Busy, Busy, Busy

Apologies for my recent absence in Blogland. Normally, if I'm not blogging I'm at least visiting all of you lovely people. But this week has been #omgbusy at work. And I've been loving every minute of it.

We had a major event at work...our annual Charity Golf Day. Whilst I've just been on the periphery of the event, my Manager and Other Team Member have been organising this for years between them, I've been picking up bits and pieces to do as well. Not only that, next week, we've got a Client Investment Event to do, which is falling more under my jurisdiction. So, next week is likely to be equally manic.

Which is great. I love that work gets chucked at me out of the blue. I love the hopping from one priority to another. The minute my To Do List has less than 10 items on it, I start getting bored. Last night, socialising with the Great and the Good, people asked me what I did at work. What should be a very simple question. That I don't have a simple answer is why I get off on working there. I don't have a job description. I just do what needs doing and am prepared for the unexpected.

It just means things at home have disappeared under a whole heap of tired. Fortunately, this weekend I only have one committment: I'm off to see an art exhibition. The rest of the weekend will be taken up with pottering, lounging and loafing. My bedroom floor is MIA again. I'm pretty sure I have carpet underneath there, but haven't seen it for awhile. So, the washing machine will be doing it's stuff. I've also got a huge pile of NLP reading to do. My Plans for World Domination require me to start consolidating my learning.

My Mentor cautioned me about doing any other learning or training for at least 6 months after my Practitioner course. If you think about NLP along the lines of computer programming, doing the Practitioner course installed new Operating Software into my neurology. It takes time for the OS to bed in and until it's properly bedded in, you can't really see how things will run. I followed his advice.  After my training I was on an NLP high for about 6 weeks, managed to drive everyone nuts. Life knocked me off the high and I dealt with all of the resulting drama. The difference I noticed was actually quite marked. Personal dramas that in the past would have dragged on and on (and on), I took steps to cut short. Best of all, I didn't get caught up in them. They didn't turn into the self-destructive cycles, they had the potential for. It didn't stop me feeling sad, or cross or disappointed. But they didn't turn into a poor reflection of me.

Now is the time to consolidate my unconscious learning. Bring it to the forefront of my thinking. Hence the pile of books. Goodness, does Amazon love me. Boy and I are off to see Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler strutt their stuff in October. I'm really looking forward to it. The timing seems impeccable, especially given my Plans for World Domination.

I've written all of that and I realise I actually have a huge amount to do in a very short space of time. Ah well. All will be well. It's just a question of pottering around in a determined manner. Yeah, I can do that.



  2. Do I need to consult with LX, "Personal IT Consultant to Mistress MJ" in order to understand you from now on?

  3. so, you say you're busy right now, sugar? ;) xoxoxoxox

  4. lx ~ I'm not completely sure about that. I'll have to get back to you.

    mj ~ what, didn't you read the manual?

    savannah ~ hopefully, I'll get a lot busier before too long. And many, many hugs to you.

  5. Glad you're busy - and enjoying it! Hope you have a good weekend pottering, lounging and loafing - with a purpose :)

  6. I hope this new upgraded Roses 2.0 is still compatible with blogger pals running on 1.1...

  7. eggy ~ so far, I've done nothing of what needs to be done. And that's fine by me.

    macy ~ Bless. The new software is totally compatible with bloggers, whatever their O/S.

  8. Rumor in tech support circles is that 2.1 will totally eliminate the smoking option!

  9. That would be a patch, LX?

  10. lx ~ I will be installing 2.1 later this week.

    mago ~ no, no patch. I think the installation should run smoothly on it's own.


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