bag of skin care: foaming cleansers, cleansing cream, lotion, moisturiser, eye cream, eye roll on - all for the price of a pot of face cream I bought myself last time! And do you know what? It's just as good as - actually, it's better! I'm really loving it. 

I've also been trying to re-arrange my finances. In other words, I'm juggling things around. Money is a bit like spinning plates, as long as it keeps moving, it's fine. Just don't stop. I'm juggling people, I'm juggling. Truthfully, it's not as bad as I sometimes think it is, but neither is it great. It's a question of being canny, which I'm learning to be.

It's time for me to get back on the exercise horse. My back is no longer hurting, but is beginning to do that ache which says it needs to be strengthened. I'm a long way off my ideal weight and Dave and I keep looking at the bikes. It'd be good to get in some good rides before the autumn really starts setting in.

The fact of the matter is, I'm feeling okay. Not exactly where I want to be, but closer than I was at the beginning of this summer - which at least tells me I'm moving in the right direction. 


  1. Steady is what lasts, in my experience, regarding diet and exercise. If I rush into it, there may be quick results but I won't carry on for long. So maybe a quick burst, followed by what I can keep going with in the long term. Or that's the theory...

    1. Exactly my thoughts. It's just a question of me starting again.

      Which is why, Boy and I are off for an evening walk.

  2. If I was your skin, I'd feel deliciously pampered! I have to say I never pamper my skin, I leave it to fend for itself. Well, except for the odd slather of sunscreen. And my only form of exercise is walking and gardening, but that seems to be enough to keep the surplus pounds at bay.

    Two years, huh? How the time flies!

    1. Yeah, well you're a bloke of a certain age and can be forgiven.

      I'm sure the concept of moisturising is as alien as waxing.

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