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This is the sign on my door this afternoon:

*if you do disturb me, I promise you will spend the evening as a chicken trying to lay an egg

*Boy made me take out the last bit. He suggested it might be too tempting for some people. But it amused me anyway. 

Public Service Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am giving you a heads up. If you don't take my advice and it all ends in tears, you can't say you weren't warned.

There is something going on in the Heavens.

I know of 8 women who have, within the last 4 weeks ended significant relationships.

This does not include the sudden deaths which have also been happening on a totally random basis.

Therefore, finish reading this blog post, and don't worry I'm keeping in short, go and find the person/friend/animal that you love best in this world and hug them. Tell them how much they mean to you.

Because I tell you what, these are shitty times. And in shitty times, we've really got to stand for each other.

Words, Words, Words

I've always been an avid reader. That I've got two floor to ceiling bookshelves downstairs crammed with books and another three behind me now in my study, double stacked, suggests nothing's changed as far as that's concerned. I have Amazon on speed dial. Having a Kindle just makes things worse. I love books.

In case, you're late to the party on this blog, I am, what you might call, over-educated. I have two degrees. The first was a BA in Development Studies. I was going to save the world. Well, thankfully that didn't happen. Then I got a BA in Creative Writing.

Doing that degree, poorly financially resourced, poorly supported at home (to start with), nearly damn-well crucified me. That degree saved me. I ditched the bloke, wrote my little heart out and had a fantastic relationship, that was because I started blogging. I started with the intention that I would write a novel, I didn't like writing poetry and as for this modern art lark... I finished my degree w…

The Problem with Nostalgia

The theme for the last few weeks has been somewhat a re-visiting of the past. Much to Boy's horror, I've been jiggling around to my favourite disco hits of the 70s. According to my iTunes doohicky, I've listened to Amii Stewart's Knock on Wood, 69 times in the last 2 weeks since I downloaded it. My Facebook friends when they found out what I was discoing too sent me loads of good songs to add to my playlist. Good times.

And then Cyberpete reminded me of one of my favourite tracks of my teenage years, by Laura Brannigan: Self Control. So I've been listening to that loads too. I then looked up some other favourites of mine. Including one of George Michael's early solo singles: Careless Whisper. At the time, I thought it was so dreamy. I'd fall asleep to it playing on my walkman. My 14 year old self, would read Mills and Boon and dream of the Prince Charming coming to rescue me.

The 41 year old woman has different ideas. I've deleted it off my playlist. It m…

Sunday Morning at Casa de Roses

I sit here, I listen to the music du jour. It will be of no surprise to you, I'm in my pink, fluffy dressing gown, drinking the first coffee of the day. I've exchanged the first lot of casual and fond insults with Gee's brother. I've perused this week's Post Secret's secrets and have already had a little cry, for I have a soft heart and am a romantic sap.

The Boy and his GF are fast asleep. The Cat decides she's had enough of looking at me and wants to go look at them. She scratches on the door. I hear muttering from within, the door is opened a crack, the Cat slips in, the door is shut. I count to 10 and by the time I've got to 7, the Cat is scratching on the door again to be let out. I hear muttering from within. The door is opened a crack, the Cat slips out, the door is shut.

I look at her face, I start counting.

The Cat starts scratching at the door...

I think it's going to be one of those days.